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Frankfurt, located on the banks of the Main river, is one of the largest cities in Germany. Frankfurt, the financial and fair city, is famous for its skyscrapers, most of which belong to banks. The Städel museum, which is among the top places to visit in the city, contains 3000 paintings from the Middle Ages to the present. Alter oper is one of the city's many opera houses and is among the symbols of the city. In Römer Square, which attracts with its buildings reflecting German architecture, there is the town hall and the Frankfurt Cathedral, the main cathedral of the city. The cathedral has a 95-meter high tower. You can watch the unique city view by climbing to the top of the cathedral.

Palmelgarten is among the city's largest green areas. There is also a huge artificial lake here. St. Paul's Church is an important political symbol as it is the building where the German parliament first met and where the first constitution was created. The historical Eiserner bridge, which is completely closed to vehicle traffic, and the Main tower, which has a terrace and observation tower to watch the view of the city, are other places to visit in Frakfurt. The city attracts the attention of nature and history lovers with its houses and streets where Goethe was born and raised.

Frankfurt Airport, one of the busiest airports in Europe and the world, is 12 km from the city. It is located in the southwest. Many local and international companies, especially Adria Airways, Aegean Airlines, Air India, American Airlines, British Airways, China Airlines, Azores Airlines, organize flights to Frankfurt Airport. Turkish Airlines and SunExpress organize flights from cities in Turkey. You can find detailed information about flights to Frankfurt on

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The city is a very interesting city with its skyscrapers as well as classical German buildings. Frankfurt is a city founded on the banks of the Main River. In addition to being the largest city of the state of Hessen, it is also the fifth largest city in Germany. In addition, it is the city that hosts many immigrants living in Germany. A large portion of Turkish immigrants also reside in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt's historical structure, as well as its modern traces, are defined as a fair city. It has many visitors as it hosts various fairs at certain times of the year. It can also be called one of the major financial cities of Germany. Many companies, banks and economic centers are located in Frankfurt. In fact, since there are many skyscrapers in the city, it is also called the skyscraper city.

As in many other European cities, life stops after a certain time in Frankfurt. The city suddenly becomes deserted. Tourists are also quite surprised by this situation. German is actively spoken in Frankfurt. Additionally, Euro is used as currency.

Its population is not very crowded. The population is generally a working segment. Since it is a financial city, it can be seen as a city where people who want to improve themselves in this field have migrated.