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Things You Need to Know After Buying the Kutaisi(Georgia) Bus Ticket

Kutaisi is the second largest city in Georgia. You should definitely see and explore this district, which gives the feeling of traveling in time. You can complete your Kutaisi bus ticket purchases via Obilet.com.

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Where to visit in Kutaisi?

Kutaisi has its own unique atmosphere. It is a pleasant place full of historical buildings. You can start your trip by going to Bagrati Cathedral, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Kutaisi Cemetery, Kutaisi Synagogue, Kutaisi Theatre, Gelati Monastery, Puppet Theatre, Suliko Cinema and Entertainment Center, David Kakabadze Fine Arts Gallery are important places that must be seen.

You should not forget to see the Rioni River passing through the city.

What to eat in Kutaisi?

You can find all Georgian dishes in Kutaisi. You can also eat lots of fish. The popular dish of the city is khachapuri. In addition, you can also taste vegetable-based dishes.

Where to stay in Kutaisi?

There are accommodation options in Kutaisi to suit every budget and need. You can spend your holiday by choosing the hotel that suits you best among these options.

Kutaisi is a place that must be seen and explored. You can buy your Kutaisi bus ticket via Obilet.com and set off.

It is known as the third largest city of Georgia. Its ancient history continues to haunt us today and has made the city the administrative capital of the country.

This city, which could not make much progress in terms of development in the past, has kept up with the development in administrative terms after the parliament was established here. Renewed in every aspect


It is the center of attention of tourists. The harsh winters cause tourism to be more active in June and July. It is possible to see people still walking around in calico dresses in this city, which is famous for bearing traces of the past.

What You Need to Know After Buying a Kutaisi Bus Ticket

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The journey that starts afterwards allows you to reach this city by seeing many natural wonders. In addition, the fact that it is a city used in administrative terms is a great indicator that the transportation network is highly developed. It is also important to know that there are hotels that combine elegance and elegance in the field of accommodation.

5 Reasons to Visit Kutaisi

To visit Kuatisi, it is enough to be willing to really get to know this city. Among the reasons for visiting:

  • It has works worth seeing,
  • Nightlife and tourism are very entertaining,
  • Does not cause any problems in the transportation network,
  • The existence of hotels and restaurants that combine comfort and elegance at extremely affordable prices,
  • There are reasons such as having historical values.
  • Places to Visit in Kutaisi

    The city of Kuatisi, adjacent to the province of Artvin, which combines the beauty of nature and the sea, fascinates people with its beauties. In addition to all these beauties, it is also worth seeing that the works of art have existed in the city intact from history to this day. Begrati Cathedral, Gelati Monastery and the Parliament building are also among the places to visit.

    What to Eat in Kutaisi? What is it famous for?

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    After your journey to Kutaisi, you can start looking for a restaurant to eat Khachapuri, which is a Turkish dish that resembles pita bread and contains meat or cheese. There are many types of food in this city, where mostly vegetable dishes are preferred.

    Bus Stations in Kutaisi(Georgia)

    Kutaisi Airport Zeda Bashi, Gürcistan