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You can visit Hannover by purchasing a flight ticket from oBilet. With a perfect location on the Leine River, Hannover is located in northwestern Germany. The city, which is also the capital of the state of Lower Saxery, hosts both modern and historical buildings. Spread over an area of approximately 205 square kilometers, the population of the city is over 500 thousand as of 2015. A major industrial, commercial and transport center serving as a vital rail and road junction in northern Germany. A world's largest industrial fair opens every year in April in the city, where mostly iron and steel, tires, machinery and motor vehicles are manufactured. If we look at its history, it was incredibly damaged in the Second World War, but after 1945 many old buildings were restored and many modern structures were built. You can wander around the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen or have a pleasant time surrounded by nature in the Eilenriede city forest. In Hannover, which fascinates visitors from all over the world with Lake Maschsee, you can often see mountaineers and cyclists along the Leine River. You can also add places to your list of places to visit in Hannover, such as Lake Steinhude surrounding the city, the world cultural heritage of Goslar and Hildesheim, the fairy tale Marienburg built by the last king of Hannover, and the Old Town where you will get lost in the narrow medieval streets. Annual events that attract thousands of visitors every year include the Maschsee Lake Festival and Marksmen Funfair.

Hannover Airport, the 9th largest airport in Germany, is located in Langenhagen, 11 km north of Hannover city centre. Hannover Airport, opened in 1952, also has the title of being one of the busiest airports in Europe. There are 3 passenger terminals in total at Hannover Airport: Terminal A, B and C. Terminal D is to the east of the main terminal and is used as a cargo terminal. There are flights between Hannover Airport and Antalya (Condor, Corendon Airlines, Eurowings, Freebird Airlines, Pegasus, SunExpress, TUI), usually in the summer seasons. You can reach Hannover from Istanbul Ataturk Airport with Turkish Airlines. Other flights organized by SunExpress to Hannover are Ankara, Adana, Izmir and periodically Bodrum, Gaziantep and Samsun. Before buying your Hannover flight ticket from oBilet, it is useful to check which flights operate in which season.

You can travel to Hannover Airport, which you can easily reach from many major cities of Turkey, by choosing one of SunExpress, Pegasus or Turkish Airlines. If you are undecided between these companies or are looking for an opportunity for an economical flight ticket, you can benefit from oBilet, which offers good price combinations. It is also very practical to buy online flight tickets from oBilet, which offers cheap Hannover flight tickets with just one click.

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is the capital and one of the famous cities of the German state of Lower Saxony. This city, located in the northern region of the country, is also known as the city of fairs. The city consists almost entirely of plains and green areas. The climate of the city, which is widely visited with its nightlife and entertainment, is suitable for visiting in all seasons.