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LAND AREA 14,472 km²
POPULATION 1,162,761

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Edremit Korfez Airport
Balıkesir Merkez Airport

What You Need to Know About Balikesir

Hotels in Balıkesir

Balıkesir is the seventeenth most populous city in Turkey, bordering the Marmara and Aegean Seas. It has 20 districts in the Marmara Region and Aegean Region in total. Having such a large number of districts effectively means that there are plenty of places to be seen in Balıkesir. In addition to its districts, Balıkesir also has 22 islands in the Marmara and Aegean Seas with unique beauties to explore. You can visit the historical and culturally important sites as well as natural wonders of Balıkesir to enjoy the city to the fullest. Furthermore, hotels in Balıkesir are as diverse as the places to be seen in the city, welcoming visitors from all over the world and with different agendas.

Must See Places in Balıkesir

  • Cunda Island
  • Kirazlı Waterfall
  • Şahinderesi Canyon
  • Sütüven Waterfall
  • Sarımsaklı Beach
  • Şeytan Sofrası - Devil’s Feast
  • Erdek
  • Tatlısu
  • Kapıdağ Peninsula
  • Kazdağı National Park
  • Avşa (Türkeli) Island
  • Marmara Island
  • Manyas Lake
  • The Gorgeous Değirmen Boğazı

Balıkesir is an important tourism center. It is famous for its thermals, spas and clean blue flag beaches. In addition to the must-see places in the city center, you can find many historical and natural sites in other districts of Balıkesir.

With its stone houses of colorful shutters and beautiful long beaches, Cunda is one of the first places you must visit especially during the warm season if you love the sea. It is an island connected to the Ayvalık district of Balıkesir which is a go-to place for summer vacations.

Erdek and Tatlisu are important tourist places in Balıkesir. In addition to its beautiful beaches, Erdek also has entertainment venues where you can have a pleasant time in the evenings. Tatlısu, on the other hand, is more of a small seaside town and is less popular than Erdek among tourists. If you want to spend your holiday intertwined with the sea, these are the places you can consider going in Balıkesir province.

One of the natural beauties of Balıkesir is Kapıdağ Peninsula located in Bandırma district. This peninsula, which is a must-visit for nature lovers, has untouched beaches with blue flags. Those who want to spend time under the oxygen-rich and centuries-old plane trees are advised to seize the opportunity to camp on the Kapıdağ peninsula.

Manyas Lake and Bird Sanctuary are also Ornithological Paradises, very important symbols of Balıkesir. It is known that 246 bird species are hosted in this national park. You can visit the bird sanctuary, which is the nest of migratory birds, and you can see various kinds of birds here.

Bandırma, which is the largest district of Balıkesir, is known as an important industrial and commercial city after Istanbul. Bandırma is also a frequent destination as it is very close to Tatlısu and Erdek. That is to say, while you can spend time on the beach during the day, you can stay in Bandırma in the evenings to have a pleasant time in the restaurants and cafes around.

There are also thermal spring waters believed to be healing in Balıkesir. Thermal springs in Balıkesir are mostly located in Susurluk, Gönen, Derman, Güre and Entur districts. These regions host thousands of people every year, especially those with rheumatism and skin diseases.

Kazdağı National Park, which is an important oxygen reservoir of the country, was declared as a national park in 1994 with its green forests, valleys and waterfalls. In the forest, there are many different activities such as trekking, mountain biking, jeep safari, horse riding, peak climbing, or even swimming in the rivers all of which denote a time well-spent at the heart of nature.

Featured Events in Balıkesir

In addition to its historical, cultural and natural sites, Balıkesir is a region that makes a name for itself with its festivals, hosting thousands of people every year with the events organized by different establishments. The most popular organizations include the following:

  • Zeytinli Rock Festival
  • Ayvalık Olive Harvest Fest

What to Eat in Balıkesir?

Balıkesir is a city that has the influences of various cultures in its cuisine due to its rich history and connections to different regions such as Marmara and Aegean regions. Olive and olive oil whose production in Balıkesir has developed especially in Ayvalık region has an important place in the local cuisine. The use of olive oil is in fact very common in Balıkesir's local dishes. If you go to Ayvalık, you might consider visiting the point of sales of olive/olive oil manufactures to taste and buy the best of related products. Not to mention, being a coastal city Balıkesir has a wide variety of seafood as well as products made of seafood.

Recommendations for the dishes you can eat in Balıkesir are as follows:

  • Höşmerim
  • Balıkesir mantısı
  • Midye dolma
  • Keşkek
  • Susurluk ayranı
  • Ayvalık tostu

Balıkesir Accommodation Options

Balıkesir is one of the most visited cities in the Marmara region for a reason. With its historical and cultural must-see places, many beaches and islands, Balıkesir is a city suitable for visitations in all 12 months of the year. There are many different options for accommodation in Balıkesir which makes the city more appealing for leisure and culture trips. If you want to stay in the center of the city, you are likely to come across all-inclusive hotels and 4-5 star hotels. On the other hand, there are more boutique hotels in coastal areas such as Cunda, Ayvalık, Avşa and Erdek. If you are planning to travel with your family, you can consider family hotel options in Balıkesir. Family hotels in Balıkesir have options suitable for all budgets, including different activities and facilities. Hotels in Balıkesir city center are suitable for those who want to benefit from the many opportunities in the city center which has many transportation options that facilitate moving between destinations planned to be visited. Balıkesir is also an important place for summer tourism. Boutique hotels in Balıkesir are quite suitable if you want to stay in coastal places such as Ayvalık or Cunda where you can spend quality time on the beach. In addition to 5-star hotels and boutique hotels, thermal hotels are among the frequently preferred hotel types in Balıkesir. Thermal hotels in Balıkesir are hotel types providing different facilities such as spa, sauna, outdoor pool, indoor pool and jacuzzi. To benefit from thermal waters, you can choose hotels especially in Gönen district. If you want to spend a holiday away from the city center where you will be more in touch with nature, you can choose from the hotels or bungalow houses located in Kazdağı. There are also old Greek houses in Balıkesir that operate as hotels. If you are seeking for an authentic accommodation experience, these hotels of Greek houses will be ideal for you. You can choose the region you will stay in according to your needs and expectations, considering the scope of Balıkesir hotels. Either way, a vacation in Balıkesir will be good for you, to say the least.

Balıkesir Hotels Prices

Balıkesir hotel prices vary depending on the season, the location of the hotel and the services it offers. As a rule of the thumb, if you follow seasonal opportunities, you can easily find the hotel that best fits your budget. 5-star hotels and family hotels in Balıkesir are priced depending on the quality and the scope of services they offer. In addition, hotels close to the beach in coastal areas as well as hotels with pools are likely to charge higher prices per night. There are different factors affecting the prices of beach hotels with spa facilities. Some hotels even have their own pools filled with hot thermal water. If you have financial concerns and don’t want to pay extra, you can always exclude hotels that have thermal pools. If you want to save some money on accommodation, you can benefit from early booking options some hotels provide, or you can consider planning a trip to Balıkesir during the off-season as the city has mostly convenient weather conditions throughout the year.

Balikesir Hotels