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Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is located at the southern tip of Georgia, near the Kura River in South Asia. Located in a mountainous basin, Tbilisi is an economic, administrative and cultural as well as an important transportation center of Transcaucasia. Developed industrial sectors in the city include printing and publishing, machine building, food processing, tanning, silk weaving and the production of machine tools, locomotives and plastics. The orchards and vineyards surrounding the city are another important source of income. The city has an excellent location, rising from both banks of the Kura River. In addition, you have the opportunity to discover different cultures in the same city due to the diversity of nations such as Arabs, Khazars, Seljuks, Mongols, Iranians, Ottomans and Turks, who ruled the city in this period. You will be amazed by Tbilisi's different historical architectures, which are a mixture of medieval, classical, Middle Eastern, Art Nouveau, Stalinist and Modernist structures. There are magnificent medieval buildings, two-storey buildings with courtyards, and narrow streets in the Old Town. The rest of the city has been extensively modernized. Some of the symbolic structures of the city; The ruins of the Zion Cathedral, which dates back to the 6th century, the Sameba and Sioni cathedrals, the Anchiskhat Basilica, the Metekhi castle and church (1278-89), Freedom Square, Rustaveli Street, Agmashenebeli Street, the medieval Narikala Castle, the Moorish Opera Theater and the Georgian National Museum. Museum. Popular events and festivals held in Tbilisi are the Tbilisi International Film Festival, International Theater Festival, Tbilisi Jazz Festival, etc., which take place every October.

Tbilisi International Airport, operated by TAV Airports, which includes Turkey's largest airports such as Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport and Istanbul Ataturk Airport, provided transportation services to nearly 2.5 million passengers, according to 2016 statistics. Located 17 km southeast of Tbilisi city center, the airport also serves as the main airport of Georgia. It is the first terminal building of Tbilisi Airport and was built in 1952. Tbilisi Airport, where flights mostly take place to many important destinations in the former Soviet Union and Europe, offers many opportunities for its passengers since it is an international airport. You can also reach Tbilisi Airport, where Turkish Airlines operates an average of 42 flights per week from Istanbul Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen airports, with AtlasGlobal or Pegasus Airlines. However, Pegasus only operates flights between Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen and Tbilisi Airport. Your flight duration is maximum 2 hours and 20 minutes. You can benefit from oBilet, where you can find cheap flight tickets to reach Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, with Pegasus or Turkish Airlines.

It would be beneficial to search for affordable flight tickets to go to the airport from Turkey, which you can only reach directly from Istanbul. You can choose one of the local airline companies that provide transportation to Tbilisi Airport: Pegasus, AtlasGlobal or Turkish Airlines. Traveling is now much easier with oBilet, which shows the best price and time matches and allows you to buy a Tbilisi flight ticket in seconds!

the capital of Georgia


Nearly one and a half million people (Georgians, Armenians and Russians) live in the city. This population rate corresponds to almost half of Georgia's population. 95% of the local people believe in Christianity, 4% believe in Islam, and 1% believe in Judaism.

Contrary to what we are used to, you can often come across vehicles with the steering wheel on the right, both in Tbilisi and throughout Georgia. However, traffic flow in the city continues in the right lane. Additionally, you can have the opportunity to follow Georgian adaptations of the television programs we are used to, such as Talent You, X Factor, O Ses, and Wheel of Fortune, on the television channels broadcasting in Georgia.

Laws regarding the smoking ban are not yet implemented here. Smoking is done in almost every environment, including indoors. The airport is included in this! Of course, the fact that cigarette prices are cheap in Georgia also has an impact on this. If we need to give examples of prices; Rothmans 2.2, Winston 2.8, Kent 3 and Marlboro are sold at affordable prices such as 4.5 Lari. If we state that 1 Lari is currently 1.85 TL, they are quite cheap prices.