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LAND AREA 9,364 km²
POPULATION 1,261,810

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Samsun Carsamba Airport 23 km Taxi, Bus

What You Need to Know About Samsun

Hotels in Samsun

As one of the lovely cities in the Black Sea region of Turkey, Samsun is a welcoming place that embraces its visitors with love and care. Whenever there is a person who wants some fresh air and is curious about the mystical history of the Black Sea region, they should bookhotels in Samsun sans hesitation. Whoever comes to Samsun can see that there are exceptional places to visit and relive the events of the past themselves in the unique atmosphere of the city. Not to mention, it is under the guarantee that Samsun hotelswill provide the visitors with superb service during their stay as they have all it takes to satisfy the lovely visitors of this city. One should also know that the memories in this city are never to be forgotten. The pearl of the Black Sea Region and a very significant place in the history of the Turkish Republic, Samsun manages to leave a mark in its visitors' hearts. It is highly recommended that you book a room in the hotels in Samsun by the sea to see the green blend with the blue in this lovely city.

Samsun Must-See Places

Samsun has many places to see for tourists who are curious about the rich history of Samsun province as well as some nearby places in the region. The list goes on and on especially for the history geeks as the city is marked by various major historical events, yet, for the starters you can check out the following in order to discover Samsun’s true gems:

  • Bandırma Ferry: The most famous ferry in the history of the Republic of Turkey. Why so? Well, it is the ship on which Mustafa Kemal boarded to land on Samsun from İstanbul, igniting the fire of national defense against the invading countries. Then, after the War of Independence, the Ottoman Empire was no more and the Republic of Turkey was born in these dire situations.
  • Atakum Beach: Want to relax after a long day of a city tour and enjoy the endless blue of the Black Sea? Atakum Beach is the ideal spot for you in Samsun. Do not forget to book a room in hotels in Samsun Atakum as you are not likely to want to leave the district immediately. The lovely sunsets here are a true beauty to behold on a sunbed while enjoying your preferred drink. Then again, the honeymoon hotels in Samsun can be chosen among the hotels in Atakum too. Although these hotels may be more suitable for summertime, the thermal hotels in Samsun can be the winter alternative of these hotels.
  • Amisos Hill: Do you like sightseeing, gazing at the endless green plains and blue depths? Here you are! Located in the İlkadım district of Samsun, this hill, Amisos, will be the best choice for you thanks to its impeccable greenery and facilities around. A nice, warm cup of Turkish coffee after a tiring afternoon will always be enjoyable for the avid tourist who is eager to explore the natural side of Samsun. Then again, a city should have its own, unique hill in order to give a chance for its tourists to see the most beautiful sights.

Samsun Accommodation Options

Samsun is a city of ease when it comes to finding a place to stay. Hotels in Samsunhave a wide variety of hotel types and service concepts, dedicated to meeting every possible need of its visitors. The best hotels in Samsunare generally the ones offering far-going services or the ones with the perfect location. Needless to say, whether you decide to book 5-star hotels in Samsunto benefit from their pool of amenities or the cheap hotels in Samsun, the choice you have made is not going to disappoint you, that’s for sure! Samsun is the place that is at the heart of the Black Sea region of Turkey, allowing its visitors to easily access the greater area. The city itself functions as the center of the northern part of Turkey and it shows both by the metropolitan structure of the city and its lovely, unique, beautiful nature that is always in harmony with the urban parts. To witness these beauties and get around easily, one should book a room in the hotels in Samsun city center. As the hotels range from more economic to luxurious levels, there is always a good alternative for you to choose the best option. All-in-all, hotels in Samsun Turkeyare all solid choices to book a room from. However, be aware that while booking a hotel room you might need the assistance of some tourist agency or an online booking system.

What to Eat in Samsun?

In addition to the both natural and man-made wonders of Samsun, safe to say that there is also beauty in its gastronomy:

Pita: The simplest explanation would be: Think of pizza, not circular but horizontally. Then think of a pastry that is much more delicious than pizza! Here you have the Samsun pita. The marvelous harmony of dough and various fillings (cheese, beef, etc.) are prepared one day in advance. A true feast!

Çakallı Menemen: Menemen is a cornerstone in the Turkish kitchen consumed particularly at the breakfasts. Eggs, green pepper, tomatoes, and many herbs are used to make this simple yet very delicious food. Çakallı menemen is, on the other hand, a very popular type of menemen, distinguished majorly by the slicing of its ingredients. Çakallı menemen is made of vegetables in small slices. The cheese is also used in this version; cheese melting in the juices of tomatoes and green peppers, in fact, looks like a Van Gogh painting ready to be eaten!

Nokul: A sweet choice in the local delicacies of Samsun, nokul is the pinnacle of stuffed pastry. Originating from the province of Bafra, nokul is made by preparing classic cookie dough and turning it into phyllo pastry. After that, it is filled with walnuts prepared specially for the nokul.

Getting Around in Samsun

Samsun is a city of beauty which is something everyone should discover. Luckily, Samsun is a city that goes easy in terms of getting around and commuting. The buses are a good choice in terms of moving between places in Samsun and in addition to buses, there is also a well-established tram system that can always be chosen for comfort. Thanks to the good service of buses, trams and several different minibus routes around the city, the tourists of Samsun can always go around this beautiful city with ease. However, there are always options for rental cars and taxis for a more comfortable transportation experience.

Samsun Vacation

Vacation is something everyone looks forward to with countless options to choose from. However, there are some places that are different in their own nature with their monuments, historical background, and gastronomic heritage. Some even say that the weather, the geographical attributes and even the region the place is in are effective in choosing where to take a vacation. Vacation in Samsun is, on the other hand, worry-free. There is no need to think about where to go to have a good time: You must give a chance to Samsun, the city of many opportunities. It is a city where you can both participate in a cultural tour and have a chill day in the cool waters of the Black Sea region. Not to mention, the food! Here you can taste many unique local and regional dishes. After all, the city of Samsun is where the heart of the Black Sea is. And wherever the heart is, life is there.

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