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LAND AREA 8,806 km²

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Mardin Airport 20 km Taxi, Bus

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Being one of the true gems of the southeastern region of Turkey, Mardin has a lot to promise for its visitors. Known for its unique history, mesmerizing architecture, and interesting culture, Mardin can be counted as a melting pot of different Middle Eastern cultures. Then again, there is a lot to be discovered in Mardin for the curious tourist. Some say that the original name of the city is “Maridin” in the Assyrian and Arabic sources. Not certainly known but it is also okay to call Mardin “the star of the southeastern region” because of its alluring nature and lovely ambiance. It is possible to watch the sunset or explore the historical motifs of the ancient alleys of the city and show some love to the Artuqid architecture of its old city. Then you can taste the local delicacies and have a beautiful stay in the stone hotels in Mardin.

Mardin Must-See Places

After you book your stay in one of the best hotels in Mardin(by “best”, it can be the historical hotels in Mardin or the alternative 5-star hotels in Mardin), there must be some checkpoints which you would like to indulge yourself in. After all, Mardin is history itself, right? Now, here are some places you must see after setting foot in Mardin and checking into Mardin hotels:

  • Kasımiye Medrese or Kasim Pasha Medrese: Located on the southwestern side of the old city of Mardin, the construction of this medrese began when the city was in the hands of the Artuqid dynasty. But before the construction was completed, the Artuqids were no more and the Akkoyunlu prince Kasım is credited for the completion of the medrese. Filed with contraptions of the ancient Muslim engineer Al-Jazari and mesmerizing its visitors with its modest yet magnificent architecture, the Kasımiye Medrese is a glimpse of the old Anatolian history.
  • Mor Hananyo Monastery: Being a historical Syriac Orthodox monastery that was established in 493, it is a very important architectural structure for the Syriac Orthodox people and for the historical background of Mardin itself. Originally it is located on the site of a temple that was dedicated to the ancient sun god “Shamash”, a pagan god. After the Romans made changes to the site and withdrew from there, Mor Shlemon turned the site into a monastery in 493, and then on came the lovely structure of the monastery to this day.
  • Mardin Castle: Known to be standing for 3000 years, it is an ancient structure of defense. Being above 1000 meters of the Mesopotamian plain, the castle is a lovely sight to see from the mystical streets of Mardin. Some say that the castle was built by the Babylonian Shad Buhari in the 4th century who is said to have recovered from a fatal disease through standing on top of the hill and thus decided to build an exalted palace on the hill.

Mardin Accommodation Options

Mardin is a city that should be seen with the mortal eye at least once. Because of its rich culture, interesting history, and homogenous architectural structures, Mardin is a unique city that has it all for its visitors. Think of it, Romans, Ottomans, Babylonians, Assyrians, and many other cultures and histories all came into one melting pot and created a specialty just for you to see and enjoy. However, there are some prerequisites to delight in Mardin: First, you have to come to Mardin and second, you should have a place to stay. The hotels in Mardinprovide their services with different concepts and services. Whether you like to stay at cheap hotels in Mardin or boutique hotels in Mardinit is impossible to answer the question of “which one is the best?”Best hotels in Mardinis really not a concept as the city will certainly capture your heart regardless of your choice of accommodation. The hotels in Mardin Turkey, in general, have many options to choose from whether you like a historical structure, a hotel made out of stone, or other options, there will always be one lovely place you would like to stay in.

Getting Around Mardin

Hitting the road in Mardin is no different than in a metropolitan city. There are buses, taxis, and other transportation options everywhere which makes it easy to move between places. Regardless of how you decide to come and go from one beautiful spot to the other in Mardin, everywhere will be another spell cast upon your soul which will change your life permanently. A piece of you will always long for Mardin and that piece will always set your feet onto the road to the city because as it is known, every road leads to Mardin. Maybe one day you will (for the third time) search the internet for “hotels in Mardin Midyat” and choose the same option you have chosen just months ago. All this just to see Mardin one more time and inhale the history that resides there. Not only history but local food, souvenirs, people, places, anything! Long story short, Mardin might seem like a standard city to the one who does not know, but the ones who do know are aware that whether on a bus, in a taxi, or another type of transportation does not matter. All that matters is being in Mardin.

What to eat in Mardin?

Local food is a must for the tourist to try and not surprisingly Mardin has it all. Made out of different regional influences and various ingredients of the kitchen, the local taste of Mardin creates miracles for our palates!

Onion Dolma:A delicious type of dolma that is special to Mardin. Rather than the world-famous stuffed vine leaves, onion dolma is made from stuffed onion as the name already suggests. And the truth is that this taste cannot be found anywhere else thanks to the lovely combination of spicy ingredients rich in taste.

Mehir Soup:A type of ayran soup made in Mardin. It is both refreshing and warming depending on whether you are tasting it hot or cold. Its ingredients which are similar to ayran soup (yogurt, salt, egg, and water) make it possible for the palate explorer to have this soup both cold and hot. Thanks to the light nature of the soup, it never creates any trouble for the ones who have stomach problems.

Mardin Style Sembusek:A mix of borek and lahmacun made with unleavened dough and a lovely meat filling, the sembusek will create a tasty explosion in your mouth! Also called “closed lahmacun”, sembusek can be always complemented with a cold glass of ayran to enhance your dining experience of this delicacy of Mardin.

What to do in Mardin?

Mardin, as a city of immense historical background and impressive structure, can provide its visitors with unmatched historical sights. There are many different structures from different historical periods in Mardin to be seen. Maybe you would like to watch the sun setting on the Mardin castle while sipping your drink from a lovely café or walk down the old cobblestone streets of Mardin and feel its deep-rooted historicity preserved in its stone buildings. Having some lunch or dinner is also a must in Mardin because as it is listed above, the local delicacies of Mardin are all in the category of must-taste! In terms of nightlife, there are not many options for the raver. This historic city is not known to be the place for clubbers, however, you can enjoy your evenings in places offering live music options instead. Sticking to the historical side of Mardin is the best and most guaranteed choice, to say the least.

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