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Information About Muradiye

LAND AREA 912 km²

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Muradiye Bus Ticket

Muradiye district of Van is known as one of the oldest settlements in terms of history. This district, which is the center of attention with its waterfalls and historical and cultural heritage, finds its place among the destinations to visit in our country. Muradiye is located approximately 80 kilometers away from Van city center.

Muradiye bus companies,

It operates direct trips on two different routes: Muradiye Bus Terminal and Van Central Bus Terminal. Van Lake Tourism, Van Castle Tourism and Kamil Koç Tourism are the prominent names among these companies. Transportation to Van city center is also done by public transportation.

Van flights

is offered to passengers as another Muradiye travel alternative.

Van flight ticket

You are taken to Van Airport and after the plane journey here, you can reach the district after a short road journey.

Places to Visit in MuradiyeMuradiye Waterfall:
  • Muradiye Waterfall, perhaps one of the most well-known natural beauties of the region, is among the places that must be visited.
  • Devil's Bridge:
  • It is estimated that this historical bridge, built over the Bendimahi Stream, was built in the early 20th century. This historical work, built using cut and rubble stone, is one of the frequent destinations of visitors.
  • Stefano Church:Muradiye bus services
  • This church, which can be easily reached from the city center, is among the first places that come to mind when it comes to places to visit in Muradiye. For this reason, Stefano Church finds its place on our list of must-see places. This church, where the historical textures remain almost intact, continues to fascinate its visitors.
  • What to Eat in Muradiye?

    After purchasing a Muradiye bus ticket and transporting to the region, there are many different flavors that visitors should try.

    Çiriş Pilaf:
  • This dish, made with asphodel and bulgur, is known as a frequently preferred dish in the Muradiye region.
  • Van Fish in Tandoor:
  • Van fish dipped in a slurry made with flour, salt and water is stuck in the tandoor and cooked, creating a magnificent feast of taste. Visitors who come to Muradiye should definitely try this taste.
  • Murtuga:
  • Murtuğa dish, made with butter, flour, eggs and salt, is an indispensable taste of Van's famous breakfast tables. It is recommended that guests who happen to visit Muradiye district should try at least one of these different and unique tastes.
  • Where to Stay in Muradiye?

    Muradiye offers its guests many alternatives in terms of accommodation. 3-star hotels, apart hotels and hostels are among these options. The facilities provide service with a quality, comfortable accommodation area and professional working system. passengers

    Muradiye bus ticket prices

    It is recommended that you also take a look at the accommodation areas while doing your research.


    It is a district of Van province. The economy is based on agriculture and animal husbandry. Van Cat is the striking feature of the region. Apart from Lake Van, which comes to mind when Van is mentioned, important points stand out in its districts.

    You can spend some time here surrounded by historical buildings and natural beauties.

    Things You Need to Know After Buying Muradiye Bus Ticket

    A note taken for Van Muradiye

    bus ticket

    Afterwards, tasting the ancient cities and local delicacies is among the things to know. Although Van is located in the Eastern Anatolia region, it is the first city that comes to mind when rafting is mentioned.

    You will never regret a visit to Van, which will be full of sightseeing, food and adrenaline sports.

    5 Reasons to Visit Muradiye

  • Ancient Cities
  • local flavors
  • Rafting
  • paragliding
  • Muradiye Waterfall
  • Places to Visit in Muradiye


    It is actually a small and cute region; Muradiye Waterfall is one of the top places to visit. The height of the waterfall is 50 meters. Since there is a strong flow, it is a wonderful view.

    The waterfall creates coolness in the summer months and is one of the ideal areas for camping. Saint Stefanos church in Muradiye should be visited and seen. Devil's Bridge is also among the places to visit after the waterfall.

    It is a known fact that Muradiye is frequently visited by local and foreign tourists at these points.

    What to Eat in Muradiye? What is it famous for?

    Van's herbed cheese must be tasted. When Van is mentioned, the Van cat comes to mind when it comes to celebrity. Breakfast is a must in Van and its districts. The breakfast variety here is unlike anywhere else.

    The local breakfast includes strained yoghurt, herbed cheese, clotted cream, honey and pastries. Even for Van breakfast


    It is worth buying. Abbuganish sheet pan and tandoori breads are delicacies that must be eaten.

    You can buy local Van rugs and silver handicrafts.

    Bus Stations in Muradiye