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Jeddah is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia after the capital Riyadh. Jeddah, a coastal city founded on the Red Sea, is an important port trade center. The important feature of the city of Jeddah is that it is a transportation center for pilgrims who will visit Hajj and Umrah. Since there is no airport in Mecca, pilgrims and Umrah pilgrims first reach the city of Serious by air and sea, and then go to the holy places by bus from the city of Jeddah. Mecca, one of the holy cities of Islam, is located in the Hejaz Region of Saudi Arabia today. While Jeddah is on the edge of the Red Sea, Mecca is located about 80 kilometers inland. Mecca, the city where the Prophet Muhammad was born, is a sacred place and the third largest city in Saudi Arabia. The founding of the city is Hz. It is based on Ishmael. Prophet Abraham and his son Prophet. Founded by Ishmael, Mecca contains the Kaaba. Kaaba Hz. It has been a pilgrimage center since its foundation by Abraham. Today, the Kaaba and its surroundings are a very important religious place, visited by Muslims from all over the world for Hajj pilgrimage. Hz. Although Muhammad had to migrate from Mecca to Medina, the city was retaken by Muslims in 630. Since its recapture, the city of Mecca has been a religious and political center for Muslims. The city was dominated by the Umayyads, Abbasids, Mamluks, Ottoman Empire and Saudi Arabia respectively, and all these civilizations made various efforts to fulfill the pilgrimage. While Hajj is performed during Eid al-Adha, Umrah, which has similar characteristics to Hajj, is a worship that can be performed at any time of the year. Therefore, Muslims from various parts of the world visit the city of Mecca not only during Eid al-Adha but at all times of the year. Apart from the pilgrimage, Islamically sacred places such as the Cave of Thawr, Cenetul Mualla, Zamzam Well and Mount Arafat are also frequently visited by Muslims. Non-Muslims are prohibited from entering the city of Mecca.

One of the important things that those going to Jeddah and Mecca should pay attention to is the climate of the region. In these cities located in the desert region, the desert climate prevails, and the temperature varies greatly between day and night. The average temperature in summer can reach up to 45 degrees and there is not much precipitation. In the region, where winters are relatively cool, temperatures hover around 20 degrees. Saudi Arabia has a developed economy built on providing various services to people coming for Hajj. Especially the transportation sector and Saudi Arabian Airlines generate huge revenues. As Mecca and therefore Jeddah receive so many visitors, air transportation facilities have naturally improved. Saudi Arabian Airlines, Fly Dubai, Nas Air, Aegean Airlines, Gulf Air Bahrain companies have flights to Jeddah Airport via Istanbul, and Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Royal Air Maroc and Saudi Arabian Airlines have flights to Ankara. To buy a flight ticket for Hajj, you can go to and buy your Jeddah flight ticket at affordable prices.

It is the second largest city after Riyadh. It is a port city located on the shores of the Red Sea. It is also known as the Port of Mecca. The place where candidates coming for Hajj are welcomed


is the port.

With its airport being open to transit, it has become the diplomatic center of Saudi Arabia. It is known as the only port city in Saudi Arabia that opens to the outside world. It fascinates those who see it with its unique view and visuality.

During the reign of Caliph Osman, this region gained prominence as a result of being turned into the port of Mecca. Surrounding the city with walls, it has become a port of call for ships from countries such as Egypt and India.

It is a city in Saudi Arabia that is important for maritime, trade, diplomacy, transportation network and shipping. It has been designated as the transition region of Saudi Arabia. This city is preferred for hosting guests, welcoming tourists and other diplomacy works.