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LAND AREA 71 km²
CITY Çanakkale

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Geyikli Bus Ticket

Geyikli, the beautiful district of beautiful Çanakkale, has managed to fascinate everyone who visits it. You can have a holiday where you will be filled with happiness with its natural beauty, air, people and sea. You should buy your Geyikli bus ticket from obilet.com and go to this city.

The number of companies organizing Geyikli bus services is not very many. But you have the opportunity to see each of the existing bus companies on obilet.com. In this way, you can choose the company that is suitable for you by comparing prices and features between companies. You can buy an economical Geyikli bus ticket.

Where to visit in Geyikli?

Geyikli is a place that manages to attract people like a magnet with its streets and atmosphere. The beauty of its sea and the fact that it is a ferry ride away from beauties such as Bozcaada and Gökçeada are another advantage for this place.

Like almost every district of Çanakkale, the number of historical and ancient buildings is quite high. Apollo Smintheion, Alexsandria Toras, Chryse and Hamaxitos are ancient cities that must be seen.

You can't come to Geyikli and not visit Assos. You should definitely see the ancient city of Assos and Behramkale and Babakale.

Use its proximity to Kaz Mountains as an advantage and make time for this place during your stay in Geyikli. Ayazma will make you feel like you are in another world with its pine forests and ice-cold waters.

You should enjoy swimming in Geyikli, visit the villages, eat fresh fruits from the gardens, and breathe in the clean air of Çanakkale.

What to eat in Geyikli?

You should definitely eat olives, olive oil and olive oil foods. You should even buy it on your way home.

You should eat and buy the famous Ezine cheese.

You should sit on the beach and eat pancakes.

You should definitely eat fish and seafood. Take advantage of being in Çanakkale.

Do not deprive yourself of breakfast tables filled with Ezine cheese, Aegean olives and Çanakkale tomatoes.

Where to stay in Geyikli?

You can pitch a tent in the camping areas here. You can rent a house, or stay in hotels or hostels.

Go to Geyikli, one of the beautiful and unspoiled places of Çanakkale, and have a pleasant holiday with plenty of oxygen and tranquility. You can buy your Geyikli bus ticket online via Obilet.com. At the end of a pleasant journey, you can abandon yourself to the beauties of nature.

It is a district of Çanakkale province, whose history has been told for years.

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The district is known as one of the popular districts. This district, where mostly retirees prefer to settle due to its tranquility, has also become a favorite among holidaymakers with its sea, sand and sun opportunities.

The movie Eyvah Eyvah, starring famous artists such as Ata Demirer and Demet Akbağ, and broadcast on cinemas and television, introduced the natural beauties of Geyikli district.

Things You Need to Know After Buying a Geyikli Bus Ticket

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The most preferred way to reach the district is road transportation. Because

Geyikli bus ticket

There are small details that you need to know about this trip. Transportation to Geyikli district is extremely easy in summer and winter. It is also among the things that should be known that it is a district that does not experience traffic problems and offers the opportunity to taste mostly organic foods.

5 Reasons to Visit Geyikli

Among the reasons given for visiting Geyikli, known as a quiet-looking holiday town;

  • First of all, the air is rich in oxygen, which makes it easy to breathe easily, and therefore it is good for many breathing-related diseases.
  • Being a land of flavors served with organic products,
  • Traffic is extremely comfortable,
  • It is suitable for meeting tent and mountain life,
  • There are reasons such as being a quiet and peaceful holiday destination.
  • Places to Visit in Geyikli

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    Geyikli district, which can be reached afterwards, is famous for its natural beauties and quiet beaches. Among these beaches, Ayazma beach, which is a world-famous beach, is among the must-see places. Bozcaada, which is only half an hour away by ferry, is also among the must-see places. Places such as tent camps, historical houses that have remained unassimilated since the past, and wine cellars with wonderful tastes are also among the places to visit in Geyikli district.

    What to Eat in Geyikli? What is it famous for?

    Among the flavors that are famous in Geyikli, in addition to the aged wines, there are also local flavors such as Ezine cheese, which is a taste specific to the Çanakkale province, sardine fish, cheese halva, broad bean kashk, chicken manti, and Hıdırellez stew.

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    Geyikli Bus Stationı Geyikli Kumburun Yolu, 17600 Geyikli/Ezine/Çanakkale

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