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LAND AREA 101 km²

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Catalpinar Bus Ticket

Çatalpınar is one of the cute and small districts of Ordu. It has been used as a residential area since the 19th century. You can visit here by completing your Çatalpınar bus ticket purchases via Obilet.com.

Çatalpınar bus services are organized only by local travel companies. You have the opportunity to see all of these companies in detail on obilet.com. In this way, you can determine the company that is suitable for you by comparing prices and features. You can buy your Çatalpınar bus ticket from the company you choose.

Where to visit in Çatalpınar?

There are places to see in Çatalpınar in terms of historical and natural beauties. Göller Village Castle, Kilik Rock, Akkaya Ancient Site, Bolaman Valley are places you should definitely visit.

You should go to Elmalı Village and drink its healing waters, which are said to be good for many diseases.

You can also go to Fatsa, located near Çatalpınar, and discover its beauties.

What to eat in Çatalpınar?

You can eat plenty of fish varieties in Çatalpınar, a Black Sea town. You should also definitely try the local flavors of the district's cuisine.

Where to stay in Çatalpınar?

Çatalpınar is a poor place in terms of accommodation facilities. You can stay in teacher's homes and hotels here.

Çatalpınar is a beautiful place to see with its historical and natural beauties. If you ever come to Ordu, you should definitely go. You can buy your bus ticket and plan your trip via Obilet.com.


It is a district of Ordu. It is located in the Black Sea region of our country. The livelihood of the region, known as Çatak in the 1900s, was agriculture and animal husbandry. The most grown product in the region is hazelnut.

Although corn cultivation was intense in the past, hazelnut cultivation began after a while. There are many important historical buildings and values that you can visit in the district.

Things You Need to Know After Buying a Çatalpınar Bus Ticket

Çatalpınar, which is 57 km away from Ordu city center.

bus ticket

There are important details you should keep in mind after purchasing. The first of these is how to reach the district. Transportation here is provided via Ordu bus terminal. Çatalpınar is a place built on the rocks that dominate the surroundings within the borders of Lakes Village.

In this region, which has city walls ruins, cisterns and traces of settlement, important elements such as Akkaya Ancient settlement, Killik church, Bolaman Valley and Elmalı village healing water are important values of the region. You can have a nice day by visiting these values during your trip.

5 Reasons to Visit Çatalpınar

  • It can be visited to eat and buy hazelnuts.
  • Akkaya Ancient Settlement can be visited to see and explore.
  • Elmalı village can be visited to benefit from its healing waters.
  • It can be visited for its important historical buildings and natural beauties.
  • It can be visited to get to know and introduce its rich cuisine.
  • Places to Visit in Çatalpınar

    Although there is no exact information about the founding date of Çatalpınar, some sources state that the region was founded in the early 19th century. The region, which has been used as a settlement for years, has many historical buildings and natural beauties worth seeing.

    The main places you can see here are: Akkaya Castle, Garaj Mosque, Killik Rock, Elmalı Village healing water, Akkaya Ancient settlement and Bolaman Valley.

    What to Eat in Çatalpınar? What is it famous for?

    Çatalpınar, which is at the forefront with its hazelnut cultivation


    You can organize a short trip to discover the history of the region and examine its historical buildings. However, during your trip, do not forget to enter the district's cuisine and taste its local delicacies.

    Delicacies such as anchovy meatballs, kale soup, roasted beetroot, pickled beans and zucchini soup are local delicacies specific to the district. Do not leave Çatalpınar without tasting these delicacies.

    Bus Stations in Catalpinar

    Çatalpınar Bus Stationı Merkez, 52420 Çatalpınar/Ordu