Cookie Policy


1. In General
Obilet Bilişim Sistemleri A.Ş. ("Obilet") collects personal data for different purposes through cookies on its website ("Website"). This Cookie Policy has been created to clarify the visitors of the Website regarding the cookies used by Obilet, the purposes of use of these cookies, and the processing of your personal data obtained automatically through the use of cookies.

This text may be amended if deemed necessary in accordance with the legislation in force and with the practices of Obilet. The final text is available on the Website. For detailed information on the processing of your personal data, please review the Clarification Text on the Protection and Processing of Personal Data.

2. Types of Cookies and Purposes of Use
Cookies are text files placed on visitors' computers by visited websites. Cookies are widely used on almost all websites for websites to work effectively and in line with visitors' preferences, as well as to provide information to website administrators.
Cookies are used to determine the preferences of our visitors, to determine the requests for a specific page, to improve the Platform usage experience, to keep our services secure, and to perform online behavioral advertising activities for our users.

Cookies can be classified under three categories;
  • (i) Cookies by Duration (Session Cookies / Persistent Cookies),
  • (ii) Cookies by Purpose of Use (Strictly Necessary Cookies / Functional Cookies / Analytical - Performance Cookies and Advertising - Marketing Cookies); and
  • (iii) Cookies by Parties First Party Cookies / Third Party Cookies

3. Cookies Used on the Website
Third-party analysis services are used on the Website. If you do not want such cookies to be stored, you can make the desired changes in the "Settings" section of the cookie notification that appears in your browser and/or on the Website.

We also use third-party cookies and our cookies to show you personalized advertisements on websites, i.e. "retargeting". We make you a target for advertisements based on the browsed pages on the Website, the viewed products, and your clicks on the advertisements (banners) displayed to you. We also use cookies as part of our online marketing campaigns to see how users interact with the Website after being shown online advertisements, including those on third-party websites. You can make the desired changes to these cookies at any time in your browser and/or in the "Settings" section of the cookie notification displayed on the Website.

Information regarding the cookies used on the Website is provided below for the attention of our visitors:

Strictly Necessary Cookies
Strictly Necessary Cookies are essential cookies for the operation of the Website. These cookies are required to fulfill an information society service you have requested (such as logging in, filling out forms, and remembering privacy preferences) and are not used for any marketing purposes, and cannot be disabled.
Functionality Cookies
These are non-mandatory cookies that allow your preferences to be remembered when visiting the Website and to customize it to the needs of the visitor. Disallowing the use of such cookies may result in you not being able to use a custom feature and prevent the Website from remembering your preferences.
Analytics / Performance Cookies
Analytics/Performance Cookies allow statistical measurement to analyze your behavior on the Website. These cookies are used to improve the performance of the Website and to help us understand how visitors use the Website.
Advertising / Marketing Cookies
These are cookies used to promote products and services on the Website or in media other than the Website, to show you relevant and personalized advertisements with our partners, and to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. These cookies also prevent the repetition of the same advertisement, ensure that advertisements are displayed correctly, and select advertisements based on the interests of visitors.
Session Cookies
Session cookies are used to ensure the continuity of the session. Session cookies are also deleted upon closing your internet browser.
Persistent Cookies
Persistent Cookies are automatically deleted on a certain date or after a certain period and transmit your processed data to the server each time you visit the Website. The use of these cookies will be in question if the "Remember me" box on the Website is marked.
First-Party Cookies
First-party cookies are cookies placed by the visited website, i.e. Obilet.
Third-Party Cookies
Third-party cookies are cookies placed by the third-parties other than the Website. As Obilet has no control over them, third-party cookies are not covered by this Cookie Policy.

4. Cookie Management
Many internet browsers are set to automatically accept cookies by default. If you do not want these tools to be used, you can disable all cookies, except Strictly Necessary Cookies, by setting them in your browser and/or in the "Settings" on the cookie notification that appears on the Website. However, please note that in this case, you may not be able to use the full functionality of the Platform.

  • Google Chrome: You can manage your cookie settings from the "Cookies and Site Data" tab by clicking on the lock icon in the URL bar of your browser. For more information on Google services (including decline options), you can also visit the website here.
  • Internet Explorer: You can manage your cookie settings by clicking on the heart-shaped "Browser Essentials" icon at the top right of your browser, then scrolling down to "Manage Security Settings".
  • Mozilla Firefox: You can manage your cookie settings by clicking on the "Settings" icon in the upper right corner of your browser, scrolling down to "Manage Other Settings" and then clicking on the "Privacy and Security" tab.
  • Opera: You can manage your cookie settings by clicking on the "Privacy Protection" button in the top right corner of your browser, scroll down to the "Settings" icon, and manage your cookie settings.
  • Safari: You can manage your cookie settings by navigating to the "Safari" tab in the "Settings" section of your device.

If you want to edit your cookie policies for Obilet, you can click here.

5. Effectiveness
This Cookie Policy has entered into force on the date of its publication on the Website. Obilet reserves the right to change the Cookie Policy. Any update of the Cookie Policy will be published on this Website.

Version: 20230828