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Hotels in Silivri

A popular vacation spot especially in the summer, Silivri is on the Çatalca Peninsula, which is 70 km from Istanbul. As far as accommodation is concerned, Silivri is not the one to disappoint those who come to its doors. With its historical buildings, natural beauty, long coast, clean beaches, and fish restaurants, Silivri is a little piece of paradise that promises visitors a good time. Silivri is known as the "summer garden of Istanbul" due to its long history dating back to ancient times, natural beauty, fish restaurants, and famous Silivri yogurt. It is located on trade routes that have been important throughout history and have a natural harbor. Used to be the home to the Persians, Spartans, Romans, Byzantines, and lastly the Ottomans, Silivri has historic significance as well. During the War of Independence, Greeks and Italians lived in Silivri as well. After the war, a deal was made for Turks living in the Balkans to move there in exchange for the Greeks and Italians. Don't forget to check out the reasonable prices and appealing payment options of hotels in Silivriif you want to stay in a quality hotel. These hotels will have all the services you need to have a top-notch holiday experience. Many visitors come to Silivri every year to immerse themselves in its impeccable nature and rich history while making the most of cheap hotels in Silivri. There are in fact many hotels in Silivri that fit every budget and need. These hotels offer privileged, enjoyable, and unforgettable holiday experiences with the wide scope of their services.

Must See Places in Silivri

In addition to its appealing accommodation options, Silivri is packed with places you shouldn’t leave without visiting including the Mimar Sinan Bridge which has 32 arches, the Piri Mehmet Pasha Mosque, and the old houses that are still standing. You can rent a boat at the port, enjoy the beach's unique beauty, and spend the whole day enjoying the sea, sand, and sun. You can also try the famous Silivri yogurt which is made from buffalo milk, and buy pots of it for your friends and family. There are also restaurants in hotel facilities as well as the vicinity of the area that you are staying in. Accommodation in Silivri is varied in accordance with the preferences and tastes of every guest. You can easily find a well-located hotel offering great services around some of the most popular tourist attractions. The list of must-see places in Silivri also includes the following:

  • Silivri Bazaar
  • Masal Village
  • Klassis Golf Club
  • Selymbria Castle
  • Horse Farms
  • Selimpasha Beach
  • Silivri Castle Park

How to Get to Silivri

Silivri can be reached by land, air, sea, and train. It is an hour away from Çorlu Airport, and the E-5 highways can take you to Istanbul if you are traveling by bus or via private vehicle. As there are many ways to get to Silivri, guests can easily choose among different options throughout the year according to their budget and comfort. Silivri bus ticket, for example,is a good alternative to the airway when you are low on budget and also want to enjoy the scenery along the way. Silivri plane ticketscan make a good option as well depending on the season. Both can be bought online with ease and you can also go through the dates and hours according to availability. When you get to Silivri, to ease the transportation, you can always rent a car on Silivri car rentalplatforms. This way you can actually plan your vacation without the hustle and bustle of the bus systems. There are many ways to enjoy your trip to Silivri regardless of your choice of transportation means.

Silivri Accommodation Options

Since Silivri is Istanbul's backyard and has put a lot of effort into tourism in recent years, it has a wide range of hotels that can meet the needs of its visitors. Silivri hotels offer different places to stay, such as city hotels, hotels with a holiday village concept, and hostels. The best hotels in Silivri offer quality lodging options to stay in, and they have facilities that are useful not only for holidays but also for business meetings, seminars, educational gatherings, and many other organizations. In Silivri, there are hotels in the center especially ideal for business trips as well as on the coastline such as Silivri seafront hotelswhere you can get away from the noise of the city and have quality time. Depending on your vacation plan, budget, and preferences, you can customize your accommodation. Needless to say, regardless of your choice of a place to stay, you will leave satisfied and with good memories. Silivri is especially advantageous for it is close to the city and hence enables you to easily turn back in emergency situations.

Silivri Hotel Prices

Silivri hotels come with different price ranges based on the services offered, the types of rooms available, and other factors such as seasonality. Prices change based on the duration of your stay, the number of visitors and rooms to be booked, and hotel concepts such as all-inclusive. If you are visiting with a child, you might want to consider child-friendly hotels in Silivri. Extra services such as babysitting and kids’ club are generally offered for extra fees. Hotel prices can also vary depending on the season. Summer, for example, is one of the peak seasons and hence you are likely to face higher charges. Likewise, there are a lot more people staying in hotels during the summer, so it can be harder to find a place to stay at a price you can afford. However, there are also hotels in Silivri that offer cheap rooms at all times of the year. The best way to avoid this situation and stay in Silivri hotels at the best prices every season, on the other hand, is to book early. Silivri hotel prices are most advantageous when you search for seasonal opportunities and special hotel packages.

Bus Stations in Silivri

Silivri Bus Stationı Alibey Mh. 34570 Silivri/İstanbul
Kolon Hastanesi Bus Departure-Destination Stop Alibey, Turgut Özal Blv. No:45
Silivri Silivri, İstanbul, Türkiye

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