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Sturup Airport
Malmo Harbour Heliport Airport 0 km Taxi, Bus
Malmo Metropolitan Area Airport 0 km Taxi, Bus

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The official currency of Malmö, located in the south of Sweden, is the Swedish Krona and the official language spoken in the country is Swedish. The best time to visit Malmö, where the oceanic climate prevails, is spring and autumn. Almost all urban public transportation vehicles are operated by Skanetrafiken company. You can use buses and taxis while touring Malmö. Famous festivals that take place in Malmö are Malmöfestivalen (August) and Regnbagsfestivalen (September). Main places to visit in Malmö, Öresund Bridge, Turning Torso, Malmö Castle, Kungsparken, Folkest Park, Moderna Museet, Form/Design Center, Malmo Museer, Malmö Kontshall, Teknikens och sjöfartens hus, Ebbas hus, Malmö Chokladmuseum, Sankt Petri Church, Slottsparken, Pildammasparken, Slottsradgarden, Ribersborgsstranden, Torup Recreation Area, Sollekplatsen, Reptil Center, Lomma Beach, Margareta Pavilion, Forum Gustavi Adolphi, Teamtastic Malmö, Sagolekplatsen, Amaltheas förtöjningsplats, Spetsbunkern, Agrikultura, Gamla polishuset, Breadfield, Malmo Old Light House and Smörkon trolling . If you want to shop and buy souvenirs in Malmö, you should definitely go to the Old Town.

Malmö Airport, the main airport of Malmö, one of the beautiful cities of Sweden, is also known as Sturup Airport. Malmö Airport, which is Sweden's 4th busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic, provided transportation services to more than 2 million passengers in 1 year, according to 2015 statistics. Located 28 km east of Malmö city center and 26 km southeast of Lund, Malmö Airport is 55 km from the city center of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark; It is located 47 km away from Copenhagen Airport. Some of the airline companies that have direct flights to Malmö Airport are Wizz Air, Ryanair, Czech Airlines, etc. You need to buy your flight ticket to Malmö with a connecting flight because, as of 2017, there is no airline company with non-stop flights from Turkey to this airport.

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, Gdansk, Katowice, Nis, Poznan etc. You can reach it by transferring through cities. If you have a Bordeaux passport, you need to obtain a Schengen visa before your trip to Malmö. With oBilet, you can view the budget airline companies flying to Malmö Airport and make your online purchase after choosing the one that suits your budget.

Malmö, one of the major cities of Sweden, is located in the southern part of the country. The city of Malmö, which is a port city, provides most of its economy through port trade. The city of Malmö, which was used as the defense city of Denmark for many years, joined Swedish sovereignty after an agreement. For this reason, there are many castles and walls built for defense purposes in the region.

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You can see the historical texture of the city closely by taking advantage of the opportunities. Moreover, since part of the city is Muslim, you won't feel like a stranger when you go to the city. To see both the cultural structure and unique view of the city closely

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