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Information About Yalvac

LAND AREA 1,402 km²
CITY Isparta

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Yalvac Bus Ticket

Yalvaç is one of the most beautiful districts of Isparta. It is a very important place historically. You can complete your Yalvaç bus ticket purchases via Obilet.com.

Most of the companies providing Yalvaç bus services are local travel companies. You can examine all of these companies in detail on obilet.com. You can make price and feature comparisons between them. As a result of the comparison, you can buy your Yalvaç bus ticket from the company you choose.

Where to visit in Yalvaç?

There are many historically and artistically important places in Yalvaç. Your first stop should be Yalvaç Museum. You should definitely visit this museum, where many valuable works are exhibited.

You should definitely visit the Devlethan Mosque, the construction date of which is unknown, the Yalvaç Hacı Ali Rıza Efendi Public Library and the Municipality Culture House.

You should rest under Çınaraltı, dating back to the 1200s, and see Anlatan Square.

Pisidia Antiocheia Ancient City and Tokmacık Fossil Beds, which are outside the district, are natural and historical formations that must be seen.

What to eat in Yalvaç?

The most important of Yalvaç's unique local flavors is dried stuffed vegetables. Moreover; You should definitely eat bean boranisi, kashkek and yufka katmerini. Also, the Güllacı of this place is very famous; Don't leave without eating.

Where to stay in Yalvaç?

There are many hotels in the district as it is an important touristic place. Teacher's House is also among the accommodation options.

Yalvaç is a must-see place as it hosts historically important buildings. You can set off by purchasing your bus ticket via Obilet.com.


It is a district of Isparta Province and its economy is based on agriculture and animal husbandry. Apart from this, tourism and handicrafts have also developed. In history, Yalvaç comes from the time of Alexander the Great. It was named Yalvaç during the Seljuk period.

Apart from the historical monuments, the natural beauties in Yalvaç are also worth seeing. For example, their caves are known as natural caves. It is a district full of both history and nature. Traditions are still experienced in their warmest form.

The people are extremely friendly, warm and sincere. It has a neighborhood atmosphere. Spending time visiting Yalvaç by purchasing a ticket can never be considered a waste of time. A full period of time is spent.

What You Should Know After Buying Your Yalvaç Bus Ticket

What is needed: A plane ride to Isparta Yalvaç.

bus ticket

Afterwards, what you need to know is that you are moving towards a place with a wide range of historical and touristic places.

For example, there is an 800-year-old plane tree in Yalvaç; Even a glass of tea here will be enough to take you back to the past. Traditional handicrafts are highly developed in Yalvaç. Examining and visiting all of these are noteworthy points.

5 Reasons to Visit Yalvaç

  • Yalvaç is a district with the oldest historical past.
  • Images rich with wonderful nature
  • Seljuk and Ottoman architecture houses
  • Yalvaç dishes
  • 800-year-old Great Plane Tree
  • Places to Visit in Yalvaç

    It would be a big mistake to return to Yalvaç without seeing its traditional Yalvaç houses, historical mansions, streets and Anlatan Square. Yalvaç museum, mosques, Ulu plane tree, Hoyran island, Rock tombs and Taşevi beach are among the places worth visiting.

    Taşevi beach welcomes local and foreign guests with its fine sand and is a beautiful home with its clear water.

    What to Eat in Isparta Yalvaç? What is it famous for?

    Yalvaç bread and pastries must be tasted. The smell of Keşkek dishes is dominant in Yalvaç. Güllaç and curd baklava are must-have tastes. Cheese baklava is a must try.

    You should not leave Yalvaç without buying leather products and bread. And of course, it is impossible to be within the borders of Isparta province and not mention the Isparta Rose. You will be happy to be in a city filled with the scent of roses.

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    Yalvaç Bus Stationı 32400 Yalvaç/Isparta

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