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The official name of Hamburg is the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany after Berlin. Hamburg has the second largest port in Europe after Rotterdam and is described as Germany's gateway to the World. In terms of the commercial sector, it is the largest industrial city in Northern Germany. Especially the aviation sector is very developed and it is the third largest city in the world in aircraft production. In addition, Hamburg is an important tourism center with its museums, nature parks and historical buildings. All sightseeing spots in Hamburg bear traces of gothic architecture. Hamburg City Hall, St. Michael's Church, Jungfernstieg and Hamburg harbor are must-see attractions.

Hamburg Airport, one of the modern structures of European airports, is 8.5 km away from Hamburg city center. Transportation to Hamburg city center is provided by suburban trains departing from Hamburg Airport. Transportation to Hamburg city center takes approximately 30 minutes with suburban trains departing every 15-20 minutes. Companies that fly to Hamburg Airport are Turkish Airlines, Sun Express, Atlas Global, KLM, British Airways, Air France, Aeroflot Russian Airlines, SAS, Serbian Airlines, Lufthansa, Aegean Airlines and Emirates. You can access more detailed information about your trip to Hamburg Airport on

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Germany's second most populous city


It also has the second largest port in Europe. Hamburg, which has a history of 1,200 years, is a canal city. Its population is approximately 1,900,000. It has served as a transit route for Central and Northern European trade throughout history.

Because of this feature, II. It was designated as a target region by opposing countries in World War II; The city was destroyed by bombing. After the war, the destroyed buildings were rebuilt in accordance with their original form.

Hamburg, one of the developed cities of Europe; It is also the settlement with the most bridges in Europe. The city is home to 2,302 bridges.

The official language of Hamburg is German. However, learning English is quite common in the country. If you want to visit Hamburg, the appropriate time to choose is; It is between May and September. because the city is at the ideal temperature during these months. If you want to visit the city during these months; Since there will be times when the city's number of visitors is high, it would be better for you to make a reservation in advance. There are accommodation options for every budget in the city.

Hamburg's nightlife is quite lively. There are many bars in the city serving different types of music.

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