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LAND AREA 15,204 km²
POPULATION 1,607,437

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Diyarbakir Airport 7 km Taxi, Bus

What You Need to Know About Diyarbakir

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Diyarbakır is a historical city situated in the Southeastern Anatolia region in Turkey. For history and archeology enthusiasts, it is without a doubt an outstanding place to visit and explore. Throughout history, it was called different names such as Amid, Kara Amid, and Diyaru Bekr. With a history that goes back to 12 thousand years ago, it sheds light on the history of the ancient Mesopotamia period. From a historical context, it is a part of a region that was once described as Upper Mesopotamia. At this point, it is necessary to underline that a long time ago, archaeologist James H. Breasted coined the term, “Fertile Crescent” to name a vast region that once included the modern-day area of Diyarbakır.

When talking about Diyarbakır, it is not quite possible to separate the subject of history. You will understand this best when you visit here. The vibrancy of the city will get you under its influence right away. There are marvelous places to see here. Museums, bridges, mosques, and castles are among the many places you are going to visit. It will be useful to browse Diyarbakır hotelsand make a reservation for accommodation before you arrange your trip though.

Must See Places in Diyarbakır

You will not be surprised to find out that there are lots of places worth seeing in such an old city where several civilizations once flourished. However, you can make a list according to the length of your holiday and travel comfortably. In case you want to keep yourself informed and learn more about the main places you should see before you come to Diyarbakır, you can check out the list below.

  • Ulu Mosque:Known to be the oldest mosque in Anatolia, Ulu Mosque is one of the most iconic structures of Diyarbakır. It will amaze you with its magnificent interior and exterior design alongside its rare square minarets.
  • Behram Pasha Mosque: The architecture of this magnificent mosque, which was completed in 1572, is of course none other than Mimar Sinan. The entrance door of the mosque in particular fascinates visitors.
  • City Walls and Gates:You will not be surprised to learn that Diyarbakır has the second longest city wall in the world following none other than the Great Wall of China. According to archaeologists, the city walls were built with the intention of defense, but there is no clear information on this subject.
  • Hevsel Gardens:In addition to being picturesque, the fact that it is an 8,000-year-old agricultural region makes Hevsel gardens special. Also, It is a stopover point for migratory birds.
  • Diyarbakır Archaeology Museum:This museum is a complex building. The museum, where many artifacts from the Hittite, Assyrian, Roman, Ottoman, and Neolithic periods are exhibited, is closed on Mondays. Therefore, you should keep in mind that it is open from 8 am to 5 pm every day except Monday.
  • The Church of St. Giragos:It is a very well-known and prestigious structure as it is the largest Armenian church in the Middle East. Known to have been restored with the donations of the people of the region, this magnificent church is an example of solidarity and togetherness.
  • Hasan Paşa Inn: The historical atmosphere here is so authentic and worth seeing. This inn, which is flooded with visitors, is known to have been restored over the years. Don't forget to have a delicious traditional breakfast here. Inside the inn, there are gift shops and cafes.

What to Eat in Diyarbakır

Diyarbakır, where meaty and juicy dishes are at the forefront, has an intriguing cuisine. Here, organic foods are generally used, so the fat ratios of the dishes are low. To begin with, Meftune is one of the most famous Diyarbakır dishes. It is prepared with various sauces and spices. Another mouthwatering dish to mention is pıçık. Unlike meftune, pıçık doesn’t include any meat and it is made with bulgur and yogurt, making it a great option for the vegetarians. Duvaklı pilav, on the other hand, is a dish that is mostly prepared for special guests on special occasions. Duvaklı pilav, veiled pilaf as it’s known by foreigners, is a very rich recipe. Minced sheep meat, rice, broth, almond kernels, and parsley are used to make this tasty dish. You can try it at local restaurants in Diyarbakır. At many hotels in Diyarbakır city center, you will be able to try many of the local dishes. Some other dishes you may want to try in Diyarbakır are as follows;

  • Nardanaşı
  • Ayvalı Kavurma
  • Mumbar Dolması
  • Cartlak Kebabı

How to Get to Diyarbakır?

Due to the prevailing harsh continental climate conditions in Diyarbakır, the summer months are quite hot, so the best time to visit this place is during the spring months when the temperature is more moderate. There are several means of transportation you can prefer to reach the city including bus, private vehicle and plane options. Traveling by plane to Diyarbakır is the best option considering you won’t get tired as you travel. However, plane tickets might be a bit more expensive than bus tickets. That is to say, you may want to check flight ticket discounts every now and then. Assuming that you arrived at Diyarbakır Airport, then you’re only 10 kilometers from the city center. To get to the city center from the airport, you can use public bus shuttles or take a taxi. Airport shuttles will drop you off at central spots.

Diyarbakır Accommodation Options

In Diyarbakır, there are lots of places you can stay. Examples of these types of accommodation are 3 star ,4 star and 5 star hotels, boutique hotels and apart hotels. Thanks to this variety of hotels in Diyarbakır, you can find the best option depending on the budget you have saved for your vacation. To find the best hotels in Diyarbakır, you should check the hotels with the perfect services. 4 star and 5 star hotels will offer and provide you with anything you can ask for a quality holiday. At this point, boutique hotels definitely deserve more attention. Similar to 5 star hotels, boutique hotels have rooms that are comfortable and designed with a delicate taste. They also have room service, WiFi, Turkish baths, dry cleaning and so on. Therefore, boutique hotels are excellent choices in terms of hosting their guests with the traditional characteristics of Diyarbakır and adopting the regional culture and architectural understanding. A holiday that you will spend in Diyarbakır will make you realize that diversity is what makes this city so significant and interesting.

Diyarbakır Hotel Prices

In addition to the many different places to visit and eat in the city, there are also many different options for accommodation in Diyarbakır. Hotel prices in Diyarbakır change depending on the location of the hotels. Additionally, features such as entertainment services and personalized customer service may cause an increase in prices. It would be much more advantageous to make hotel reservations by planning where you want to see in Diyarbakır and with whom you want to go. If you want to find cheap hotels in Diyarbakır,there are certain points that you should pay attention to. If you book hotels in Diyarbakırmuch earlier than the date you plan to go on holiday and if you take advantage of seasonal opportunities, you can arrange your accommodation much more conveniently. Prices of hotels tend to be higher as the date of stay approaches and during periods of high tourist arrivals. Therefore, you can make your reservation by specifying these periods.

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