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LAND AREA 1,577 km²
CITY Antalya

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Hotels in Alanya

A lovely port district located in Antalya province, Alanya is a popular tourist destination for a reason. It is situated on a historically significant peninsula and hence manages to attract millions of visitors each year with its coastal villages, ancient ruins, stunning beaches and pleasant weather conditions. In Alanya, you can discover something new every moment as it offers an experience that is beyond imagination. Whether it’s for a summer vacation or a cultural trip, you can visit this colorful district of Antalya all throughout the year. After a refreshing day on the beach, you may spend some time in the town’s center, go shopping from local shops or visit the historical sites. What’s more, visitors will be surprised to find out that Alanya offers a wide range of accommodation alternatives that will suit every budget and every need. Once you review hotels in Alanya, you will notice that most of them offer premium quality services and amenities regardless of their star rating. There are in fact many places to stay operating with different concepts, whether in and around the city center or by the sea.

Must See Places in Alanya

With its historical ruins, beaches, and many other attractions, Alanya is an extremely popular vacation destination receiving millions of both domestic and international tourists. The list for places to visit in Antalya is quite lengthy, but the musts are as follows:

  • Manavgat Waterfall: Located close to the center of Alanya, this waterfall was formed by waters pouring into the cliffs. Guests staying in and around the hotels in the city center or in Manavgat district can easily reach this natural site that is such a sight to see!
  • Red Tower:Situated in the ancient peninsula of Alanya, this tower draws considerable attention to itself due to its architecture. Red Tower is by far the most iconic symbol of the city, so much so that it figures in the flag of the city.
  • Alanya Castle:Built back in 1221, Alanya Castle was built on Byzantine remnants, and used as a defense point for a long time until it was secured by the Ottomans and opened to residence. The castle has a magnificent view of the deep blue sea ahead and hence makes a perfect place for taking photos!
  • Dim Cave:Containing 4 galleries, Dim Cave is an interesting natural phenomenon featuring numerous stalactites, stalagmites, and travertines.
  • Sapadere Canyon:Located on the east of Alanya, Sapadere Canyon has naturally formed pools where you can swim in. Visitors can also choose from a variety of food and beverage options in the cafes and restaurants carved into the rock formations surrounding the Sapadere canyon.
  • Alanya Archeology Museum:For those visiting as a part of culture tourism, or those who are interested in the history of the place they are visiting, this museum is a must see, to say the least! Here you can learn more about the rich history of the greater region as well as you can have a look at various archaeological and ethnographic artifacts from different periods.
  • Syedra Ancient City:Surrounded by acropolis, Syedra Ancient City subsisted until the 13th century. It is now a monumental historic site where you can find the remains of churches, basilicas, temples, baths, and water cisterns.
  • Cleopatra Beach:Named after the famous queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, this blue flagged beach makes its name with its golden soft sands.It is also blessed with crystal clear waters in which you can clearly see the fish underneath.

How to Get to Alanya?

One of the main concerns of every traveler is surely the issue of transportation. Luckily, getting to Antalya is without any challenges as you have multiple choices to resort to according to your convenience. For instance, if you prefer the airway which is the fastest and hence more practical option, you will find two airport options to land in: Gazipaşa Airport and Antalya Airport, the former being the closer option. From both airports you can easily reach Alanya district via shuttles and taxis. It goes without saying, flight tickets can turn out quite pricey especially if you don’t book in advance. Depending on your initial location you can also opt for a bus ride which is the least expensive mode of transportation. The journey may take a long time especially as opposed to the plane option, however, it will surely be delightful to watch the changing scenery and topography of the country. Not to mention, private vehicles or rental cars are great for a flexible and comfortable journey. Last but not least, less popular perhaps they are but highly recommended, cruise boats are yet another option to travel to Alanya. That being said, if you have any concerns about getting to Alanya, you can leave them aside without a second thought.

Alanya 5 Star Hotels

For guests to have a wonderful holiday experience and have easy access to all they need, Alanya district is packed with different accommodation options. Authentic, historical or modern, it does not matter what kind of hotel themes you’re more drawn to because accommodation in Alanya will exceed all your expectations, that is guaranteed! Many hotels in the lovely town of Alanya are famous for their quality service and luxurious amenities. 5 star hotels in Alanyaare in fact the most preferred accommodation type for a reason. These hotels are dedicated to provide excellent service quality for a premium stay. Visitors can benefit from a variety of amenities such as spa centers, indoor and outdoor pools, restaurants, clubs, private beaches, traditional Turkish baths, saunas and gyms. For guests to have fun and relax, plenty of activities are also organized by 5 star hotels such as dance shows, stand-up comedy, theater performances, and other entertainment options. Having to choose between 5-star hotels, on the other hand, can be a bit of a challenge as there are quite many around, one better than the other. One crucial factor to determine in which place to stay is surely the location. The best hotels in Alanyaare more often than not the seafront ones, blessed with exceptional facilities and views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Alanya All Inclusive Hotels

Being one of the most popular tourist destinations not only in Turkey but also in the whole world, Alanya offers a wide spectrum of hotels appealing to every taste and budget. Not surprisingly all inclusive hotels in Alanya are among the most preferred hotel types in the region as they promise a luxury holiday opportunity in which the guests don’t have to think about paying anything for the extra. As if that is not enough in itself, the district levels up the game with ultra all inclusive hotels in Alanyawhich promises a vacation out of a fairytale. Limitless buffet options with a wide selection of tastes from both local and international cuisines, themed bars and cafes, water sports activities, as well as various entertainment venues... All these features and others can be found in ultra all-inclusive hotels in Alanya. If you have no financial concerns and are looking for a luxurious holiday opportunity, then you should definitely go for (ultra) all inclusive hotels in Alanya. These hotels are especially ideal for those who enjoy a holiday in which they don’t move much outside their hotels, benefiting every service they offer instead. Most summer vacationers enjoy their time by the seaside and in the comfort of their rooms while resting, therefore, you can choose to book a room in these hotels for a cost-effective holiday if you consider yourself one.

Honeymoon Hotels in Alanya

Alanya is undoubtedly among the top holiday destinations for a dreamy honeymoon. Those looking for a romantic getaway will find much more than what they are looking for in the honeymoon hotels in Alanya. Honeymoon hotels will give you the chance to enjoy a truly rejuvenating experience in a meticulously prepared setting. These hotels are generally located in the secluded and most peaceful corners of Alanya, allowing the newlyweds to have a special holiday experience. Guests can fully enjoy their privileges in these types of hotels where discounts are offered to the honeymooners. They can enjoy their specially designed rooms as much as they can enjoy the sea in the private beaches of these hotels. Honeymoon hotels by the beach are also widely available with private balconies, interconnected rooms, and private bathrooms. These hotels are available to those who desire to spend a more peaceful, quiet, and comfortable honeymoon. Also, guests traveling from abroad to Alanya honeymoon hotels should not worry about the language barrier as they will not have any challenges regarding communication thanks to the multilingual staff at these hotels.

Alanya Early Booking Opportunities

As mentioned above, Alanya is one of the best examples of the hospitality industry, with an abundance of hotels and excellent service quality. The luxury hotels, which make their customers feel the famous Turkish hospitality, are among the expensive options however common they are in the region. That is not to say that you will have to pay astronomical prices to have a premium holiday experience though. Thanks to early booking opportunities, you can stay at all-inclusive hotels or 5 star hotels at reasonable prices. You will be able to benefit from all the luxurious facilities if you book your room a few months earlier than your vacation. It is also highly recommended that you stay on the lookout for seasonal opportunities and special hotel deals. You can also consider booking off-season which always turns out to be cheaper than the peak season for the region which is summer. Needless to say, it is good to not leave it to the last minute since Alanya is a very popular destination among both locals and tourists, hence, the rooms fill up quite quickly. If you are already hooked on the idea of a holiday in the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, it is best to book hotels in Alanya!

Alanya Seafront Hotels

Among the many types of Alanya hotels, it is surely the seafront hotels that capture the hearts of their guests with the spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea. Seaside hotels offer the chance to cherish the beauty of nature in the comfort of your room and in privacy. That’s why the majority of visitors secure a place in the hotels in Alanya by the beachwhere they can bless their eyes as well as participate in watersports activities. A place away from all the noise, a nook made of golden sandy beaches where you can relax and have a refreshing swim must sound just fantastic, right? Not to mention, you can organize special venues such as parties and wedding ceremonies in these hotels where you can have dreamy nights.

Hotel Prices in Alanya

In Alanya, visitors may quickly and easily pick a hotel that will meet their needs without having them worry about their budget as there are many options available. For visitors who are thinking of a rather quiet and relaxing experience as well as those with tight budgets, boutique hotels in Alanyawould be on point. Whereas, for a more active and interesting experience, 5 star hotels and all inclusive ones should be just fine. Of course, the prices of these hotels can get a little higher in relation to their locations, scope of their services, and essentially season. But no worries! There are also many cheap hotels in Alanyathat promise a decent experience. Hotel prices in Antalya changes dramatically from hotel to hotel and season to season, however, major determinants include the hotel concepts (half-board, all inclusive etc.), hotel rating, the duration of the stay and room type. You can customize your holiday package by including and excluding certain things, and hence designate the price ranges.

Alanya Vacation

It is impossible to name one specific reason why people love Alanya so much. Obviously, it attracts tourists for so many reasons. The weather is warm and pleasant throughout the year, its bays and beaches are stunning, the sea is extraordinary. Alanya hotels are yet another solid reason to choose this town as a holiday destination as they promise nothing short of a dream holiday. As a matter of fact, resorts in Alanya have everything you could possibly ask for. From its natural and historic sites to cafés and local shops, this place promises an unforgettable holiday experience which you will want to repeat. In fact, most people end up returning to Alanya the next holiday season to collect more unforgettable memories!

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Alanya Bus Stationı +902425132650 Kızlar Pınarı Mh. 07400 Alanya/Antalya
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