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Airport Phone Distance to the City Center Transportation
Schwechat Airport
Salzburg Airport
Linz Airport 0 km Taxi, Bus
Innsbruck Airport 0 km Taxi, Bus
Graz Airport
Hohenems Airport 0 km Taxi, Bus
Woerthersee Airport 0 km Taxi, Bus

What You Need to Know About Austria

Austria, or officially the Republic of Austria, is a Central European country bordered by Liechtenstein and Switzerland to the west, Italy and Slovenia to the south, Hungary and Slovakia to the east, and Germany and the Czech Republic to the north. Austria, which literally means Eastern Empire, has a deep-rooted history and began to be governed as a republic after World War I. The country consists of nine municipalities: Burgenland, Carinthia, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Styria, Styria, Vorarlberg and Vienna. The capital and largest city of Austria is Vienna. The official language of the country is German, and a large part of the population speaks a dialect of Bavarian German. The official currency of the country, which is a member of the European Union, is the Euro, and Austria is a country with a very high per capita national income. With its Alpine views, lush nature and cultural and artistic works, Austria offers beautiful destinations for people from all walks of life. With its hot springs, ski slopes, clean air and lush forests, Bad Gastein is a recreation spot away from the city. Home to many caves and architectural structures dating back to the Middle Ages, Wörthersee is a beautiful lake on a wide valley. Graz, with the charm of an old European city, is the popular ski resort of Austria, St. Anton am Arlberg, the Wachau Valley divided by the Danube River, Zell am See, Innsbruck, Salzkammergut, Salzburg and the capital Vienna are the notable points in the list of places to visit in Austria.Vienna Schwechat International Airport is the country's largest airport. Dozens of local and international airline companies operate flights to this airport, the main ones being Austrian Airlines, Eurowings and Niki. While flights to the airport are made within the continent, many long-term flights are also organized to the African, North American and Asian continents. Companies based in TürkiyeSunExpress, Onur Air, Pegasus Airlines, Turkish Airlines organize flights to Vienna Schwechat International Airport. There are also foreign airlines you can fly from Turkey to Austria, these are Air Serbia, Ukraine International Airlines, Lufthansa, Aegean Airlines. Graz Airport in Graz, the second largest city in Austria, is located 9 km south of the city center. Air France, Lufthansa, Iran Air, LOT Polish Airlines, Turkish Airlines sell Graz flight tickets between Istanbul Ataturk Airport and Graz Airport. You can easily access information about Austria flight tickets via oBilet.You can travel to Austria, the country of Central Europe full of history and natural beauties, with a cheap Austria flight ticket that you can easily buy from, one of the European Union countries, appears as a country with a full scent of history.It is possible to easily find flight tickets to Austria, which is described as the capital of music and peace, with almost many airline companies from Turkey. It would be appropriate to compare all airline companies in order to see the cheap options related to the airline that provide service in this regard.Austria flight ticketsYou can compare all companies one by one on by searching.To travel from Turkey by air, the only departure point is Istanbul. By purchasing a flight ticket from, they can travel to Austria by obtaining a Schengen visa after checking the necessary documents. Or beforeAustria flight ticket reservationThey can fly by purchasing the ticket and completing the necessary procedures in the check-in area.Will use air travel to AustriaAustria flight ticketsPeople who want to go by car must fulfill the Schengen visa requirement, which is one of the measures taken by the city in order to be able to move around the city comfortably without any problems.People who want to enter Austria must meet the visa requirements in order not to disturb the peace of the country. This is a must for every individual, no matter what reason people go there, such as travel, education or health.The altitude in Austria is very high due to the Alps. Due to this aspect, temperatures drop to approximately -10 degrees in winter. It may be recommended that people travel in the summer.It is a country with a deep-rooted history in Europe and is among the European Union countries. Österreich literally means Eastern Empire. Democracy prevails as the form of government. It is one of the richest European countries and has a high per capita national income.Capital of AustriaVienna, the capital of Austria, is described as the city of music and offers a life full of various events.

Population of Austria - Official Language of AustriaThe population of Austria is over 8.747 million. The official language of the country is German.Austria CurrencySince it is a member of the European Union, its currency is Euro.What Time is it in Austria?Austria Türkiye time differenceIt is 1 hour. Austria is one hour behind Turkey. For example, if it is 12.00 in Turkey, it is now 11.00 in Austria.What's Cheap in Austria? What to Bring When Coming from Austria?Although Austria is not as famous as Belgium and Switzerland, it is a country that is famous for its chocolates. You can find the opportunity to take the chocolate products sold here to your country. The famous chocolates are Mozart and Zotter chocolates. In addition, its vinegar and cookies are also famous. Manner cookies and Gegenbauer vinegar can also be considered among the famous souvenirs.To Austria, presented by Biletall.comcheapest flight ticket to AustriaThere are important places that people who have the opportunity to travel should definitely visit and see. Some of these are as follows.Viennese schnitzel, the famous dish of Vienna, the capital of Austria, is a unique and magnificent taste that you should not leave without eating when you visit. It is the type that will whet people's appetite with its crispy taste and presentation.Austria, which has hosted many races and civilizations from past to present, opens its doors to people with many structures in terms of its cultural heritage. It would not be an exaggeration to describe it as a blessing for those who want to spend their summer holidays or winter snow holidays outside the country.Various festivals and carnivals are held in the country from time to time. The Vienna marathon, New Year's festivals and film festivals are the famous ones. Festivals start in the summer months of May and August. People who want to come and visit can also have the opportunity to participate in festivals if they make plans for these dates. However, in these periodsflights to AustriaIt would be a more profitable way to take advantage of the early reservation opportunity to avoid any problems.Austria is one of the cities that comes to mind when it comes to music. He is described as the ancestor of classical music and opera music. It is possible to find a career in many branches of art in this city, depending on your interests. In addition to music, we are faced with a rich picture in the fields of painting, literature and architecture.People who come to Austria cannot leave without visiting Vienna, a city with a unique architecture. Both during the summer holiday period andAustria flight ticket pricesIt can be considered as the only opportunity to visit this city during the winter season when it is cheaper to travel. Vienna can be considered an indispensable element for Austria, both with its rich cultural heritage and as the centerpiece of various events.Cheap Austria flight ticketsPeople who have the opportunity to take advantage of the opportunities should definitely visit the beautiful cities in the country. These cities are close to each other and do not pose an obstacle for visitors to easily reach them.ViennaVienna's city center and streets, which are a unique flavor with their historical and architectural texture, smell of history. Vienna, which has different tastes at night and day, is one of those rare places that cannot be visited without seeing.GrazIn the truest sense of the word, the city of Graz is described as a student-friendly and educational university city.Austria Türkiye flight ticketsIt is a city where students arriving by air do not experience any financial or moral difficulties.salzburgThe city, located in the north-west of Austria, is known as the fourth most populous city in the world. It is famous as the city where Mozart, one of the famous musicians, was born.Since Austria has hosted many races from past to present, it is one of the countries equipped with opportunities to feed the tourists in the field of tourism.Cheap flight tickets to AustriaThere are many places to visit for those who take advantage of the opportunity.Where to Go for Sea Tourism in Austria?There is no opportunity for sea tourism in Austria. Austria is one of the landlocked European states.What to Buy from Austria? Places to ShopThere are shopping malls and also famous shopping streets for people who go to Austria to shop. The most famous of these streets are Kärntner Straße and Mariahilfer Straße in Vienna.Austria flight ticket pricesIf you come across one of the most convenient times, you can benefit from many products and discounts on this street. What is suitable for shopping here is clothes. You can find all kinds of clothes and celebrity make-up products at very cheap prices.Natural Beauties of Austria

Austria is a city famous for its Alps. Transhumance activities in these mountains during the summer months are a blessing for people who are overwhelmed by the heat in the city. In winter, ski tourism is carried out in these mountains. In addition, natural lakes and streams are also worth seeing.

Historical Places to Visit in Austria

In terms of historical beauties, Austria is in a very good position with its architecture in both the city center and the provinces. The Parliament building, Belvedere Palace and the Castle Garden, known as the land of butterflies, are rare examples of the tropical atmosphere.

Austria Travel Guide

Austria, one of the tidy, clean and refined cities of Europe, can be described as a very developed and trouble-free city without any political or social problems. It is at the top of the list of places to live in because it is a very simple and quiet city in terms of population ratio.

For transportation, they can use tram, taxi and minibus facilities within the city. Although the climate is a bit harsh in winter, it will be possible to enjoy summer. It contains famous cities such as Vienna and Linz. Economical prices are valid for transportation. One of the economic means of transportation to be used at this stage is the railway. Even Europe's longest railway is located in Austria. In this way, people have the opportunity to travel between cities easily and cheaply.

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Delicious Meat Rauchfleisch

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Linzer Torte with the Taste of Apple Pie

It is one of the famous delicacies of Linz, Austria. This very light flavor is made of ingredients such as flour, sugar, unsalted butter, egg white and cinnamon. It is shaped into a pie and decorated with various dried nuts during baking to add a different flavor. The dough has a very crispy and crunchy taste. It is then served with powdered sugar.