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Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, has 21% of the entire Swedish population and 35% of the entire Swedish industry. Stockholm, a very advanced European city with its buildings, parks, historical centers, green areas and education centers, has been a Scandinavian center of culture, politics, media and economy since the 13th century. Stockholm is the city that receives the most visitors among the Scandinavian countries, with over 1 million tourists annually. Apart from the mainland, the city has fourteen islands and a channel where Lake Mälaren meets the sea. The fact that the city has islands and a canal has given Stockholm the title of Venice of the North. Due to this dispersed structure, the sights of Stockholm can be discussed region by region. Gamla Stan, the touristic, old town area of the city, and the small Riddarholmen, which can be considered part of Gamla Stan. Riddarholmen Church, Vasterlanggatan and Österlanggatan Streets, Stockholm Cathedral, Royal Palace and Nobel Museum are the must-see places of this region. Just below Gamla Stan is the Södermalm district. The feature of this region is its delicious food stops and slightly hippie-like structure. Fotografiska, Götgatan, SoFo and SkyView are the leading tourist attractions in the Södermalm region. In the Norrmalm region, where there are mostly settlements, the National Museum and Stockholm Public Library can be visited. In the Skeppsholmen region, which stands out with its natural beauty, Moderna Museet and Architecture Museum should be seen. In the Östermalm area, where the rich people of Stockholm live, the Swedish History Museum can be visited. In the Djurgarden region, which is considered to be within the Östermalm region, Skansen, Vasa Museum and Gröna Lund can be visited.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is the largest airport in Sweden and the 3rd largest airport in the Scandinavian countries. Transportation from Stockholm Arlanda Airport to Stockholm city center takes 15-20 minutes by train and 45 minutes by bus. Stockholm's other 2 airports are Stockholm Bromma Airport and Stockholm Skavsta Airport. Turkish Airlines, Pegasus, Atlas Global, Air France, Ukraine International Airlines, British Airways, LOT Polish Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines, Lufthansa, SAS, Serbian Airlines are the main companies offering flight tickets to Stockholm. You can find detailed information about Stockholm flight tickets on the oBilet flight ticket sales platform.

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Sweden, a country located on the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe, is governed by a constitutional monarchy.


It is the capital and largest city of the country. The city has a total population of 2 million, including 1.3 million in the center and its surroundings. The city, which is the cultural, political and economic center of Sweden, has maintained its importance for the country of Sweden since the 1200s.

The city has fourteen islands outside its mainland. There is also a channel where Lake Malaren meets the sea. Because the city is spread over canals and islands, it is also called the Venice of the North.

Stockholm, a highly developed city, is one of the largest cities in Europe with its parks, architectural structures, history, education centers and green areas. The city attracts more than 1 million foreign tourists annually and is the largest tourist destination in Scandinavia. The city is also the administrative center of the city of Stockholm, which has the same name.

The first information about the history of the city is given in Norwegian legends. Although these legends, including the legendary king of the time, Agne, remain only in words, written sources provide precise information about the history of Stockholm and these sources date back to the 13th century. The name of the city is derived from the words Stock, meaning log in Swedish, and holm, meaning island in Swedish. It is understood that the purpose of founding the city was by Birger Jarl to protect the country of Sweden from foreign enemies.