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You can purchase your flight ticket for Skopje, where you can travel without a visa, from oBilet. Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia, is located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula. Skopje is a modern city with a population of approximately 1 million and an important political, economic, educational and cultural center of Macedonia. It also continues to be a focal point of economic development, construction and renovation. Skopje, which has an excellent location on the Vardar River, has a width of approximately 30 kilometers and consists of 10 municipalities. It is a transportation and trade center as well as a center for chemicals, cement, machinery, etc. Among the main places to visit in Skopje, which is an important industrial center where products are produced, is the 1500-year-old castle of St. Pantelejmon is home to cultural and historical monuments, archaeological sites, caves in the canyon of the Treska River and Lake Matka, as well as world-famous spa centers located in the eastern part of the city. Skopje fascinates its visitors with the beautiful quay of the Vardar River, and the narrow streets of the Old Bazaar, the largest and historical bazaar in the Balkans, attract thousands of tourists visiting for religious purposes, as it is the birthplace of Mother Teresa. Popular festivals held in Skopje; Animax Film Festival (December), Jazz Festival (October), Taksirat Music Festival (November-December), Skopje Design Week (November), International Shadow Theater Children's Festival (November) and Mobile Film Festival (November).

Another known name of Skopje Airport, which is the busy and largest airport of the Republic of Macedonia, is Alexander the Great Airport. Skopje airport, located 17 km southeast of Skopje city center and operated by TAV Airports, which was established in Istanbul in 1997, provided transportation services to nearly 2 million passengers in total, according to 2016 statistics. Among the airline companies that organize many flights to the airport, Turkish Airlines comes in second place, after Wizz Air. In addition, SunExpress and Pegasus also have direct flights to Skopje Airport. Periodically, SunExpress has flights between Antalya and Izmir, and Pegasus only has flights between Antalya and Skopje Airport. Throughout the season, you can go to Skopje Airport with Turkish Airlines from Istanbul Atatürk Airport, or with Pegasus from Sabiha Gökçen Airport. You can buy THY, Pegasus or SunExpress tickets from oBilet, where you can find the suitable flight ticket in a very short time. In addition, international companies such as Crotia Airlines, Qatar Airways, Airfrance also have flights to Skopje via Turkey. Detailed information about all flights can be accessed via oBilet.

You can easily find cheap flight tickets for direct and connecting flights to Skopje Airport with the help of oBilet. If you are going to fly in the summer season, you can use Antalya Skopje or Izmir Skopje flights by purchasing a SunExpress ticket. A much more economical Skopje holiday awaits you with oBilet's affordable price comparisons.

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