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LAND AREA 9,950 km²

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Canakkale Airport 3 km Taxi, Bus

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Hotels in Çanakkale

Every year, millions of foreign and domestic tourists visit Çanakkale for a reason. It is known for being one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey with its rich history, impressive landmarks, lots of places to visit as well as local cuisine. The Dardanelles which link the Sea of Marmara to the Aegean Sea pass through Çanakkale across both ends. In other words, Çanakkale province occupies land in both Asia and Europe continents, just like Istanbul.

Thanks to its airport, well-designed bus terminal, and port, Çanakkale is almost effortless to arrive. Every day, bus services are organized to Çanakkale from almost all over Turkey. You can easily reach the region by purchasing a bus ticket from almost anywhere in Turkey. It is also possible to get there by plane or by ferry, depending on your initial location.

One of the main questions for those who wish to visit the city happens to be where to stay. A top tourist place like this wouldn't get much attention if it didn't have a wide range of accommodation options with services of good quality. Çanakkale hotels 5 stars, for example, are dedicated to providing the best service possible for guests seeking extra comfort and luxury. Likewise, it is possible to find cheap hotels in Çanakkale as it is a city that welcomes all kinds of budgets and preferences.

Çanakkale Accommodation Options

Tourists leave Çanakkale with big smiles on their faces since it has a myriad of accommodation options that meet every possible need and expectation of a peaceful holiday. Çanakkale hotelsmanage to capture their visitors’ hearts with the outstanding features they have.

If your goal is to treat yourself to the most luxurious amenities that can be found in a five-star hotel, you can be assured that Çanakkale will serve you well with its various luxury hotels promising an exquisite holiday experience to their guests. Finding rooms for large groups, families, couples, or solo travelers is easier in these hotels of their large capacity. They also typically offer all-inclusive services of open buffet options, cleaning services, and entertainment venues.

Spending your summer vacation in Çanakkale might also be a good idea since you can find resorts on the seashore with extraordinary views. You can check out some of the

best hotels in Çanakkale with the greatest service for a premium stay. As for budget-friendly options, many hostels, boutique hotels, and parts are also available in Çanakkale. If you don’t want to spend so much on accommodation, you can consider these types of lodging options. Boutique hotels in Çanakkalemight be ideal for you if you are planning to stay for an extended period. These hotels are also advantageous due to their central location, enabling you to get around the city more easily. Furthermore, it is possible to opt for hostels run by locals and families if you prefer to experience the culture and get in touch with locals without having to spend much money. Regardless of your choice, finding the warmth of your home in Çanakkale hotels would be easy, to say the least.

How to Get to Çanakkale?

Luckily for those who fancy a trip to the lovely city of Çanakkale, it is easily accessible via plane, bus, and ferry. If you prefer the airway, in that case, you can go to the airports in the major cities of Turkey such as Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Ankara Esenboğa Airport. From other provinces, a transfer flight to Ankara or Istanbul is necessary. After getting into Çanakkale Airport, you won’t struggle to find the way to the city center since there are many buses you can use. Also, some hotels in Çanakkale offer shuttle services for their guests. Another option to get to Çanakkale is by bus if you don’t mind a longer journey with the distance between Istanbul and Çanakkale is 307 km; Ankara and Çanakkale is 756 km, and İzmir-Çanakkale is 365 km. From the neighboring districts, on the other hand, you can find ferries that cross to Çanakkale.

Must-See Places in Çanakkale

Due to its colorful history and culture, there are many places to explore in Çanakkalei The following are some of the top places you should visit while in Çanakkale:

  • Troy Archeological Site:Troy Archaeological Site is, by far, the most important historical landmark in Çanakkale thanks to its worldwide fame. As a matter of fact, it has significance for the whole world with its more than 3000 years of history. The most important and convincing proof of the initial interaction between Anatolian civilizations and the emerging Mediterranean world is found in enormous remnants located here.
  • Kilitbahir Castle:Kilitbahir Castle was built by Fatih the Conqueror, for the same purpose as Rumeli Hisarı in İstanbul, that is, to control the area between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea. A fascinating site for visitors with its unique architectural features, Kilitbahir Castle is only 3 kilometers away from the city center.
  • Gökçeada:Owner of the title of the biggest island in Turkey, Gökçeada receives a good amount of attention every year as a popular summer vacation spot. It has some of the best beaches not only in Çanakkale but also in the whole country. Flooded by thousands of tourists each year, Gökçeada equals a crystal clear sea, clean beaches, a peaceful environment, and a lot of activities to participate in. You can check out the catalog of hotels in Çanakkale Turkey, to plan your trip to Gökçeada.
  • Bozcaada:Yet another renowned island, Bozcaada is known for being the second biggest island on the Aegean Sea, taking its place after Gökçeada. Bozcaada is mostly known for its fine vineyards and it offers an outstanding holiday experience with its traditional Ottoman and Greek houses, tranquil ambiance, pristine nature, and vibrant environment.

What to Eat in Çanakkale

Turkey has been known for its exquisite cuisine for years. Local foods of Çanakkale are no exception either. Here is a list of local delicacies of Çanakkale that you might consider trying:

  • Ezine Cheese:Known for having a distinct taste and scent from other cheeses, Ezine cheese is made out of goat, sheep, and cow milk and it is consumed as a breakfast food as well as used in dishes such as börek.
  • Piruhi:Piruhi can be defined as a form of dumpling. It originated in China and it was brought to Anatolia by the Turks during the Ottoman period. Made with dough and filling, it can be sweet or savory, depending on which type you prefer to try.
  • Cheese Helva:As you may already know, helva is one of the most popular desserts in Turkey. In Çanakkale, this popular dish is upgraded to a new level with cheese. It contains sugar, flour, and cheese and it is very light to consume.

Featured Events in Çanakkale

Çanakkale hosts various events throughout the year. The following are some of the best events you can participate in, depending on when you are planning to visit Çanakkale:

  • International Troia Festival:Taking place in August each year, the aim of this festival is to incorporate cultural and creative endeavors with the history of the ancient city of Troia.
  • Bozcaada Culture, Art, and Vintage Festival: This festival is characterized by its concerts, tastings, competitions, and vintage sales stalls. Famous for its vibrant and colorful energy, it is visited by thousands of people each year, taking place in the first week of September each year.
  • Local Flavors Festival:Taking place in Bozcaada, the local flavors festival is exactly what it sounds like. Here you can taste the local food of the region in a welcoming environment surrounded by friendly locals. You can make new friends while eating the best local food you can find in Çanakkale.

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