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LAND AREA 10,886 km²
POPULATION 2,740,970

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Bursa Yenisehir Airport 50 km Taxi, Bus

What You Need to Know About Bursa

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Known for its special delicacies and historical richness, Bursa, one of the most prominent cities in Turkey, is a place that every person should visit at least once in their lifetime. The wide array of natural beauties combined with the historical importance of the city itself surely brings a lovely sight to the visitors. Then again, Bursa is also known for its superb hospitality thanks to the many options among the hotels in Bursa. Very few can be lucky enough to discover the buried history of Bursa with its structures, culture, people, and local delicacies. As a city that is near Istanbul, Bursa seems like a major contender to being the city of the world’s desire thanks to its unique aura that surrounds the fortunate visitors. Before booking a room in one of the Bursa hotels in Turkey, there is one thing you should know though: Once you leave Bursa, you will want to come back. However energetic you may be or rather if you are a traveler who cannot stay longer than two days at a location, Bursa will surely break the rules for you. Think of it, you go to a place that can easily be recognized as one of the pillars of the Ottoman Empire and you get to stay there, inhaling its long-rooted history and tasting fantastic local food. For a unique holiday experience, check out Bursa hotelsto find your best fit.

Bursa Accommodation Options

Being a metropolitan municipality, Bursa definitely shows it in many regards. One of them, especially for tourists, is really important: A place to stay. Given that it is the desired location to go to, this city comes with many choices to offer to its tourists. The Bursa hotel prices, on the other hand,can go from being more on the economical side as there are many cheap hotels in Bursa Turkey, and to the top which includes the luxurious, quality hotels. 5-star Bursa hotels, for example, operate with slightly higher price ranges, however, they make up for it with their service excellence. Generally speaking, Bursa is certainly a place for everyone given that it is packed with quality hotels as well as other accommodation options that embrace budget-conscious travelers too. Here you can expect to find a place to stay that meet your standard, needs, and expectations. Without a doubt, you won’t face any discomfort in terms of booking a place as well as in the processes before and after it.

What to Eat in Bursa?

  • İskender Kebap:You must know by now what döner is, right? Now, take the döner, and put it on a plate that is filled with chopped pita under the umbrella of delicious melted butter and tomato sauce. Iskender Kebap is also served with yogurt which adds freshness to this heavy load of food. This combination of döner, yogurt, and sauce is lethal, that’s for sure. Get ready for a tasty explosion in your mouth!
  • İnegöl meatballs:The main distinction of this meatball is that its taste is solely based on the mixture of salt, minced meat, onion, and baking soda as opposed to other meatballs made of various spices. Its shape is also different. In a long and slender form, İnegöl meatballs are generally served with grilled vegetables such as tomato and pepper.
  • Süt Helvası (Milk Halva):Looking much like the famous Turkish dessert kazandibi, Süt helvası, a type of halva dessert, is unique to Bursa and it is widely sold in small, artisan restaurants, making a perfect choice for those who prefer light and tasty desserts.
  • Muradiye Soup: The best combination of chicken, zucchini, carrot, and vermicelli, the Muradiye soup is always a good choice in the Bursa kitchens. This soup is both very tasty and fulfilling, to say the least.

How to Get to Bursa?

There are many different ways to go to this beautiful city including airway, seaway, and highway each of which allows you to reach Bursa without any hassles. For starters, Bursa Yenişehir Airport has welcomed its visitors since 2000. It is also possible to use ferries to go from İstanbul to Bursa with ease. As a matter of fact, if you are to travel from a neighboring city, ferry and bus options would be ideal. As the city is near other metropolitan cities in the Aegean and Marmara Regions, it is always practical to use the freeways and railroads too. However, be aware that the bus or car ride can take longer depending on your initial location which is something to take into consideration. Car rental options are also on the table, especially if you want to watch the changing scenery and the beautiful landscape ahead. You can find many car rentals both in Bursa province and neighboring cities.

Bursa Must-See Places

  • Grand Mosque of Bursa:Ordered to be built by Bayezid I in the 14th century to commemorate his victory against the crusaders in the Battle of Nicopolis, this mosque is one of the most prominent symbols of the city. Known as one of the major constructions of Ottoman architecture, the mosque is standing still today near the old city center. It is good to know that you can find some of the best hotels in Bursa for an optimal stay near the old town and around this renowned mosque.
  • Green Mosque:Consisting of a madrasah, a kitchen, and a bath alongside a mosque and a tomb (türbe in Turkish), Green Mosque is also referred to as the Mosque of Mehmed I. The mosque took its name from the color of the interior decoration which consists of green and blue tiles. Entering the mosque gives its visitors a refreshing feeling that stays even after the Bursa vacation ends.
  • Koza Han: Being a historical caravanserai, Koza Han is located in the historical district of the city. Having taken its name from the old main trade of Bursa, the caravanserai was ordered by Bayezid II to be built. The structure provided lodging for countless merchants and craftsmen. Adding to that, the place also made it possible for Ottoman merchants to sell their trade-in offices. Especially known for the silk trade that has been made in it, Koza Han is a must-see place in Bursa in order to understand the historical importance of the city, especially in terms of the early times of the Ottoman Empire.

What to Do in Bursa?

Although Bursa is popular for its rich history of Ottoman times, the city never ceases to amaze its visitors with its entertainment too. One of the major tourist attractions of Bursa is the Uludağ ski center. Known for its high elevation and perfect ski courses, Mount Uludağ has been the number one choice of both domestic and foreign tourists to Turkey. Why not come to Bursa, book a room in one of the hotels in Bursa Uludağ and enjoy your stay while losing yourself in the white delirium that is the Uludağ skiing experience? If you would like to combine the cold with the hot, there are always hotel options which are available in the category of Bursa hotels with hot tubs. Bursa also has a vivid city life that is full of concerts, museums, art exhibitions, and many places to visit. However, one can always go and see the natural beauties of Bursa by visiting the Uludağ national park and enjoying nature. Thanks to its ever-living city center, Bursa is known for its dynamic city center. The ones who would like to know the city center better and get around the city easily with different modes of transportation should consider booking a room in one of the hotels in Bursa city center. The ones who come become a part, their minds become apart, to say the least.

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