Ticket Inquiry, Cancellation, Change and Changing Ticket to Open

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Ticket Cancellation Rules

  • Cancellation periods of bus tickets may vary from company to company. You can access the cancellation periods of the companies from the link ticket cancellation rules.
  • Refunds of tickets cancelled from the above panel are sent to your bank without any deductions, and your refund will be reflected in your account within 1-7 business days, depending on your bank's return procedure.
  • Tickets with previous dates cannot be canceled due to the completion of the trips.
  • Only companies can cancel the tickets printed out by the company.

Rules To Change The Ticket to an Open Ticket

  • The periods to change the tickets to open tickets are based on the cancellation periods stated above. To find out how many hours before the departure time you can change your ticket to an open ticket you can click here.
  • After finding your ticket from the menu above, you can perform your transaction by clicking the "Change To Open Ticket" button.
  • When you change your ticket to open ticket, your ticket price is immediately converted into a coupon and this coupon code is sent to you via SMS and e-mail. The coupon code is valid for 12 months.
  • In order to use the coupon code, you need to log in via our mobile application.
  • Coupon codes are not used in Metro Turizm and BBBUS companies. You can choose other companies. For more detailed information, please click

Ticket Exchange Rules

  • You can make changes if your bus trip is less than 15 hour(s) away.
  • There is no change for the tickets of different companies, routes and the trips with price difference.
  • You can turn your ticket to an open ticket and use your open ticket for any company, route and date before 15 hour(s) from your departure time.
  • In order to use the coupon code, you must log in as a member to our mobile app.
  • In order to change your ticket or change it to an open ticket, cancel your ticket, enter your ticket information from the menu above and press the related buttons next to your ticket.