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POPULATION 3,500,000

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Nuremberg Airport 0 km Taxi, Bus
Nuremberg HBF Airport

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Nuremberg flight tickets are on oBilet! Nuremberg is the second largest city in the German state of Bavaria, after Munich. Nuremberg is considered the industrial capital of Germany. The world's largest toy fair is held in the city, which hosts more than fifty fairs every year. The city, which also has historical importance, was the Nazi's war materials production center during World War II, and the Nuremberg Trials were established after the war, where criminals were tried. Nuremberg is also an important cultural and tourism center with 35 museums and 15 theatres. The Schöner Brunnen Fountain located in the marketplace was made by a stonemason and consists of 42 works carved from stone. Kaiserburg Castle, which has a wonderful city view, is thought to have been built in 1140. The Nuremberg Church (Frauenkirche-Church of Our Lady), built in the 14th century, was built on the site of the synagogue site in the destroyed Jewish quarter. Nuremberg's largest gothic historical church is the Saint Lorenz Church (Lorenzkirche) and it has a magnificent beauty. Fountain of Virtue-Tugendbrunnen next to Saint Lorenz Church. The City Walls-Fortifications of Nuremberg, one of the largest city walls in Central Europe, date back to the Holy Roman-Germanic Empire and are 5 km long.

Air transportation to Nuremberg is provided by Nuremberg Airport. Nuremberg Airport is 5 km away from the city center, and transportation from Nuremberg Airport to the city center is easily provided by city bus and metro lines. Companies that fly to Nuremberg Airport are Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Sun Express, Atlasglobal, Lufthansa and Air France. You can visit to find cheap Nuremberg flight tickets, especially with Turkish Airlines and Pegasus.

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important city in Germany


It has the distinction of being the second largest city after Munich. With the industrialization movement, the country has become one of the major industrial cities of Germany. Currently, many famous brands have facilities in Nuremberg.

It is among the must-see places with its rich culinary culture, festivals and history. There are many different structures and works in the city. In addition, approximately 10% of the people living in Nuremberg, which is easily accessible, are Turks.

The official language is accepted as German. Since there are many Turks living there, it is possible to come across many people who speak Turkish.