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Information About Dargecit

LAND AREA 519 km²
CITY Mardin

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Dargecit Bus Ticket

Dargeçit is one of the districts of Mardin. It is a special district where Assyrian culture dominates. You can explore the district by purchasing Dargeçit bus tickets via Obilet.com.

Dargeçit bus services are only operated by local travel companies. You can see all of these companies in detail on obilet.com. You can buy your Dargeçit bus ticket from the company that suits you by comparing prices and features between them.

Where to visit in Dargeçit?

There are not many places to visit in Dargeçit. You can discover Assyrian culture more than the place and structure. In this district, where many religions live together, you should especially visit the churches. You can also visit the Alice Assyrian, Orthodox, Protestant and Catholic cemeteries and the Armenian cemetery.

What to eat in Dargeçit?

There are many delicious local dishes, especially Assyrian kebab and wine. Never leave without tasting these delicacies.

Where to stay in Dargeçit?

Accommodation options in Dargeçit are somewhat limited. You can stay in the teacher's house in the district.

Dargeçit should definitely be discovered as a district where different religions and cultures live. You can start your holiday by purchasing your ticket on Obilet.com.


far from the city center


The district is located on the banks of the Tigris River and has agriculturally productive lands in this region where water is needed.

Many civilizations settled in the district, which is an old settlement, and each civilization has ruins of their own culture and religious beliefs.

Many agricultural products such as grapes and grain are grown in Dargeçit, which is located in a wetland and is a complete agricultural district. A part of their economy consists of small livestock farming.

What You Need to Know After Buying a Bus Ticket to Dargeçit

Located within the borders of one of the oldest living cities of history

Bus ticket to Dargeçit

If you have purchased it or have happened to pass by, get ready to spend a quiet holiday here, refreshing your historical knowledge.

Dargeçit, which hosts thousands of local and foreign visitors every year, has become a district that sends off visitors with the desire to come again with the friendly nature of its local people.

Everyone who is a guest here visits historical and natural beauties. Taste the flavors of the unique cuisine of Southeastern Anatolia.

5 Reasons to Visit Dargeçit

  • Visiting many places that have witnessed history
  • Participating in Mardin film festival
  • Drinking the famous Turkish coffee Mırra
  • Wandering around the foothills of the mountains that gave it its name
  • Participating in events of natural and cultural values
  • Places to Visit in Dargeçit

    There are countless places to visit to see all these ruins in Dargeçit, which is an old settlement and known for its historical studies that hosted more than one civilization. Chief among these are the mountains that gave the region its name Dargeçit.

    The agricultural areas in this district, built on the banks of the Tigris, are also worth seeing. Assyrian Churches, which are the remnants of the widely adopted Christian religion, are important places of worship. Assyrian churches, cemeteries, Armenian churches and cemeteries are among the historical ruins that should be seen.

    What to Eat and What is Famous in Dargeçit

    Even if you come to Dargeçit for a holiday or are passing by, there are dozens of local delicacies that you should not leave without trying.

    Chief among these are; Mırra is the best version of coffee. As for food; There are many flavors such as stuffed meatballs, stuffed belly, onion kebab, Zingil, Harire dessert.

    Dargeçit ticket

    Buying it will help you reach these tastes.

    Bus Stations in Dargecit

    Dargeçit Bus Stationı Tepebaşı Mh. 47750 Dargeçit/Mardin