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Munich, the largest city and capital of the State of Bavaria, is the third largest city in Germany. The city of Munich has a very productive economy and as a result, the welfare level of the city is quite high. Technical University of Munich, located in Munich, is home to many world-renowned automotive and white goods companies such as BMW, MAN, Siemens. Many companies in the field of software and informatics have offices in Munich. Apart from being a center of technology and finance, the city of Munich also has an important natural and historical texture. Marienplatz, the historical square of the city, Neues Rathaus built in gothic style, St. Peter and Frauenkirche Church and the Nymphenburg Palace built in baroque style are the important historical sites of the city. The Deutsches Museum, one of the largest science and technology museums in the world, and the BMW Museum are important places where science, technology and history intertwine. Munich is also a developed city in the field of entertainment. Munich hosts the world-famous Oktoberfest.

With all these features, Munich is an important center in every sense and hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Munich Airport, the 7th busiest airport in Europe, serves more than 40 million people annually in 228 different destinations from 66 countries. Aegean Airlines, Air Berlin, Astra Airlines, Azur Air, Condor, easyJet, Eurowings, Germania, Lufthansa, Transavia, United Airlines, Turkish Airlines and dozens of airline companies offer flights to Munich Airport. Apart from Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines and Sun Express offer flights from Turkey to Munich Airport. Flight ticket, time and schedule information about flights to Munich Airport from Turkey and various parts of the world.

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Germany's third largest city


It is also the capital of the state of Bavaria. The city, whose population is approaching 2.5 million, was heavily damaged in the Second World War and was almost rebuilt in the following years. The city, which attracts many visitors in terms of architecture and art, is especially famous for its entertainment life.