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LAND AREA 2,029 km²
CITY Mersin

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Tarsus Bus Ticket

Tarsus is connected to Mersin and is one of the largest districts of our country. Tarsus, located on fertile lands, is one of the touristic places of the city. If you want to visit these places, you can buy a Tarsus bus ticket on obilet.com.

Tarsus bus services are generally organized by local travel companies. You can view all of these companies on obilet.com. You can even examine them in detail and compare prices and features between them. In this way, you can buy your Tarsus bus ticket online from the company that suits you.

Where to visit in Tarsus?

Tarsus is truly a great cultural heritage. It has hosted many civilizations throughout history. That's why it is home to many beauties waiting to be discovered.

Cleopatra's Gate dates back to the Byzantine period and is one of the special buildings in the city.

B.C. Tarsus Ancient Road, dating back to the 2nd century, is also among the important structures to be seen. The Roman Road can be evaluated in the same way, but it has suffered some damage.

Nusret Minelayer, a world-famous minelayer, is also located here. It is an important work that was brought to the surface of the water as a result of heavy work, repaired by the municipality and exhibited. Tarsus Çanakkale Park is a special place right next to the ship.

Tarsus Waterfall is one of the places that impress people with its natural beauty.

Famous for its legends, Ashab-ı Keyf Cave is also an important place waiting to be visited. Don't forget to learn its story from those who know there.

St. Buildings such as Paul Church, Şahmeran, Tarsus Rug Museum, Ethnography Museum, Roman Tombs, Bilal-i Habeşi's Place, Kemeraltı Bazaar, Donuktaş, Bac Bridge and Kırkkaşık Bedesten are also among the must-see places.

What to eat in Tarsus?

The only beauty of Tarsus is not the buildings found here. Their food is also very delicious and worth a treasure. You should definitely eat dishes such as lepe, topalak soup, ring soup, stuffed meatballs, tatar soup, sesame meatballs, meatball pilaf, hummus recipe, imam baydı with olive oil, stuffed vegetables, stuffed grapes, stuffed vegetables, stuffed meatballs, malhuta and babagannuş. Tomato jam and flour halva are also sweet delicacies you should try.

Where to stay in Tarsus?

It is possible to find and stay in hotels and hostels suitable for every budget in Tarsus.

If you want to discover the cultural and local riches of Tarsus, you can buy your Tarsus bus ticket on obilet.com.


in the east of the province


You can find many natural beauties in . People living in the region make a living from agriculture and industry. Our city, famous for its historical riches and natural beauties, is also famous for its culinary delights. There is also the Nusret minelayer culture park in Tarsus, which is one of the ideal options for having a pleasant time. The distance to Mersin is 25 km, and you can reach Mersin center in 20 minutes.

What You Need to Know After Buying a Tarsus Bus Ticket

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bus ticket

When you come to Mersin, either by renting a car

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You can pass by or use public transportation if you wish.

You come to Mersin, which offers great convenience to its guests in terms of transportation.


When you get off at the terminal, you can reach your accommodation address in a short time by taking the minibuses waiting for you.


You can buy your ticket by choosing Mersin center or Tarsus when purchasing. For this reason, travel close to where you will stay


It would be better to choose.

5 Reasons to Visit Tarsus

  • You can see the ship by going to Nusret minelayer culture park,
  • You can visit Tarsus waterfall,
  • You can have an extraordinary experience with the Ashab-ı Kehf cave,
  • You can pass through the historical Cleopatra Gate and take photos.
  • You can visit to enjoy the natural view.
  • Places to Visit in Tarsus

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    From Biletall

    If you go down to Tarsus during the day to browse; If you love natural beauties, you can visit caves or have a different experience by going to chalets.

    Ashab-ı Kehf cave, Cleopatra's Gate, St. You can have a pleasant and pleasant time in Tarsus, which has many places to visit such as Paul's Church and the historical Tarsus Grand Mosque.

    Local and foreign tourists come to Tarsus, one of the most touristic places, every year.

    What to Eat in Tarsus? What is it famous for?

    If you came to Tarsus,


    You cannot leave Mersin without eating tantuni. It would be nice to eat this delicious dish, which is prepared in many places, on site.

    Also, if you love kunefe, do not leave without trying these two delicacies when you come. In addition to these flavors that you can find in different places, you can also find places that serve natural and local dishes.

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    Tarsus Bus Stationı +903246246932 Beydeğirmeni, Ankara Bulvarı, 33470 Tarsus / Mersin

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