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POPULATION 10,406,578

Airports in Moscow

Airport Phone Distance to the City Center Transportation
Sheremetyevo Airport
Vnukovo Airport
Domododevo Airport
Bykovo Airport
Zhukovsky Airport 0 km Taxi, Bus

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Moscow, which became the capital of the Soviet Union after the October Revolution, remains the capital of the Russian Federation today. Moscow, with a population of more than 12 million, is the most populous city of Russia and among the populous cities of the world. Moscow is the important political, bureaucratic, economic, cultural and scientific center of Russia. Moscow, which has a very original world-renowned architectural structure, St. Basil's Cathedral, famous for its onion head domes, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Seven Sisters Towers, the Kremlin Palace, and the Red Square are original architectural works in Moscow. There are 96 parks and 18 gardens within the borders of Moscow. Thanks to its parks and gardens, Moscow appears to be a very green city. Gorky Park, Neskuchny Garden, Izmaylovsky Park are large parks and gardens. The city, which has hosted and inspired dozens of writers, poets, painters and musicians throughout history, such as Dostoyevsky, Puskin, Pastenak, Vladimir Vysotsky, Sergey Lazerev, Nazım Hikmet, is naturally an important cultural center. Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow State Historical Museum, Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow International Music House, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts are the main cultural and artistic centers of the city. With all these features, Moscow is one of the most visited cities in the world.

Air transportation to Moscow is provided through five international airports. These airports are: Sheremetyevo Airport, Domododevo Airport, Vnukova Airport, Zhukovsky Airport and Ostafyevo Airport. The majority of flights are made via Sheremetyova Airport. Skyteam, Aeroflat, Star Alliance, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Wizz Air are the airline companies that constitute a significant part of the flight traffic. In addition to Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines is also among the Turkish companies that organize flights to Moscow. Companies such as Air Moldova, Azal, Utair, Belavia also organize flights from Turkey to Moscow. Details about all these flights

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With a population of more than 11 million people, both Russia and Europe are crowded. This large city was founded in 1755. Moscow, chosen as the most expensive city in the world, is also known as the city where the very rich reside.

The city of Moscow, which is worth visiting, is one of the beautiful cities of Russia. The special construction and unique architecture of this beautiful city make it worth seeing. Although Moscow is a very expensive city, it still receives a lot of visitors. Moscow, the capital of Russia, has five airports and many railway and river ports.

Although Moscow is a cold city in terms of climate, snowfall begins in November and lasts for almost six months. Even in the summer months in Moscow, it can suddenly start raining when the weather is sunny.

There are more than forty-four churches in Moscow, which was known as a city with many churches in ancient times. Recently, old monasteries have been repaired and put into operation. It is called an open air museum due to the abundance of old palaces, mansions and old churches in Moscow.