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About Has Karayolu Turizm

Has Turizm, which started the transportation sector in 1952 on the Antakya-Ceyhan-Adana-Tarsus-Mersin line with, in its own words, a bus converted from a truck, managed to expand its transportation network at an incredible speed in 1968 and expand abroad. After starting international group transportation as Has Turizm in Arabia in 1975, it became the number one choice of local and foreign passengers going on pilgrimage. Has Turizm, which also provides private transportation services to the employees of famous companies such as Baytur, Çukurova, Garanti, Tekser, ENKA, Koza, Mir İnşaat, has also achieved great success in the corporate transportation sector. Has Tourism services, which spread over a wide geography both at home and abroad with the slogan From Yemen to Siberia, have been deemed worthy of dozens of international awards to date. Has Turizm, which provides high-level transportation services on three continents, is a company most famous for the Superior Service Award it received from the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Has Turizm, which supports its passengers with its professional team both before and after the trip and answers their questions 24/7, simply knows no limits in service. While it makes its passengers feel at home during the journey, it provides a quality and reliable service with its fleet consisting of 2+2 and 2+1 buses. The routes that Has Turizm operates most frequently are Adana-Hatay, Antakya-Tarsus, Adana-Antakya, Hatay-Adana and Hatay-Mersin. The most popular international flights are to Yemen, Bulgaria and Russia. Has Turizm vehicle fleet, Mercedes-TRAVEGO 17 SHD/Royal Class (2+1), Mercedes-TRAVEGO 15 SHD (2+2), Mercedes-TRAVEGO 17 SHD (2+2), Mercedes-RHD INTOURO (2+2) It consists of Mercedes-0 403 (2+2) and Mercedes-TRAVEGO 580 RHD (2+2) vehicles. Has Travel Magazine, one of Turkey's most famous travel and culture magazines, is also published by Has Turizm. Has Turizm bus tickets can be purchased via oBilet.

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