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LAND AREA 531 km²
CITY Tekirdağ

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Hotels in Çorlu

Being one of the most developed counties in Turkey, Çorlu is a shining pearl in the Marmara Region of Turkey. There are in fact many touristic opportunities to be benefited from in Çorlu thanks to its high development level. Whether you would like to make use of the aparthotels in Çorluand thus have a humble yet heartwarming, home-like stay or reside in a different type of lodging by booking a room in the boutique hotels in Çorlu, the experience will be unique, that’s for sure. Blessed with beautiful views of the Marmara Sea, Çorlu also has a remarkable nature where you can have a quality time. The many buildings and apartments in Çorlu which line up in a lovely architectural design, salute the Marmara Sea with their utmost beauty. With the ease provided by the Çorlu hotelsat the seaside you will have no trouble with immersing yourself with the sea. How you would like to experience Çorlu depends on your choice but one thing is for sure: That you will leave the town with a pleased heart.

Çorlu Must See Places

  • Süleymaniye Mosque: Commissioned by Suleiman the Magnificent in 1521, the mosque had a madrasah with 22 rooms. The mosque is also known as “Cami-i Kebir”, meaning “great mosque”. It is a nice place to be seen by the tourists who are interested in the reflections of Ottoman history in Çorlu.
  • Çorlu Castle: 2 kilometers away from the center, the remains of the Çorlu Castle date all the way back to the Byzantines. Like many other castles, Çorlu Castle was built to defend the city against the attacks, especially from the west. Today, it is possible for the tourists to visit the castle any day they would like to without any entry fees.
  • Statue Square: Known as the gathering point of the residents of Çorlu, the Statue Square welcomes its visitors with the statue of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Being also a tourist attraction, the square provides the tourists with a wide array of shops, cafés and other places to visit. Fun fact, many people give directions to others by putting this square in the center, thus facilitating the direction-giving in Çorlu center.
  • Çorlu Refugee House:The Çorlu Refugee House is in Cemaliye Street and it is approximately 2 kilometers away from the center. Also known as the Historical Çorlu House, it is a wooden house which is 150 years old. It had been the house of a Greek doctor and operates as a museum today. A must-see for the history geeks, this historic house harbors various items such as documents, clothing as well as photographs.

Çorlu Accommodation Options

Çorlu, as a county of Tekirdağ, has different accommodation options for its visitors. The hotels in Çorlugreet its guests with utmost hospitality and high service quality. Whether you would like to stay at the center or near the seaside, the choices for accommodation are abundant to say the least. As for the Çorlu hotel prices, it is safe to say it is not something you should worry about as there are hotels for every budget. You can easily opt for cheap hotels in Çorlu, which can be more economical if you have a tight budget. But if you would like to stay at a more luxurious place, then you can always find luxury options. Thanks to the ease of accommodation in Çorlu, the tourists can have a joyful stay in this lovely county which they will never forget. The thought of setting your foot out of the hotel room after a delicious traditional Turkish breakfast and then the breathtaking seaside greeting you or the busy and colorful center of Çorlu welcoming you with its warmth…The beauty of this lovely district and its wide range of hotels with different facilities must’ve aroused your curiosity, haven’t they? If your answer is affirmative, then hurry to make your reservations to seize any seasonal opportunity available alongside special hotel deals.

How to Get to Çorlu?

Going to Çorlu is easier than resisting the desire to go there all thanks to various modes of transportation that facilitate traveling. There are air and land options you can make use of to reach this underrated district of Tekirdağ province. First, there is always the option of booking a plane ticket and flying to Tekirdağ Çorlu Airport. From there, all you need to do is hop on a bus or service to reach Çorlu center with ease. Then again, it is also possible for you to buy a bus ticket and travel only with the bus until you reach the center. In this way, you can also gaze at the changing scenery and the picturesque topography of the region. You can also make use of car rental services if you want the freedom to explore wherever you wish while traveling. Car rental option is especially recommended if you are coming from a nearby city. Upon your arrival,on the other hand, you can enjoy the best hotels in Çorluto the fullest.

Çorlu Vacation

Above anything else, Çorlu is a place of ease. That is, there is no “must go in x, y, z season”, there is only the notion of going to Çorlu for a vacation. There is nothing that can limit the tourists and the things they can do, the experiences they can have in Çorlu. There are public beaches you can go to, museums you can visit and most importantly, a whole county at your feet, waiting to be discovered. Fully understanding the reality that Çorlu is a beauty which cannot be resisted is what makes the domestic or foreign tourists turn back for another round. After the tourists provide themselves with a ticket, a way of going to Çorlu and booking a hotel room to stay in, there is not much else to be concerned with as it will welcome and guide you. It goes without saying, Çorlu remains a solid option especially if you are looking for a break from the hustle of the city, but still want to be close to it.

Bus Stations in Corlu

Çorlu Bus Stationı Şeyh Sinan Mah. Kumyol Cad. 59850 Çorlu/Tekirdağ
Çorlu Bus Stationı Bus Departure-Destination Stop Şeyh Sinan, Çorlu Otogarı, 59850 Çorlu/Tekirdağ
Corlu Adnan Dogu Bus Departure-Destination Stop Adnan Doğu Cd. 5

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