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Düsseldorf is located in the north of the city of Cologne. The Rhine River, which passes through the middle of Cologne, passes along the coast of the city of Düsseldorf. It is the Düssel Stream that gives its name to the city. Perhaps the most important feature of Düsseldorf for Germany is that it is a fair and fashion city. Its proximity to Cologne, Germany's major industrial city, increases the attractiveness of industrial fairs in Düsseldorf. In addition, the Altstadt District in the city, famous for its taverns and beer halls in the city center, is known as the long bar of the world. Classic Remise Dusseldorf, where classic cars are exhibited and sold, Rheinuferpromenade, where you can walk and relax by the Rhine River, Königsallee, where you can both sightsee and shop, Rhine Tower (Rheinturm) where you can look at the city from above, and MedienHafen with its eye-catching architecture, are the first places that come to mind when Düsseldorf is mentioned.

The transportation network of the commercially important city is highly developed. Air transportation is provided via Düsseldorf International Airport. Düsseldorf International Airport is just 6 km away from the city centre. You can easily reach the city center with trains departing from the airport every 15 minutes. Airlines that fly to Düsseldorf are Turkish Airlines, Sun Express, Atlas Global, Ukraine International Airlines, Serbian Airlines, Air France, Aeroflot Russian Airlines, KLM, Aegean Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa, Emirates, Etihad Airways. You can access more detailed content about all airline companies at

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Dusseldorf is one of the cities of Germany. It is also the capital of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. In addition, it is also seen as the center of the state of Dusseldorf.


It is a city built on the banks of the Rhine River. It is also seen as a fair and fashion city.

Dusseldorf is one of the cities that suffered a lot after World War II. Almost the entire city is in ruins. However, it quickly recovered and became a modern city. Dusseldorf, the international business and financial center, is considered the 7th largest city in Germany. Many people may also compare it to Germany's Paris. Also in 2011, the Eurovision contest was held in Dusseldorf. It is also a place that hosts various cultures.

There are many places to visit in Dusseldorf. It is a city that attracts tourists because it is an old city. It is definitely a place that everyone should see when they go to Germany. People who enjoy nightlife can go, and people who want to do various shopping can apply to the city. In other words, many opportunities await people in the city.

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