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About Kontur Turizm

Kontur Turizm, one of Konya's leading companies in the sector, provides both reliable and friendly transportation services with the slogan From Journey to Friendship. Providing comfortable transportation to all over Turkey, especially Adana, Antalya, Konya, Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Kocaeli, Tekirdağ, Bilecik, Eskişehir, Sakarya, Denizli, Manisa and Balıkesir, Kontur Turizm's most frequent routes are Adana. -İzmir, Adana-Konya, Çumra-Konya, Konya-Alanya, Adana-Aydın-İzmir, Antalya-Ankara, İzmir-Konya, Yalova-Adana, Konya-İstanbul and Istanbul-Konya. The latest technological vehicles offered by Kontur Turizm, which has come to the fore with its recent expansion of its transportation network and renewal of its bus fleet, with the slogan Smiling Vehicles, made a great impact. Offering a unique experience to its visitors with its comfortable travel service, Kontur Turizm buses have touch-sensitive stewardess calling and reading buttons, free Internet access, television, etc. There are opportunities. You can easily meet all your needs during your trip with Kontur. Kontur Turizm, which always keeps service quality and customer satisfaction at the highest level, also offers the opportunity to purchase bus tickets online. It also organizes various campaigns for some of its voyages at different times of the year. The most popular among Kontur Turizm's seasonal campaigns are Buy a ticket, end this longing! and “The departure is from you, the return is from us!”.Kontur TourismCampaign, discounted and cheap bus tickets of the bus company are on Biletall.com!Contour bus ticketforflights, times and pricesinquire, compare with similar companiescheapest ticketChoose your choice and travel comfortably.Company HeadquarterscontourIts headquarters are located in Konya, where the company started its operations.Headquarters Address:Ankara Caddesi No: 390 KonyaKontur Tourism OrganizationFounded in Konya in 1982Kontur Tourismcontinues its activities as one of the most reputable companies in the sector today, with its customer satisfaction and service quality that has continuously improved since then.Kontur Tourism Buses and FleetKontur Turizm bus fleet consists of very new and modern buses. Seat-back multimedia screens are standard in all buses, and all of them are designed for long-distance journeys. The majority of the vehicles in the fleet are Mercedes - BenztravegoAlthough there are model busesTemsaMarathon, Temsa Safir andsetraModels such as these are also available within the company.Bus featuresKontur Turizm bus fleet consists of vehicles with specially designed interiors so that its guests can have a comfortable and enjoyable journey.Features of Kontur Turizm buses:details can be listed as follows:2+1 Buses: If you want to travel in single and comfortable seats, the 2+1 buses offered by the company will more than meet your expectations with their extra wide legroom.Wi-Fi / Wireless Internet: Wi-Fi service, which you can use throughout the journey, is also available on Kontur Turizm buses.Personal Multimedia Service: All vehicles in the company's fleet have on-seat entertainment screens. You can watch movies, listen to music, connect to the internet and even play games on these screens during your travel.220V Sockets: 220V sockets are at your service in most of the buses in the company's fleet so that you do not have charging problems along the way and can use your electronic devices as you wish.How to Buy Kontur Tourism Ticket?Cheapest Kontur Turizm bus ticketThe easiest way to buy is Biletall.com! You can follow the steps below via Biletall.com website, iOS (iPhone) and Android mobile application to buy company tickets quickly and easily from your location, without the hassle of going to the bus station.How to Buy Tickets from Biletall.com Website?When you enter the Biletall.com website, you must select your departure and arrival dates from the ticket search panel. Then, select the date you want to travel and click on the Search Ticket button and bus schedules will be listed. You can proceed to seat selection by choosing the one that suits you best among these flights. After entering the information requested from you on the following page,3D secure paymentYou can complete your shopping with. If you wish, you can also make your payment in installments.How to Buy Tickets from Biletall.com Mobile Application?If you do not have Biletall.com mobile application installed, where you can compare the tickets of more than 150 bus companies and buy the most suitable one quickly and safely, you can download them from the links below.Kontur TourismYou can use Biletall.com mobile applications to buy bus tickets. To do this, you first need to choose the route you want to travel and enter the travel date.

Then, you will be informed about the bus services that will be listed.

optimalKontur Tourism expedition

you can choose. After selecting your seat from the bus plan that will be opened, you need to enter passenger information and specify your service preference if you are going to use it. You can also pay in installments by entering your payment information on the payment page you will be directed to.

Secure payment with 3D

You can do.

Kontur Turizm General Baggage Rules

Kontur Turizm Baggage AllowanceMaximum weight of luggage that can be carried free of charge:


In accordance with legal regulations

On your Kontur Turizm flights

You can check in your luggage up to 30 kilograms per person free of charge. If you have loads exceeding this amount, the company may charge additional fees.

Products Prohibited from Carrying in Luggage

According to legal rules, liquid, flammable, strong-smelling, explosive and poisonous items cannot be transported on company buses. Otherwise, the carrier company will cancel your ticket and, if necessary, inform the relevant authorities.

5 important reasons to choose Kontur Turizm

A well-established companyKontur TourismThe five most important reasons for you to travel with can be listed as follows:The company, which has been serving on our country's roads for 36 years, inspires trust with its deep-rooted history.It continues its activities with the principle of passenger satisfaction first.It includes the latest model vehicles in its fleet to reunite you with your loved ones in a safe and comfortable way.Seat-back entertainment systems, wireless internet service and 220V sockets are at your service to help you have an enjoyable journey.Your trip will become more enjoyable with the catering options that will be offered throughout your journey.

Kontur Turizm Catering Options

Kontur Tourism

Various refreshments are offered regularly during the flights operated within the company. Among these catering options;

As a Hot Drink;
  • tea
  • Coffee
  • As a cold drink;
  • Fruit juice
  • Coke
  • This
  • As a snack;
  • Ice cream (during certain periods)
  • Cracker
  • Cake
  • There are.

    Kontur Turizm Contact Information

    You can reach Kontur Turizm company through the specified communication channels and get help on all kinds of issues.

    Kontur Contact

    : 444 4 042

    Kontur Official Website



    Kontur Turizm Ticket Cancellation Procedure

    Purchased from Biletall.com


    You can cancel your bus ticket until your bus departure. For this

    (850) 360 32 58

    from phone number

    Biletall.com call center

    you can call. You can also quickly cancel your ticket online. All you have to do is enter the Biletall.com website or mobile application, enter your ticket PNR code and phone number and complete your transaction.

    You can only cancel tickets purchased from Biletall.com online if the tickets have not been issued. If the ticket has been printed, ticket cancellations are made by the company and company procedures are followed.

    If you bought your ticket from a company other than Biletall.com, change and cancellation times vary. In this case, you can get information by contacting the company call center.

    It is not possible to change, cancel, cancel or refund bus tickets whose departure date or time has passed.

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