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LAND AREA 5,461 km²
POPULATION 14,657,434

Airports in Istanbul

Airport Phone Distance to the City Center Transportation
Sabiha Gokcen Airport 35 km Taxi, Bus
Istanbul Airport 30 km Taxi, Bus

What You Need to Know About Istanbul

Hotels In Istanbul

Being the City of the World’s Desire, Istanbul has a welcoming environment for tourists from all over the world. With its urban and natural beauties, Istanbul never ceases to amaze its visitors. The hotels in Istanbul, with the dense structure of the city, and mixing historical and modern architecture together, please the eye in an anachronic sense. Whether you like to entertain yourself with art museums, expositions, concerts, and other recreational activities or just digest the intense historical background, Istanbul has everything you desire. The city itself is almost like a small country, providing whatever its visitors would like. As its historical and cultural backgrounds are rich, Istanbul has always has a wonder up its pocket to impress whoever wants to visit it. Like a mind-reading genie, Istanbul can give you what you want and take away whatever negativity or any other problem you have during your stay. The opportunities for enjoyment are vast in this city and it always proves its competence in the area. The number of events, places, and experiences to indulge in are virtually endless, just like the city itself.

Istanbul History

The earliest settlement in Istanbul has been known to date back to 6700 BC in the Neolithic period. In the Anatolian side of the city, Fikirtepe is known to be the earliest settlement from the Copper Age. After the prehistoric ages and with the Roman expansion into Anatolia, Istanbul has become a center of trade, politics, and entertainment. Proving Istanbul to be a center of attention for people since the ancient, maybe even prehistoric times, and recruiting history as an ally of Istanbul. Considered Rome’s sibling by some, Istanbul has been the capital city of the Eastern Roman Empire after the Roman Empire was split into two. Named Constantinople, after Emperor Constantine I, the city was where the Byzantine Empire’s heart was beating. Then, with the rise of the Ottomans, the city was taken by Mehmed the Conqueror in 1453 and named Istanbul; becoming the biggest metropolitan city of its times and transferring that metropolitan nature to this day. Then, with the fall of the Ottomans and the foundation of the Turkish Republic, Istanbul was no longer the capital, however, it still remained as vital as it had been thanks to its economic, political, recreational, and geographical importance. Istanbul preserves its geopolitical and historic significance up to this day.

When to Go to Istanbul?

Being a city in which all four seasons can be experienced, Istanbul is naturally a must-see city in snow, sun, or rain. The different weather conditions bring different tones to the city. While a sunny day can make your jogging experience in Bebek (one of the most expensive districts in the whole country) much more enjoyable, a rainy day can provide you with a cozy place to sit and sip your coffee in Karaköy while watching the drops go down in Bosphorus. The romantic hotels in Istanbul or the hotels in Istanbul Bosphorus, as they have beautiful views, can also enhance your experience of the city. Some like it hot, some like it cold but it should be known that a ticket to Istanbul is always gold. Whatever you do at a random time of the year, you will definitely feel the pleasure of it. Istanbul will greet you with utmost grace and hospitality. Maybe the best times of your life will be here, the city of the world’s desire. Whether it may be the Istanbul hotelsin Beşiktaş or in Taksim you will stay in, there will not be anything missing from your Istanbul experience; the experience of a lifetime. There is not really an ideal time to visit this city; it is always the best time.

How to Get to Istanbul

As a city offering different means of transportation, going to Istanbul is as easy as it is to commute in the city. Having two fully equipped airports that operate on both domestic and foreign flights, Istanbul can welcome you in with no hassle. The hotels in Istanbul Airportcan be the first stop for you to take a breath from the exhausting travels. Thanks to the overall high quality of the hotels in Istanbul Turkey, this will be a superb experience for you. Adding to the air transportation, there are also ocean cruises from all around the world which end up in the ports of Istanbul, thus providing the city’s visitors with everything Istanbul has to offer to them. Aside from the air and marine options, there are also international bus tours which can be chosen to arrive in Istanbul to stay with the tour or to your heart’s content. The means you utilize to come to Istanbul will always be a pleasure for you to enjoy as the railroads, the highways, the waters or the air will herald you the gospel of arriving at Istanbul with joy. It is guaranteed that the Istanbul experience will be revolutionary for your life as the city is big enough for the microcosm of an individual to reside in happiness. How you get to Istanbul does not matter, as long as you love the city, and live the city. Then, you may never want to go back.

Must-See Places in Istanbul

  • Hagia Sophia: Also known as “Aya Sofya” in Turkish, the structure was originally a Greek orthodox church. Converted into a mosque with the conquest of Constantinople, the structure has become a meeting point of Christianity and Islam. Until this day, its majestic view stands still.
  • Galata Tower: Built by the Genoese as a watch tower in 1348, the tower is named after the district it is in. A beautiful tower for sightseeing the panoramic view of Istanbul while enjoying your drink or meal.
  • Grand Bazaar: One of the oldest trade centers founded in Ottoman times, the Grand Bazaar provides tourists from all over the world with a wide array of goods.
  • Fatih District: Considered the heart of Istanbul, Fatih district is where most of Istanbul’s history resides. The district got its name from Mehmed II and can reflect the brief history of both Ottomans and Romans to its visitors. Then again, it is possible for you to book hotels in Istanbulwhich are hotels in Istanbul near Blue Mosquewhich can have beautiful sceneries.
  • Bebek Beach: A favorite spot for high-class celebrities, Bebek Beach has a tremendous view of the Bosphorus. Do you like jogging? Eating a lovely cone of ice cream while filling your lungs with the fresh air of Marmara? Or maybe grab some delicious drinks at the cafés near the beach and chat with your family and friends as the sun gently caresses your skin.
  • Taksim: Being one of the historical places in Istanbul, Taksim is a find-it-all place for the tourist. Setting your foot out of the hotels in Taksim Square in Istanbuland walking down the Istiklal can never be boring. With a constant flow of hundreds and thousands of visitors and very pleasant places to visit such as art museums, cafés, and historical buildings from the Ottoman and Roman eras, Taksim can be counted as the second heart of Istanbul.
  • Topkapı Palace Museum: The former palace of the Ottoman sultans from 1478 to 1853, the Topkapı Palace is visited as a museum today. Satisfying the visitors who have a knack for Ottoman history, the museum consists of a wide array of item categories from military to daily life.

Istanbul Accommodation Options

Istanbul is a city of options. Whether you like to view the Bosphorus, Golden Horn, or Hagia Sophia from your hotel room, you will get what you like. Having a wide array of touristic agencies that can provide its customers with different accommodation options is certainly one of the many benefits this city offers. However you like to stay in the city, they can provide it with ease or when you do not want to take professional assistance, you can also easily decide where to stay according to your personal preferences. There are different kinds of tourist housing types available in the city. Whether your budget is flexible or tight, Istanbul has it all. Urban areas such as Beşiktaş or Taksim can provide the best luxury you can have with 5-star hotels in Istanbul.The luxury hotels in Istanbul can be top choices. The districts near Beşiktaş and Taksim, which also have an allure for the curious tourist to discover with the hotels in Istanbul all-inclusive, offer economic alternatives as well.Boutique hotels in Istanbul which can be counted as cheap hotels in Istanbulare preferred especially by those with financial concerns. Choices are vast and the decision is up to you. Whatever your choice of accommodation, the service in Istanbul will never disappoint you thanks to Turkish hospitality and expertise in tourism.

What to do in Istanbul?

Are you an artistic spirit? A partygoer? Or a curious lifelong student of history? You are in luck then since Istanbul has the whole package. Every district has its own areas of specialty for you to enjoy. Call it art museums, concerts, exhibitions, and whatnot, your artistic side will definitely be satisfied with what Istanbul has to offer. Nightlife? Istanbul is as famous for its nightclubs as it is for its history. From Taksim to Kadıköy, Beşiktaş or Karaköy, Istanbul has countless places to visit and experience a wild night you can’t forget. If history gives you a purpose to live, the number of historical places and buildings in Istanbul will satisfy you for a lifetime. Whether Byzantine, Roman, or Ottoman, the historical architecture of Istanbul can offer you the top experience.

Getting Around Istanbul

Istanbul is a huge metropolitan city that has many transportation networks layered upon and connected to one another. These include ferries, buses, taxis, subway, Metrobus, and Istanbul Municipality’s bicycle services. Do you want to go to Kadıköy from Beşiktaş? You can opt for the ferry for only a 15-20 minute journey. Or you may go to the nearest Metrobus station by bus or taxi and then get on the Metrobus and arrive at the nearest station to Kadıköy. Or rather…The sentence goes on as there are countless alternatives for moving between point A and point B in Istanbul. Much like making a stylish combination, going around in Istanbul has always virtually infinite alternatives. The major importance behind this perk is that it counters the high population count of Istanbul with the alternative ways of transportation the city has to offer. And whether you like the shiny and silent way of traveling with the subway or watching the lovely street view of Istanbul from the bus and metrobus or a serene marine journey from one side to the other with the ferry service, Istanbul will never take away its helping hand to its beloved tourists who are there to discover this city of many layers.

Benefits of Istanbul Hotels

The disadvantages of Istanbul hotels may not be a topic of interest as there will not be anything to talk about under that topic. The important issue which must be discussed should be what the benefits of the hotels in Istanbul are. Think of it, you are staying at a hotel in Beşiktaş and you want to relax, and feel a serenity fall upon you. Well, it is easier said than done: Walking out of the hotel is enough for you to find the relaxing elements you would like. A walk along the coast? Easy. Maybe a park? Barbaros Park has it all with its historical motifs. Or maybe a hotel in Taksim? There you can have all the energetic positivity you can have with the never-ending nature of the Taksim district. Think of it, your room is silent, not a sound to be heard. But at the moment you set your foot out of the hotel, oh heavens, such a lovely sight! A metropolitan environment stuffed with people coming from all around the world, different, niche stores to go shopping, various religious and historical buildings to explore and a wide variety of street delicacies to enjoy!

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