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Leipzig, known as the culture and art center of Germany, has a perfect location right next to the Weisse Elster River. Leipzig, which is also the neighbor of the Pleisse and Parthe rivers, is a city intertwined with art, and with the arrival of spring, art is reborn here, so to speak. At the same time, Leipzig, located at the intersection of important commercial centers such as Via Regia and Via Imperii, takes its place among the big three of Germany. Leipzig, the cultural capital of Central Saxony, is a very famous city with its architectural structures, deep-rooted history and entertaining festivals. You can take a journey back in time to the Middle Ages while wandering the streets of Leipzig, which carries ruins from the war period, one by one, in its architecture. In Leipzig, where the winter months are quite cold, the summer months are not very hot but slightly cool.

Leipzig Halle Airport, located approximately 18 kilometers from Leipzig, is located 30 kilometers from Halle, Leipzig's neighbor. There are domestic flights to many cities in East Germany from this airport located in Northeast Germany. At the same time, Leipzig Halle Airport is one of the busiest airports in Germany in terms of passenger traffic. Transportation from the airport to Leipzig city center is provided by trains departing every half hour. Airport taxis, which you can use as private transportation, depart from Terminal/B arrivals terminal and take you directly to the city center. Many flights to Turkey are organized from Leipzig Halle Airport, which has food and beverage areas, rest areas, many ATM machines and information and support desks. You can buy your Leipzig flight ticket with or without a connection.

It is possible to find Turkish Airlines scheduled flights to Leipzig almost every day. A non-stop flight from Istanbul Ataturk Airport takes approximately 3 hours, and likewise, there are connecting or non-stop flights from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport to Leipzig Halle Airport. If you want to go to Leipzig, the heart of culture and art, and witness unique musicals

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You can have a pleasant holiday in this city, which is one of the touristic places of Germany, by purchasing your tickets from airline companies such as Turkish Airlines, SunExpress, Pegasus Airlines, Corendon, Onur Air, Atlas Global with suitable options through oBilet.

One of the distinguished cities of Europe


Although located in the Saxony State of Germany, it is one of the simplest cities in Germany with its unique modest living style. The city is located in the low-lying Leipzig Basin. Although Leipzig is surrounded by parks and gardens, the city is a major industrial center and transport junction. In addition to these, we can say that the city of Leipzig is the locomotive city in terms of the commercial and cultural life of its region. At the same time, Leipzig is one of Germany's tourist attractions in terms of its interesting historical ruins, baroque and modern architecture, lively nightlife and shopping opportunities.

If we talk about the climate type of Leipzig, this city has a typical continental climate. While summer temperatures generally do not exceed 30 degrees, in winter the city turns white and the average winter temperature often drops below zero. Undoubtedly, those who plan to travel to this distinguished city will choose the summer season, which will allow their travels to be enjoyable.

Founded in the seventh century as a small fishing town at the confluence of the Parta and Elster Rivers, the two major rivers of the region, Leipzig has managed to gain a place in the list of livable cities. Leipzig is also the city where Goethe, one of the literary masters, studied. It is a city that hosts many foreign students from abroad.

Finally, the residents of Leipzig are very friendly people and very hospitable. When you visit this distinguished city, you will no doubt be amazed by the cheerfulness and modesty of the people living here.