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Information About Bulancak

LAND AREA 774 km²
CITY Giresun

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Bulancak Bus Ticket

Bulancak is a district of Giresun. It is a small, unique Black Sea district. It is a place that develops rapidly in a short time. You can visit Bulancak by purchasing a bus ticket from Obilet.com.

Bulancak bus services are only operated by local travel companies. You have the opportunity to see all of these companies on obilet.com. You can compare prices and features among them and choose the company that suits you best. Thus, you can buy your Bulancak bus ticket economically.

Where to visit in Bulancak?

The number of places to visit in Bulancak is quite small. What you should enjoy here is visiting the plateaus. You can enjoy the beauty of the Black Sea by taking in its nature. You should visit all the plateaus in the district, especially Paşakonağı Plateau. Moreover, you even have the opportunity to go on foot.

What to eat in Bulancak?

You should taste the local dishes, fish and meat dishes specific to the Black Sea. Additionally, since hazelnut farming and beekeeping are also developing, you should eat and even buy plenty of hazelnuts and honey.

Where to stay in Bulancak?

Bulancak is a small place, but its plateaus have accommodation facilities suitable for every budget and opportunity. You can also set up a tent in the camping areas.

Be sure to visit Bulancak, which will soothe your soul with its plateaus and forests. You can check bus schedules and buy tickets on Obilet.com.

It is among the well-known districts of the Black Sea region.


town. This district, located in Giresun province, has large forests and gives the appearance of a valley between mountainous regions.

The people, who mostly focus on agriculture and fishing as a source of income, produce all the products grown in Bulancak lands both for their own needs and for trade purposes. The most produced product is known as hazelnuts.

Things You Need to Know After Buying Bulancak Bus Ticket


You bought it to visit the district or to operate commercially.

bus ticket

Afterwards, you reach Bulancak district, which is 17 km away from Giresun province.

Among the things you need to know after transportation, the first thing you need to know is that you should taste the local dishes that you should definitely not leave without going to Bulancak.

5 Reasons to Visit Bulancak

The reasons for visiting Bulancak district, which is among the well-known districts of Giresun province, are as follows;

  • First of all, the local cuisine is extremely assertive,
  • It is among the districts that have been developing rapidly from past to present,
  • It has soil that is extremely suitable for commercial activities, especially in the agricultural field,
  • Transportation is extremely easy as it is very short distance from the airport located in Ordu province.
  • There are reasons such as being a district suitable for plateau tourism, which has attracted the attention of tourists in the field of tourism lately.
  • Places to Visit in Bulancak

    Although it is a district whose establishment dates back to ancient times, it is known as a district that stands out not for its traces of the past but for its constant self-renewal.

    Bulancak is a district where there are no historical ruins or monuments to visit, and the main reasons why it is preferred are the famous plateaus, its weather, and its natural beauty mixed with green and blue colors. Just to breathe the healthy plateau air


    It is a must to visit.

    What to Eat in Bulancak? What is it famous for?

    Although not for its history, it is extremely famous for its local dishes. It has a cuisine that will amaze you with its delicious beetroot soup, Mendek soup, Hoşran soup, beetroot dible, Merevcen roast, Sakarca fried, salted mushrooms, oven-dried dish, etc.

    Bus Stations in Bulancak

    Bulancak Bus Stationı Bulancak, Osman Gedik Cd. No:36, 28300 Bulancak/Giresun
    Bulancak Bulancak, Giresun, Türkiye

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