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Information About Iskenderun

LAND AREA 247 km²
CITY Hatay

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Iskenderun Bus Ticket

Hotels in İskenderun

Located in the beautiful Hatay province of Turkey, İskenderun is a stunning region that boasts many beautiful sites. As this town sits along the Gulf of İskenderun on the Mediterranean coast and also backs up to the Nur Mountains, you can have breathtaking views in just about every direction. With a history that dates back to around 300 BC, you can be sure that you will learn all about the unique culture and historical relevance of this part of Turkey when visiting. There are several different hotels in İskenderun, Turkey, many located right along the stunning shores of this unique Turkish town.

About İskenderun

For those hoping to learn more about İskenderun and what to do while visiting this beautiful part of the world, many sights and activities entice those who venture here. İskenderun is a lovely part of the world with a rich history that can be learned about when visiting. With magical natural sights, a variety of stunning hotels in İskenderun, and so many activities that travelers can enjoy, this town is a must-visit spot when you travel to Turkey!

How to Get to İskenderun?

To get to İskenderun, purchasing an Antakya Hatay flight ticket will get you to the province of Hatay. As the biggest city in the region, this would offer many different transportation options. If you are in Turkey and are looking for a great way to see the country that does not involve flying, you either purchase an İskenderun bus ticket or an Antakya Hatay bus ticket to get you to the region!

How is Urban Transportation in İskenderun?

There are many ways that holidaymakers can travel around this beautiful town. Public transportation in İskenderun comprises a bus service that runs to all major points in and around the city. For those staying at central hotels in İskenderun, you should be able to get around on foot and take the bus to the places further out of town. For those hoping to venture along the coast and further inland, a car rental may be the best way to ensure you visit all the sites you have planned to see.

Hotels in İskenderun: Where to Stay in İskenderun?

There are many different types of accommodation in İskenderun, from extravagant hotels to apartment rentals for those who are after a home away from home! The hotels in İskenderun range from more low-key and inexpensive spots to those after the luxury vacation of a lifetime. Be sure to research the various hotels in İskenderun and other types of accommodation when looking for the perfect spot to enjoy.

What are the Must-See Places in İskenderun?

There are many different places to visit in İskenderun, and with so much to do and see, planning your holiday itinerary before your arrival is a must! Here are a few of the must-see spots to be sure you enjoy while you are in İskenderun.

  • Ancient City of Alexandretta: The first known settlement in this area was the Ancient City of Alexandretta. To get the chance to enjoy this stunning ancient site, be sure to include a stop or a tour of this magical part of the region.
  • Virgin Mary Pool: The Virgin Mary Pool was believed to have been visited by Mary on her travels, and it is a beautiful sight to enjoy! Whether you are there to learn more about the history or just to take in the wondrous sight, a trip to this area is a must!
  • Iskenderun beaches: As a town located along the beautiful Mediterranean coast, we would be remiss if we did not mention them as must-see spots to visit. The coast along this region is breathtaking, and finding a place to lay out your towel and enjoy the warm ocean breeze would be the perfect way to spend a few days on your vacation.

What to Eat in İskenderun?

One of the most famous dishes in İskenderun is künefe, a hot dessert with cheese. Along with this decadent dessert, many other Turkish cuisines can be enjoyed in this region. With many of the hotels in İskenderun having restaurants attached to them, you can explore the different Turkish foods in the comfort of your hotel or venture into the town and enjoy more traditional dishes!

Bus Stations in Iskenderun

Iskenderun Bus Station +903266163631 Dumlupınar, 312. Sk. No:7, 31200 İskenderun/Hatay

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