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Information About Luleburgaz

LAND AREA 1,016 km²
CITY Kırklareli

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Luleburgaz Bus Ticket

Lüleburgaz is one of the beautiful and natural places of Kırklareli. You can have a pleasant holiday in this warm and small place, which has not lost its naturalness for years. If you want to get to know the culture of Kırklareli and breathe in the nature of this place, you can buy a Lüleburgaz bus ticket on obilet.com.

The number of companies providing Lüleburgaz bus services is small. But you have the opportunity to see each of these companies in detail on obilet.com. You can buy your Lüleburgaz bus ticket from the company that suits you by comparing prices and features.

Where to visit in Lüleburgaz?

Lüleburgaz became an important industrial city with the Republican period. That's why you can see many factories here that are no longer functional. It is a small and charming place where, in addition to factories, there are also fields, vineyards and gardens.

The structure that attracts most tourists in Lüleburgaz is Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Social Complex. You can add this place to your list of places to see. You should also visit Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Bath.

You should definitely visit historical buildings such as Lüleburgaz Old Cemetery, Lüleburgaz Victory Fountain, Lüleburgaz Zindan Baba Tomb, Lüleburgaz Housing, the historical fountain in the garden of Emrullah Efendi Primary School, Avcı Mehmet Fountain, Kadı Ali Mosque, Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Bridge, Armory Building, Kepirtepe Village Institute.

You should also go to the villages of Lüleburgaz, wander around their gardens and fields and eat their fresh fruits. You can wander around the sunflower fields and take photos.

What to eat in Lüleburgaz?

In addition to tasting classic Thracian cuisine, you can also taste dishes found in every city. When you come here, you must definitely eat meatballs. Also, the yoghurt of these places is very famous, you should not leave without tasting it. Liver, stuffed liver, and cleaver meat are among the other local delicacies that should be eaten. For dessert, you should try Hayrabolu dessert.

Where to stay in Lüleburgaz?

Since Lüleburgaz is a small settlement, accommodation options are somewhat limited. You can stay in a few hotels, hostels and teacher's homes.

Lüleburgaz is a warm and friendly settlement with its nature and people. If you haven't seen it before, you should organize a trip to Thrace soon and add Lüleburgaz to your travel list. To make your travel plans, you can buy your ticket by checking the Lüleburgaz bus schedule list on obilet.com.

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Bus Stations in Luleburgaz

Lüleburgaz Bus Stationı Kocasinan Mh. 39750 Lüleburgaz/Kırklareli

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