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POPULATION 3,471,756

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Airport Phone Distance to the City Center Transportation
Schonefeld Airport
Tempelhof Airport
Tegel Airport
Berlin Brandenburg Airport 0 km Taxi, Bus

What You Need to Know About Berlin

Berlin, Germany's largest and most populous city, is the capital of Germany. The city, which was separated into East and West Berlin by the Berlin Wall from 1961 to 1990, later referred to this wall as the Wall of Shame. Today, Berlin is a city that combines many different religious beliefs. The majority of the Muslim population in Berlin consists of Turks and they also constitute the large foreign population in Berlin. The large Turkish population living outside Türkiye is located in Berlin. Berlin is not only a political capital for Germany, it is also a cultural capital. Reichstag, Branderburg Gate, Museum Island, Berlin Wall, Pergamon Museum, Checkpoint Charlie, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Alexanderplatz, Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin Cathedral, East Side Gallery, Holocaust Monument and Kreuzberg are just the main places to visit in Berlin.

There are 2 major airports in Berlin; Berlin Schönefeld Airport and Berlin Tegel Airport. While transportation from Berlin Schönefeld Airport to the city center is provided by both buses and suburban trains, there are only buses from Berlin Tegel Airport. Airlines that fly to Berlin are Turkish Airlines, Sun Express, Bora Jet, Atlas Global, Aeroflot Russian Airlines, Egyptair, Serbian Airlines, Aegean Airlines, Air France, Ukraine International Airlines, KLM, Lufthansa, British Airways, Air Malta, Royal. Jordanian, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways. You can access more detailed information about airline companies on

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It is a city with a river passing through it, with its historical places, wide streets, museums and very clean air.


There are multiple places to visit. Defined as the center of music, art and culture in Europe, the city's tourist attractions can be visited, the back streets can be explored and the bohemian atmosphere of the city can be experienced to the fullest.

Since the early 2000s, the development of house music and the proliferation of art galleries have created a bohemian atmosphere in the city. This atmosphere will definitely be felt during your trip to Berlin. The city, which suffered many blows during the World Wars, reflects its past very well. One of the most striking things among the many places to visit is that the province is covered with trees. While wandering around the streets, it is possible to come across a large park.

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