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Didim, the rising star of the Aegean region fascinates visitors with its pristine nature, rich history, and abundance of social opportunities. It surely promises an unforgettable holiday experience to those who wish to enjoy the Aegean Sea-sand-sun trio and have fun to the fullest. Without a doubt, Didim is a place where you can both unwind and nourish your soul in its peaceful ambiance and lovely locals who are eager to chat with the incomers. It is a perfect getaway place for a reason, promising a one-of-a-kind holiday experience for you to remember and cherish forever.

It is pretty easy to wander around in Didim too, to discover new things, and, of course, find a hotel according to your needs which is the most significant step of a good holiday for most people. Do not worry! You will have learned all the tricks of finding thebest hotels in Didimfor a perfect stay at the end of this article. Just keep reading!

How to Get to Didim?

First, let's find out how to reach this paradise located along the Aegean coast. Located in the western part of Turkey, Didim is a coastal district of Aydın province which is a popular destination among summer vacationers. Thanks to its perfect location, there are a couple of quick and cheap ways to go to Didim including plane, bus, private car, and train options.

If you prefer to travel by airline, you should know that there is no airport in Didim, but Milas - Bodrum Airport (BJV) in Muğla is quite close to the district, providing an easy transfer. You can reach Didim after an 86 km journey by taxi or bus departing from this airport. There are many Didim car rental companies here as well.

The other nearest airports are Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB) which is 150 km away, and Dalaman Airport (DLM), 300 km away from the district. As a rule of the thumb, you can get a price advantage if you buy Didim plane tickets in advance.

If you prefer a road trip, on the other hand, you can easily arrive from any city by bus or private vehicle. Likewise, you can have a different experience with the train option. By train, you should first go to Aydın, and then you can reach Didim by minibusses.

Didim bus tickets are always very affordable, but if you are coming from a city that is far away and there is an airport, it would be better to choose the plane option for the latter would be more comfortable.

Transportation around the district is also easy and cheap. You can visit all famous ancient cities, tourist centers, and other nearby destinations with daily tours.

Didim Accommodation Options

The good news is that there is a wide range of hotels in Didim, from bungalow houses surrounded by lemon trees to ultra-luxury villas by the seashore. Let’s explore!

You can find accommodation after you come here, or you can secure your stay by making a reservation for hotels in Didim Turkeyin advance. You should note that there is an influx of tourists coming from all over the world to Didim, especially in the summer season. So, booking in advance would be a safer choice.

What kind of services do the hotels you are to stay offer? First and foremost, 5-star hotels in Didim Turkeyprovide luxury services including spa centers and gyms. It wouldn’t be an aggreatşon to say these hotels really have everything! All wellness activities, such as massage and meditation breaks can be found in these hotels. Also, many entertainment services are organized according to different times of the day. While karaoke and animation are preferred more during the day; pool bars, nightclubs, or taverns promise unlimited entertainment at night.

In these hotels, you can do all kinds of water, indoor and outdoor sports, or just do nothing but chill out. There are also many activity plans for your children. That being said, safe to say that they offer a comfortable holiday for everyone from 7 to 70.

If you don’t want to allocate a lot of money for the accommodation, on the other hand, there are a lot of cheap hotels in Didim. Do not hesitate for they are cheaply-priced, though! That is not to say that they give a bad service to their guests or that you have to sacrifice so much from your comfort. These hotels aim for comfortable and clean accommodations for customers rather than providing luxury services.

If you want a different holiday experience, you can prefer a tree house, bungalow, or boat hotel as opposed to the traditional choices some of which are mentioned above. These types of accommodation will allow you to be closer to the magnificent nature here. You will absolutely feel reborn in Didim, surrounded by trees and crystal-clear bays.

Didim Early Booking Opportunities

Pre-reservation allows you to have holiday accommodation beyond your expectations at very reasonable prices. The biggest trick here is to follow the early booking advantages of the hotels you want to stay in as well as seasonal opportunities.

Especially hotels in Didim all-inclusiveoffer great discounts, generally limited to a certain number of rooms, one season before. Thanks to these offers, you can get super cheap but luxurious 5-star accommodation.

Booking a hotel for the uncertain future can also make you anxious, but many hotels here offer free cancellation. Therefore, you can cancel your hotel without paying a single penny in any plan change. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

Must-See Places in Didim

You have settled into your super-duper hotel, now it is time to wander around! There are so many places to visit in Didim, but it is possible to explore the city's key attractions in a few days with the right travel plan. Here are some of the must-see attractions in Didem for an efficient stay:

  • Didim City Center:Firstly, it would be a good start to stop by the district center and discover the local culture. You can take a walk along the beach surrounded by palm trees and visit the restaurants for delicious local food.
  • The Ancient City of Didyma:The Temple of Apollo in the Ancient City of Didyma is one of the must-see historical artifacts. Here you can find the remnants of great Ioania civilization.
  • The Miletus Theater and the Miletus Museum: If you are interested in history and culture, these two places must indeed be your first stops for a quick tour in the city. Here you can see the valuable artifacts from the excavation sites and learn valuable knowledge.
  • The Ancient City of Priene:This ancient city with an iconic architectural design of giant columns and ancient theater is built on the coast of steep rocks. This ancient city draws considerable attention to itself as its ancient theater is regarded as the best example of the Hellenistic period.
  • The Temple of Athena: The designer of this temple is no other than the designer behind the Halicarnassus Mausoleum which is among the seven wonders of the world. For that reason alone, the Temple of Athena is one of the important and iconic structures of the greater region.
  • Altınkum Beach: Speaking of Didim, the sea comes to mind for sure, especially Altınkum Beach which has a length of more than 2 kilometers. It is one of the blue flag beaches in the Aegean region and hence quite popular among the visitors. Alongside swimming, you can go on tours for canoeing, snorkeling, and diving in this beach. The long hiking trail by the beach is an excellent option for going for a walk at night. If you prefer to stay both at the seaside and in the heart of the city center, the hotels in Didim Altınkumwill be a good option for you thanks to their central location.
  • Akbük Bay: 23 kilometers from the district center, Akbük Bay is the place where you can try different sports such as kitesurfing, canoeing, windsurfing, scuba diving, accompanied by the instructors in the bay. In addition, Akbük is one of the best places for camping lovers thanks to its favorable weather and its high level of safety.
  • Aquarium Bay: A must for the swimmers among you, Aquarium Bay is one of the frequent stops of the boat and daily yacht tours. You can join these tours from the port in the center.

What to Eat in Didim?

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is seasonal fish dishes prepared with medicinal herbs from the Aegean region. Needless to say, olive oil recipes are an indispensable part of Didim’s local cuisine. You can buy these herbs and olive oil from local markets as practical gifts for your loved ones!

You should definitely taste dishes such as leaf wrap, cowpea with olive oil, horseradish, sea cowpea, and purslane salad. Didim's most famous dish is tarhana. Tarhana, which is a very popular soup, is indeed widely consumed in Turkey. Stuffed zucchini flowers, Kaşopita and Çaykama are also some of the local delicacies of Didim.

The closest place to these delicacies is the boutique hotels in Didim. You will have the chance to taste almost all the dishes of the local cuisine in these hotels which are mostly family-run.

Didim Vacation

Turkey is one of the places you must visit in your lifetime with some of the most beautiful holiday spots in the world and Didim is no exception. It is in fact nothing short of a paradise on earth in which you can bless your eyes as well as your soul. Here you can have fun and relieve your body, away from the stress of work or the burden of living in a crowded city. As you can see, you do not need to pour wealth to make a good holiday. As a matter of fact, Didim vacation is likely to turn out quite budget-friendly even if you opt for a premium experience in luxury hotels with top-notch services. Instead of staying in 2 or 3-star hotels to make your holiday much more affordable, it is possible for you to stay in Didim beach resort hotels without having to pay ridiculous amounts of money, especially if you follow special hotel deals and early booking opportunities. In any way, a memorable vacation is guaranteed if you ever decide to give a chance to this lovely Aegean town.

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