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LAND AREA 28 km²

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Iyidere Bus Ticket

In history, the district hosted the Roman, Byzantine and Pontic empires. Although the district is on the seashore, it is surrounded by the Eastern Black Sea forests like a wall in the south. In the district, women generally earn their income by working in tea farming, while men earn their income by working in the tea factory in the district.

In addition, the district also generates income from fish. It is a small and cute district due to its proximity to the district. For this reason too


It is possible to see both the beauties and the cuteness of the district by taking it.

Things You Need to Know After Buying İyidere Bus Ticket

Bus ticket

Once you get there, a small and cute town with a beach on one side and a Black Sea forest on the other will be waiting for you. In addition, the district awaits its visitors with its beach, historical places and delicious tastes.

5 Reasons to Visit İyidere

  • Being a small and cute town
  • Opportunity to swim thanks to its rare beach
  • The most natural form of tea
  • Wire halva and fresh fish varieties
  • It has hosted many empires
  • Places to Visit in İyidere

    Hacı Efendi Mosque; The mosque, which is simple in terms of decoration, was built by demolishing another mosque in ancient times. It is simpler than the old mosque and is still in service.

    Pileki Cave; The cave has not been fully opened to visitors, but work is still ongoing. Approximately 1500 meters of the cave is open to visitors. This cave was made by human hands and pileki stone is quarried from it and it still continues and is used in some bread baking processes.

    İyidere Beach; It is the most important beach of the province. It is one of the rare beaches with the opportunity to swim in the sea. It attracts a lot of attention from its visitors, especially in the summer months.

    Yalıköy; This is a town belonging to fishermen. The most important feature of this place is that it is right in the middle of the city and the sun rises 15 minutes earlier. For this reason, it is said to be good for many rheumatic diseases.

    What to Eat in İyidere? What is it famous for?

    Tel halva is a must for this small and cute town. The delicious tel halva fascinates its visitors. In addition to tel halva, since it is a coastal district, it will of course be possible to taste fresh delicious fish here, and of course, tea is a must for the district.

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