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LAND AREA 2,351 km²
CITY Antalya

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Hotels in Manavgat

Known to be the second biggest district in Antalya which is a popular tourist destination for summer holidays, Manavgat is situated in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. It is mostly well-known for its waterfall that shares its name with the district itself. Thanks to its amazing nature, Manavgat gets visitors from all around the world, looking for an opportunity to take pleasure in the sea and sun duo. Manavgat is not only known with its picture perfect landscape and natural wonders but also with its great historical monuments. That being the case, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there’s a huge demand for the hotels in Manavgat. Since the demand is high, accommodation options are plenty in response. Whether you want to pick a more budget-friendly hotel or an all exclusive one, you can expect to find the best fit for your needs and expectations from a top-notch holiday experience among the hotels in Manavgat.

Cheap hotels in Manavgat, for example, are good alternatives for the luxury hotels the district boasts of. Likewise, a bungalow in Manavgatwould make an ideal choice for those looking for some privacy at the heart of nature at reasonable prices.

Manavgat Must See Places

After you secure your room in one of the best hotels in Manavgat, all you have to do is to decide on your itinerary which can be challenging when it comes to Antalya which is populated with notable historic sites and natural wonders: Here is a list to consider while you are within the borders of Manavgat:

  • Apollon Temple:One of the most iconic monuments of the region, Apollon Temple is located in Side Ancient City. This temple takes its name from Apollon, the Greek god of light, beauty and art. The temple’s history goes back to as far as A.D. 150, the era of the Roman emperor Antoninus Pius. Apollon Temple is blessed with a beautiful view thanks to its proximity to the sea. You can visit this site and bless your eyes with the sunset in the ancient city. Plus, great location for taking artistic photos!
  • Manavgat Waterfall:By far the most famous tourist attraction of Manavgat, this waterfall is remembered not only with its striking scenery but also with its freezing cold water. Swimming is forbidden in Manavgat Waterfall, however, you can have a quality promenade and soak up its beauty. Not to mention, a cup of Turkish coffee goes well with this picturesque waterfall.
  • Side Ancient City:Turkey stands out as a country full of ancient sites as a result of its rich and colorful history marked by various civilizations. Side Ancient City is only one of them. Here you can see the remnants of a port city in which slave trading was common. Apollon Temple, and ruins of amphitheater, city door and old house can be found in this historic site.
  • Monumental Fountain:Also referred to as Nymphaeum, this fountain is believed to be built in the second century to meet the water needs of people living in the area.
  • Titreyengöl:Translated into English as Trembling Lake, Titreyengöl comes with a poignant tale. It is told that a fisherman is shot by hunters while he is trying to save the ducks and the ducks create a whirlwind with their wings to shoo away the hunters. After this event, the lake starts to tremble and the folks say that the ducks cry for the fisherman and hence the lake continues to tremble. The main reason why it’s called a trembling lake is because even the slightest wind causes the surface of the lake to tremble.
  • Köprülü Canyon:Yet another popular tourist spot, this canyon is an ideal spot for those who are into hiking and rafting. There’s also an area where you can rest and eat if you are not into either of these sports. As it is Turkey’s one of the most frequented areas in terms of nature sports, Köprülü Canyon welcomes thousands of visitors especially during spring and summer.

Manavgat Accommodation Options

Manavgat hotelscome with many advantages considering that they’re very close to both eminent historical sites and outstanding natural areas. One of the benefits of staying at hotels in Manavgat is that they have captivating views of the Mediterranean sea. Some even have their own private beaches where you can profit from exclusive services and enjoy the sea, sand and sun without the crowds of people. The district offers many accommodation options welcoming all budgets and appealing to different tastes, therefore, all you need to do is select the one that’s suitable for your budget and then you can safely book hotels in Manavgat online. To make it easier to choose for you, boutique hotels are highly recommended for those drawn to style and seek customized experiences. These hotels will show you the true meaning of the Mediterranean spirit. Not to mention, Boutique hotels in Manavgatdon’t get as cramped as larger hotels and hotel chains as they have fewer room capacities. Even though they tend to be pricey, these hotels have all kinds of amenities to guarantee you a fabulous holiday experience. Needless to state that if you resort to an early booking reservation option, you may actually stay at these hotels and pay more reasonable prices.

What to Eat in Manavgat?

Good news for the foodies, Manavgat is not only a visual feast but also a paradise in which you can taste some of the best dishes from the Turkish as well as Mediterranean cuisines. Top recommendations are as follows:

  • Meatball Skewers: Small meatballs are placed with onion and peppers on skewers. Meatball skewers are served with piyaz which is a type of a salad made from beans, parsleys, onions and dressed with olive oil and lemon juice.
  • Kulaklı Soup:This soup is made with little pieces of dumplings which are filled with minced meat. They are cooked with chickpeas and tomato sauce. This soup resembles ravioli soup but the dumplings are much smaller than the ravioli itself.
  • Tahini Pumpkin Dessert:To make this energizing dessert, a slice of pumpkin is cooked with sugared water and then served with tahini on top. Depending on your preference, you can also try it with the chopped walnuts.
  • Bergamot Marmalade: A local product of the district, Bergamot is a citrus fruit and it has the taste of a sweet lime and orange. During your stay in Manavgat, you will see the bergamot marmalade on the market shelves quite often. Bergamot marmalade also makes practical gifts for those into culinary arts.
  • Bağaça:Bağaça is basically a cinnamon roll and it is commonly consumed in Antalya province. Flavored with cinnamon and sesame, bağaça is essentially a muffin-cake.

Manavgat Holiday Resorts

Resorts in Manavgathave brought themselves worldwide fame for they have everything you can think of from indoor and outdoor swimming pools, restaurants where you can taste the best dishes from different cuisines, exclusive spa centers, gyms, and various entertainment venues for both kids and adults. They also offer other conveniences such as shops and pharmacies where you can meet your daily needs. Some even have small shopping centers where you can go shopping to buy yourselves and your loved ones gifts. Above everything else, Manavgat resorts stand out with their wide range of services, promising a premium stay for the guests and they have modern designs that catch the eye. Plus, they are often nicely located, either by the beach or nearby.

Manavgat All Inclusive Hotels

If you want to have an extravagant vacation,all inclusive hotels in Manavgat would make perfect picks for you. Here, in these hotels, you can have a big traditional Turkish breakfast alongside limitless lunch, dinner and snack options. Some of the all inclusive hotels have amusement parks that are set by the pool as well. More often than not, these hotels have kids clubs where your kids can have the time of their lives. There are also activity nights for adults including dance shows or live music performances. If you choose to stay at one of the 5 stars hotels in Manavgat that operate with an all inclusive concept you can expect to receive excellent hospitality and an amazing holiday opportunity. Plus, most of the 5 stars hotels are near the seaside, allowing you to be one with the impeccable nature of the Mediterranean region which means that while enjoying the personalized services of the highest quality, you will be able to wonder at the sea view. Last but not least, these hotels are cost effective as you can benefit from all the services available without having to pay extra for anything.

How to Get to Manavgat?

After you pick the right accommodation in Manavgat, there is one more thing you need to take care of: transportation. Fortunately, traveling to Manavgat is not an issue for those who want to visit the area. Traveling by plane is inarguably the most practical way as it is the fastest mode of transportation. As soon as you arrive at Antalya Airport, you can go to Manavgat by bus and shuttle services. If you want to have your own space to feel more comfortable, then you may want to rent a car. Since there is a bus terminal in Manavgat, you can come here by intercity bus travel as well. However, the journey may take a long time depending on which bus station your bus departs from. Cruise boats too arrive at certain points in Antalya alongside ferry options. Private vehicles are yet another option if you want to have full control of your trip and itinerary.

Bus Stations in Manavgat

Manavgat Bus Stationı Sorgun Mh. Otogar Pk:07600 Manavgat/Antalya

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