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LAND AREA 22,983 km²
POPULATION 1,070,113

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Airport Phone Distance to the City Center Transportation
Van Ferit Melen Airport 17 km Taxi, Bus

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One of Turkey's largest cities, Van has an impressive culture and unique geographical characteristics. The most distinctive feature of Van is that everybody is welcomed here warmly, regardless of their ethnicity, race, and background. However, visitors know this city mostly because of Lake Van, which bears the same name as the city. Nonetheless, Lake Van is not the only attraction that draws visitors here. Once you set foot in Van and get surrounded by an authentic atmosphere where every corner mirrors the cultural history of the city, you will realize there’s much more than meets the eye. In this respect, hotels in Vanprovide various alternatives to those who expect to experience all about the city. Depending on the services they promise to offer and where they are located, Van hotel pricesmay differ.

Must-See Places in Van

During your stay in Van, you will closely witness that this is a one-of-a-kind place where you can take a historical journey and observe how different civilizations throughout humankind’s history have lived together in peace and harmony. While discovering Van’s history, staying at hotels in Van city centermight be an excellent choice because you will be able to see the city’s modern and crowded streets.

Some of the places that are worth seeing can be listed as follows:

  • Lake Van:It is the most famous symbol of the province. The lake was formed due to a volcanic eruption. It is basically an inland sea that receives water from various stream sources. Thanks to its geographical features, the lake is suitable for diving. You can explore the depths of the lake with the guidance of experts in scuba diving centers. Assuming that you’re considering staying at lake view hotels in Van, you are very lucky because you will watch the astonishing scenery of the lake as you wish.
  • Muradiye Waterfall:Muradiye Waterfall is a popular destination among tourists because here, you can see the beautiful rural landscape of eastern Turkey. It is 8 kilometers away from the district of Muradiye. Nature lovers should add this spot to their travel list.
  • Van Cat House: Cat lovers must have already heard of the famous Van cats. For those who do not have a clue, Van cats are marvelous felines and are known to be a rare breed. Because of their distinctive eye colors, they have quickly become the symbols of this city. If you consider visiting, the entrance fee is quite affordable.
  • Akdamar Island:Akdamar Island is also known as Aghtamar or Akhtamar. Being the second largest among the other three islands in Lake Van, the island is only around 3 kilometers away from Lake Van. When you visit the island, remember to see the beautiful Akdamar Church and watch the epic scenery.
  • Van Castle:The construction of this splendid castle had been completed in the 9th century BC. It’s been considered one of the symbols of Van for years. The castle has a route that might be a bit challenging to climb, but it is definitely worth your time and effort.
  • Hoşap Castle:This old castle was built during the Kingdom of Urartu. In the 16th century, the castle had been used by the Ottoman Empire. Although it has been worn out over time, Hoşap Castle still manages to impress visitors.
  • Holy Cross Church: Holy Cross Church or Akdamar Church is on Akdamar Island. The church was built in 921 by the Armenian King Gagik Artzruni. Stone reliefs depicting scenes from the Bible never fail to fascinate visitors. To see the church, visitors need to travel by boat to Akdamar Island. It’s also important to highlight that the church is open for people to worship and pray once a year only with the special permission of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
  • Van Archeology and Ethnography Museum:Here, you will learn a lot of things about Van’s history and see artifacts that were found during the archeological excavations. There are 23 exhibition halls in the museum where you can find the opportunity to examine the artifacts of the Urartian civilization.

Van Accommodation Options

Due to being visited by both domestic and foreign tourists, accommodation in Vanhas improved over time and thus, offers so many options to welcome their guests, promising them an experience they will cherish forever. While categorizing the hotels, it must be stated that some hotels provide decent service, whereas some hotels provide the highest quality service. The best hotels in Vancan be considered the ones that have flawless service, tasteful decoration, and anticipate every need of their customers. Hotel prices may change according to the size and concept of the rooms. As long as you don’t care about how much it’s going to cost you to have the perfect experience, you should definitely check 5 star hotels in Van.

How to Get to Van

In terms of tourism intensity, there is a huge demand for the region almost every season. However, in case you forget to make a reservation, you will definitely find a place in Van hotelsthat will align with your expectations. If you're planning to visit, all you need to do is to select among the transportation options that suit you best. Via your private vehicle, it will take you around 15 hours to get to Van from Ankara and around 19 hours from İstanbul. Assuming you do not have a private vehicle and do not want to rent a car, you can also get there via train. Van Lake Express departs from Ankara each Tuesday and Sunday, arriving in Tatvan in approximately 26 hours. Afterward, you can get to Van via ferry or bus. Traveling by plane is the best option. To Van Ferit Melen Airport, there are direct flights from the airports in İstanbul. For visitors coming from abroad, there are no flights directly to Van, which means you will have to travel to İstanbul first to get to Van. Visitors who can't reduce high travel expenses may want to take a look at thecheap hotels in Van.

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