Bus Tickets to Tbilisi(Georgia)

Information About Tbilisi(Georgia)

POPULATION 1,345,000
LAND AREA 726 km²
CITY Tiflis

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Tbilisi(Georgia) Bus Ticket

Tbilisi is the second important city of Georgia. It is especially known for its wines; You should direct your route here just to taste their wines. You can complete your Tbilisi bus ticket purchases on Obilet.com.

Most of the companies providing Tbilisi bus services are local travel companies. You can see all of these companies in detail on obilet.com. You can choose the company that suits you by comparing prices and features. You can quickly buy your Tbilisi bus ticket from the company you choose.

Where to visit in Tbilisi?

Tbilisi is a city rich in historical and natural beauties. You should definitely see Sololaki Hill and the ruins of Nariqala Castle on it, the Kartlis Deda statue, the botanical garden, Sioni Cathedral, Anchiskati Basilica and Metechi Church.

You can go to the Abanotubani bath area in the old city and benefit from the healing waters there. Again, you should see the buildings in the Garetubani area in the old city and visit Rustavelis Street.

Don't forget to visit Republic Square, located at the other end of Rutavelis Street. Here are the Georgian parliament, Kashveti Church, Georgian National Museum, Paliashvili Opera House, Rustaveli Academy Theater and Georgian Academy of Sciences.

What to eat in Tbilisi?

The influence of Black Sea breezes can be seen in Tbilisi cuisine. You can eat fish and meat varieties and local dishes specific to the city. Don't leave without trying Georgian fruit pastry, Georgian bread, vegetable paste and skewered meat called mtsvadi. Don't forget to drink Georgian wine.

Where to stay in Tbilisi?

Tbilisi has accommodation facilities suitable for every budget and need. There are different options of facilities all over the city, from small hotels to large hotels. You can choose the one that is suitable for you.

Tbilisi is a delightful city that must be seen with its unique atmosphere and historical beauties. You can buy your bus ticket via Obilet.com and go explore the city.

Known as the capital of Georgia, which is among the neighboring countries of our country,


It is a city founded in very ancient times. It has served as the capital of many civilizations with different cultures throughout history. For this reason, it is possible to see different features in each historical monument in Tbilisi.

Until now, it has hosted people from many different religions and social cultures. The fact that it still stands today is due to the fact that it was destroyed and rebuilt 29 times. Its old wooden houses and narrow streets, which still survive, reflect its cultural heritage.

What You Need to Know After Buying a Tbilisi Bus Ticket

When you decide to travel to Georgia, you can use airline or airline transportation to Tbilisi, which is known as one of the places you should visit.

bus ticket

You can choose road transportation.

What you need to know during transportation provided by many bus companies is that transportation is extremely comfortable and affordable, transportation is also available by train, the climate is hot in summers and quite cold in winters, and May and June are quite rainy.

5 Reasons to Visit Tbilisi

Considering that Tbilisi is visited quite frequently, it is quite easy to find reasons to visit. Among these reasons;

  • The people of Tbilisi are very hospitable,
  • Accommodation is available at very affordable prices,
  • Being an intriguing city,
  • Since it is an old-looking but timeless city, it is extremely enjoyable to visit it.
  • Its culture is interesting as it hosts many religions,
  • Places to Visit in Tbilisi

    Tbilisi is one of the most curious places in Georgia. Sameba Cathedral, which can be seen after the trip starting from Ardahan province, is one of the must-see places, the Old Tbilisi district full of wooden houses, winding streets, stylish restaurants, architectural works, Metehki Church, Synagogue, Vake, the large female statue known as Kartvlis Deda, The art gallery known as Tbilisi Avenue is among the places worth seeing.

    What to Eat in Tbilisi? What is it famous for?

    Ticket to Tbilisi

    Great food awaits you in Tbilisi, which you reach after the bus ride. There are various types of dishes such as pita-like dish called Khachapuri, palm-sized dumplings known as Khinkali, a type of stew made from pork called Kupati, Ponchiki, Shkhmeruli.

    Bus Stations in Tbilisi(Georgia)

    Tbilisi Pushkin Square Tawisuplebis Moedani
    Tbilisi Mari Market Sandro Akhmeteli St
    Tbilisi Ortachala Bus Station Dimitri Gulia St 1
    Holiday Inn Tbilisi 1 Twentysix May Square, T'bilisi 0171, Georgia
    Asterion Palace 1 Dimitri Gulia St, T'bilisi, Georgia
    Tbilisi International Airport MX97+WPH, Tbilisi, Georgia
    Central Bus Statıon 1 Dimitri Gulia St, T'bilisi, Georgia
    Public School Of Justice დავით აღმაშენებლის ხეივანი მე-10 კილომეტრი, T'bilisi, Georgia
    Isani Mall 4 ნავთლუღის ქუჩა, T'bilisi, Georgia
    Didube Didube-Chugureti, Tbilisi, Georgia
    Airport Iı Railway Station Tbilisi, Georgia
    Big Bicycle Monument PQ3R+QJC, Rose Revolution Square, T'bilisi, Georgia
    Hotel Katrina Tbilisi 44-46 გუჯარეთის I ქუჩა, T'bilisi, Georgia
    Artists Residence İn Tbilisi 4 Teleti St, T'bilisi, Georgia
    Point Hotel Tbilisi 13 Anton Katalikosi St, T'bilisi, Georgia
    Envoy Hostel X Tours | Tbilisi 45 Betlemi St, T'bilisi, Georgia
    Hotel Villa Old Rustaveli 40 Shota Rustaveli Ave, T'bilisi 0108, Georgia
    Saint Nikoloz Church Tbilisi, Georgia
    United Airports Of Georgia MXH2+GXC, Tbilisi, Georgia
    Evy Tbilisi 110 A Kakheti Hwy Turn, T'bilisi, Georgia
    Akhvlediani Street And Tsutsunavas Street İntersection Tbilisi, Georgia
    Publishing House Color 20 Kakheti Hwy Service Rd, T'bilisi, Georgia
    Avlabari Tbilisi, Georgia

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