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Baghdad, the third largest city in the Middle East after Cairo and Tehran, is the capital and largest city of Iraq. The city, which served as the capital of the Abbasids for several centuries in history, has been the science, culture and trade center of the Islamic world for centuries. The main places to visit in Baghdad are the Abbasid Palace, which is the only remaining work from the Abbasid Period, the Al-Faw Palace, also known as the Water Palace, the Iraqi National Museum, which contains numerous works of art from the civilizations of the Mesopotamian region, the golden-domed Kazimeyn Mosque (Al-Kadhimiya Mosque). Umm al-Qura Mosque, the major place of worship for Sunni Muslims, Martyrs' Monument, Baghdad Zoo, Babylon Ancient City and Al-Askari Mosque.

Baghdad International Airport, formerly known as Saddam International Airport, is located 16 km west of Baghdad city center and is the country's largest airport. Taxis are frequently preferred to reach the city center from Baghdad International Airport. Among the companies you can buy flight tickets from Baghdad International Airport are Turkish Airlines, Atlas Global, Fly Dubai, Gulf Air Bahrain, Middle East Airlines, Emirates Qatar Airways, Egyptair, Tarom, Royal Jordanian, British Airways, Aegean Airlines.

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Baghdad, which is located in the Middle East and has managed to become one of the important cities with a historical background, literally means the Garden of God. It has been among the important cities of the Islamic world for years.


It is currently under Iraqi rule. It contains works from the Abbasid, Seljuk and Ottoman periods, and has recently been flooded with visitors as security problems have been overcome.

Baghdad, which was greatly damaged by the Gulf War, still continues to preserve its cultural heritage and is among the few places in terms of fine arts. Baghdad, which can be reached directly from Turkey, is among the important capitals of the Middle East with many places to visit.

In Baghdad, where hot and dry weather prevails in summer, rainy weather prevails in winter. Knowing when to go sightseeing is important for customers.

The city was a city that lived under Seljuk and Ottoman domination for centuries, and was subjected to Timur and Mongol invasions. It has managed to continue its development and survive thanks to oil in recent years.