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LAND AREA 5,952 km²

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Ordu-Giresun Airport 18 km Taxi, Bus

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Located in the Eastern Black Sea Region, Ordu is the thirtieth most populous city in Turkey and is one of the most visited cities in the country, receiving thousands of tourists every year thanks to its pristine nature and rich cultural heritage. Ordu is, in fact, among the most important oxygen sources of Turkey, bewitching its visitors with its outstanding landscape. The city has a long coastline and various must-see attractions. Due to its growing popularity among both domestic and international tourists, accommodation in Orduhas turned out to be diverse in response. Here you can find many lodging types including quality hotels and bungalows. From budget-friendly options to the best hotels in Orduoffering many services, the city has something for everyone.

Must-See Places in Ordu

  • Boztepe
  • Paşaoğlu Mansion
  • Taşbaşı Church
  • Yason Burnu (Cape Jason)
  • Bolaman Castle
  • Ulugöl National Park

Ordu has beautiful coves, recreation areas as well as sandy beaches along its coastline. In addition to these, there are many waterfalls and plateaus to be explored by nature lovers. Thanks to the assorted landscape of Ordu, you can encounter different natural wonders only to be in awe of them. If you are after some good scenery, you should definitely go to Boztepe where you can see the whole city from a panoramic view at the top of a hill. Since Boztepe is also a popular spot for paragliding, you can also find the best Ordu hotelsin and around this area.

Today, Paşaoğlu Mansion, which is one of the must-see places in Ordu, is used as an ethnography museum. This three-story mansion is among the most important works of civil architecture and a must-see for architecture enthusiasts.

Used as a surveillance center and patrol in the past, Bolaman Castle also draws considerable attention due to being an important historic remnant with an authentic structure. The exact time of its construction is in question, yet it is assumed to be during the Pontus era.

What to Eat in Ordu

The local food of Ordu is just as good as the city itself. Of course, when the food is mentioned, hazelnut is the first thing that comes to mind as far as this lovely city is concerned. Ordu is famous for various nut-derived foods such as roasted picola hazelnuts and hazelnut paste. Fish and vegetables are mainly used in Ordu's dishes. Hamsi Buğulama is one of the most popular fish recipes special to Ordu. Sakarca Kayganası is, on the other hand, a popular dish made with a herb grown in this region.

Some of the food you can eat in the Ordu;

  • Fasulye Diblesi
  • Mısır Yarmalı Aş Sarması
  • Pazı Mücveri
  • Ordu Yağlısı
  • Hamsi Köftesi

How to Get to Ordu

When it comes to getting to Ordu, the good news is that it is an easily reachable city via different modes of transportation. Ordu Bus Terminal, for example, is close to the city center and you can reach it from all cities in the country. However, depending on your initial location the journey might take quite a while. If you want a quicker trip, on the other hand, you can always use Ordu Giresun airport which was opened only in 2015. If you decide to come to Ordu by plane, be aware that your options, especially direct flights, are limited. You can get on a plane to Ordu from Istanbul and Ankara airports. In addition to bus and plane options, you can also get to Ordu with a private vehicle for which you can find many car rental opportunities.

Ordu Accommodation Options

The hidden gem of the Black Sea, Ordu manages to capture the hearts of its visitors as the perfect blend of blue and green. Suitable for visits throughout the whole year, you can explore its natural sites, springs, beaches, and waterfalls during spring and summer months while you can also go to the city for winter sports. In order to meet different demands, hotels in Orducome with different options as boutique hotels, 5-star hotels, and city hotels at reasonable prices. If you stay in the hotels near the center, you can benefit from certain services such as public transportation more easily. It would also be more convenient to go to restaurants, cafes or museums in the city if you stay at the hotels in the Ordu city center.As for getting a glimpse of the beautiful view of the Black Sea, you can consider booking a room atOrdu hotels by the sea. Or if you want to spend a holiday in the highlands of Ordu where you can connect with nature, you can opt for bungalows or camping areas to accommodate. If you want to find cheap hotels in Ordu, on the other hand, it is advisable to make your reservations much earlier than your planned dates or during the off-season.

Ordu Hotel Prices

Generally speaking, Ordu remains among the most budget-friendly cities in Turkey, welcoming visitors with different financial plans. However, there are also some factors affecting the hotel prices including season, hotel rates, the duration of the stay, hotel concepts, location, and the scope of the services offered. If you don’t want to spend so much money on accommodation and save it for other recreational activities, you can always search for special hotel deals and early booking opportunities. Regarding your preferred type of holiday (a winter getaway or a culture tour etc.), you can capture some seasonal opportunities to eliminate further financial concerns. Before you book hotels in Ordu, it is highly recommended that you thoroughly examine the services offered by the hotels and choose the best fit for your expectations and needs.

Winter Hotels in Ordu

The winter season in Ordu with snow-covered mountain peaks and uplands is just as beautiful and enjoyable as the summer and spring in the city. As a matter of fact, when the first snow hits the ground in Ordu, the city turns into a solid route for those planning winter getaways. Nature hotels in Orduare an important part of the winter season. These hotels are mostly located at the skirts of the mountains or by the sea. Bungalow hotels are also among the most preferred accommodation options for winter holidays in Ordu alongside boutique hotels that offer various services. The best thing is, you can color your holiday by participating in activities such as snow tube, zipline, snowmobile, and sled if you choose to stay in areas close to the ski slopes during the winter months. You can enjoy winter sports, particularly at Çambaşı ski resort in Ordu which is known as Turkey's closest ski resort to the sea.

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