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Information About Akcaabat

LAND AREA 375 km²
CITY Trabzon

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Akcaabat Bus Ticket

Hotels in Akçaabat

There may be many cities a tourist would like to go to, however, there is one that must be visited if you have even a tiny interest in Turkey’s Black Sea Region. Established as an ancient settlement on the edge of the Black Sea, Akçaabat (a district of the city of Trabzon) is a place in which nature is pure as water, beautiful as a red rose, and serene as a lightly blowing wind. With historic sites and natural wonders to see, delicious local meals to taste, and the extraordinary setting of the district itself, the visitors coming to this lovely town can discover its charm by themselves, with friends, or with their families as it is possible to book a room in one of the family hotels in Akçaabat. A district of the historical city of Trabzon, Akçaabat is no less impressive than the city itself. Many people would think of Trabzon as the center of the Black Sea Region of Turkey and Akçaabat as the center of Trabzon. Furthermore, hotels in Akçaabat Trabzon are also dedicated to providing the best experience for their guests.

Akçaabat Accommodation Options

Akçaabat is a place in which you can acquire unique experiences as a tourist. However, before exploring the city, it is important to secure your accommodation. Luckily, Akçaabat is a place where you can find a good hotel offering various services at affordable prices. Accommodation in Akçaabat is indeed as diverse as it gets with numerous options for tourists. From cheap hotels in Akçaabat Trabzon to their luxury counterparts, almost all hotel types can be found in the district, enabling you to choose freely among them in accordance with your expectations from a holiday. It goes without saying, boutique hotels in Akçaabat are more common than larger facilities mostly operating with all-inclusive concepts. However, that is not to say that you will have to sacrifice your comfort if you settle in a much smaller hotel.

Akçaabat Hotel Prices

As far as the finances of the accommodation in Akçaabat is concerned, be aware that Akçaabat hotel priceswill vary for sure with the choice of your accommodation as well as the duration of your stay. Needless to say, the best hotels in Akçaabat, the ones that have the perfect location and serve with extensive service scopes, turn out to be pricier than the rest. However, you can also economize your trip thanks to early booking opportunities and special hotel deals! Even though the choice you are to make may affect you economically or in terms of the comfort of your stay, the experience you will have in Akçaabat will stay with you for a lifetime. Because there cannot be another alternative to this lovely place, the heart of Trabzon and the Black Sea Region, Akçaabat finds its place in the hearts and minds of its visitors.

Akçaabat Must-See Places

A pearl of the Black Sea, Akçaabat has some unique corners every visitor must visit. Here is a list that you can use as a guide for the must-see places in Akçaabat:

  • Hıdırnebi Plateau: This plateau is only 15 kilometers away from the center of Akçaabat and it is possible for visitors to go there either by car or bus. While thousands of people visit this plateau each year solely for its natural beauty, Hıdırnebi is also a place in which many different activities such as hiking, sightseeing, and having a picnic can be made. To see and cherish the ethereal green of this plateau, do not forget to make a reservation in one of the hotels in Akçaabat.
  • Lake Sera:With its wonderful hue of blue, this lake is known for its serene, tranquil environment that is complemented by the lovely plants adorned by mother nature herself. It is a place where young people visit frequently to have a glimpse of nature unbound while they have quality time with their peers. It is also highly recommended to arrange a room in one of the Akçaabat hotels near Lake Sera to indulge in the beauties of this lovely body of water.
  • Trabzon Hagia Sophia Museum:An 800-year-old structure used as a museum today, the Hagia Sophia Museum is 14 kilometers away from the center of Akçaabat. It is possible to visit this museum by car or by bus. This museum hosts plenty of important works and is open to visitation every day of the year.

What to Eat in Akçaabat?

If the topic is food, Akçaabat will never cease to amaze its domestic and international visitors coming to taste the local delicacies including the following:

  • Akçaabat Meatballs: One of the signature delicacies widely known in Turkey is the Akçaabat meatballs which have their special place in the Turkish palate. It is said that the secret of this tasty meatball is the garlic that is added to the traditional recipe. As a matter of fact, Akçaabat stays on top of the list when it comes to meatballs.
  • Pita with Cheese and Minced Meat:Pita is something that is mastered in the Black Sea Region, but again, Akçaabat gets the last laugh in the field of pita too. The combination of delicious local cheese with minced meat alongside melted butter and eggs on top of it becomes an explosive delicacy in the mouth.
  • Halva:Combine organic butter produced in the Akçaabat district with flour. Do you know what you will get? A dangerously delicious dessert that may wipe out any other sweets you have ever tasted. While it has a simple recipe, its taste is where complexity comes into play, showing the world that complexity can be hidden in simplicity.
  • Kuymak:A must-taste of the Black Sea Region that is specialized in Akçaabat, Kuymak is perhaps the one food you shouldn’t leave without trying if you visit this site. Putting the kolot cheese of Akçaabat, corn flour, and butter into one place brings out this lovely dish that can easily be consumed in any meal of the day.

What to Do in Akçaabat?

Thinking of urban entertainment options such as nightclubs or cafés, Akçaabat may not provide its party-goers visitors with enough choices. However, there are several different ways of exploring nature itself through the beautiful landmarks of Akçaabat. Visiting historic and cultural sites such as mosques and museums is yet another option. It would also be wise to book hotels in Akçaabat that are close to the major attractions to facilitate getting around. Likewise, the pristine and verdant nature of Akçaabat brings out the best of the promenades. You can also go for a restaurant/cafe hunt where you can meet and converse with the locals as much as you can try some of the best examples of local cuisine. Last but not least, you can check out the bazaars in the area to buy some organic food which also makes practical gifts. Regardless of your choice of accommodation among various options and the activities, you plan to participate in, there is no doubt that you will leave this lovely town with a pleased heart and some good memories.

Bus Stations in Akcaabat

Akçaabat Otogarı Akçaabat, 61300 Trabzon

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