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LAND AREA 703 km²

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Hatay Airport 25 km Taxi, Bus

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There are cities which are considered as good touristic spots to spend your summer holiday in. Then, there are places which only work out as choices for a winter getaway. Some are famous for their historical value; others are only appreciated for their beaches. However, certain places go beyond one category, promising a contentful holiday opportunity. Hatay, a city that can be regarded as the gold ingot in the southern region of Turkey, is most certainly one of these places. It equals long-rooted history, gastronomical wonders, beautiful landscapes and lovely places to visit. Adding to these, Hatay hotelsprovide their guests so much more than a decent service! Known for its rich culture that has different veins such as the Arabic, Turkish, Islamic and Christian cultures, Hatay can be seen as a melting pot, maybe even a representative mosaic of the different cultures in Turkey. Therefore, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it is a very mind-blowing experience to visit Hatay. Not only will you be visiting a city from Turkey, but you will also see the heritage of Arabic, Christian and other cultures. For that reason, Hatay remains in the lists of many people who are traveling as a part of culture tourism. Since it is a popular route among visitors, it is highly recommended that you book hotels in Hatay as soon as possible and get ready for a wondrous dream!

How to Get to Hatay?

Are you planning to wander around but haven’t decided on your destination? Well, Hatay would make a great choice as it promises an enriched holiday opportunity in which you can try some delicious food, learn about its colorful history, and even have a swim at its spectacular beaches. Have you booked a room in one of the hotels in Hatay yet? Good then, let us see how you can get to Hatay. First, there is the highway option which mainly includes bus services. Buses can in fact be a practical choice especially if you are to arrive from a neighboring city. You can find a bus ticket to Hatay from almost all parts of the country. Not to mention, it is quite budget-friendly! If you would like to fly over the clouds, on the other hand, you can opt for the airway instead and get to the Hatay Airport in no time. Plus, the airway is faster and hence more convenient for many. It is also advisable to book your flights in advance in order to get a considerable price advantage. After your arrival to the city, you can rest in its quality hotels. For example, hotels in Hatay city center are ideal to observe the authentic texture of the city more closely and easily move around between popular tourist spots. Once you visit this lovely city, you will get that Hatay is not an alternative to another place, nor does it have any alternatives.

What to Eat in Hatay?

  • İçli Köfte:A popular local food, içli köfte is basically fried minced meat that is mixed with several spices and filled into a sphere made out of pounded wheat. Whoever tries this flavor bomb for the first time will definitely be enthralled by its unique taste!
  • Fellah Köfte:Another meatball recipe in which pounded wheat is used as a main ingredient, the fellah köfte is made by kneading fine wheat and boiling it in the form of small meatballs. After the boiling procedure is finished, it is served with tomato sauce with garlic, yogurt and parsley. Served in both lunch and dinner times, fellah köfte is a must-try meal for those who happen to be in Hatay!
  • Spinach Borani:As a dish commonly cooked in the Southeastern and Eastern parts of Turkey, borani is cooked by mixing rice, chickpea and sour sauce with spinach. After the cooking, yogurt and a special sauce with walnuts is poured on top of it, serving you the best Hatay can offer.
  • Hatay Kunefe:As one of the top rated desserts not only in Hatay but also countrywise, the kunefe steals the hearts of the ones which taste it. The perfect combination of shredded pastry, soft cheese filling and thick syrup, kunefe is surely one of the best dessert alternatives to end any meal!

Hatay Must-See Places

  • Moses Tree:According to the legends, it is said that this three thousand years old tree has grown out of Moses’ staff. That is why this magnificent yet beautiful tree is considered to have Biblical connections. Due to its religious connotations, Moses Tree is a popular stop among visitors. It is also good to know that there are many boutique hotels in Hataynear this tree which can make solid accommodation options.
  • Harbiye Falls:Yet another natural wonder of Hatay located just outside of Antakya district, the Harbiye Falls is the setting for the Daphne and Apollo myth which makes it a popular tourist attraction. Here you can enjoy your drink and snack, take a break from life and calm down while the fresh water falls down from the top of the hill. Not to mention, you can find cheap hotels in Hatay close to Harbiye Falls as it is a bit far away from the district centers.
  • Titus Tunnel:An ancient water tunnel built in the 1st and 2nd centuries AD, Titus Tunnel provided water for the city of Seleucia Pieria. Located at the foot of the Nur Mountains and only 35 km away from Antakya, the tunnel is worth visiting as there are literal historical marks on it, showing the names “Vespasianus” and “Titus” carved on it.

Hatay Accommodation Options

In addition to its colorful history, stunning nature, and delicious food, Hatay doesn’t disappoint when it comes to lodging either as it offers many choices appealing to different budgets and tastes. For example, if you are looking for an opportunity to immerse yourself in the sea, you can easily opt for the seaside hotels in Hatayand benefit from the Mediterranean sea and sun. Likewise, if you want a quality experience, you can consider booking a room at 5 star luxury hotels which are generally regarded as the best hotels in Hatay since they have a wider scope of services. Regardless of your choice of accommodation, one thing is for certain: Hatay is a place from which it is impossible to leave unhappy or unsatisfied. Spectacular nature? Check. Rich history? Check. Tasty local delicacies? Check. What more could you want from a place? In addition to these perks, accommodation in Hatayis also as good as the city itself which is just the cherry on top, isn’t it?

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