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Known as a student friendly city, Eskişehir is located in the northwestern part of Turkey. It is popular not only for its universities and large student population but also for its museums, ancient cities and natural beauties. Various kinds of entertainment and many places to see make Eskişehir a very special city to visit. These beauties will make you understand why Eskişehir is full of history and was home to many civilizations. If you are planning to see this lovely city, the best hotels in Eskişehir offer visitors a very comfortable vacation. Thanks to the wide variety of accommodation options, you will definitely find a lovely place to stay and fully experience this beautiful city. From thermal hotels in Eskişehirto luxury hotels, you are given the chance to select any type of accommodation in accordance with your preferences and special needs.

Must-See Places in Eskişehir

Once you visit Eskişehir, you will be amazed by the number of places you can see here. Some of the interesting spots can be listed as:

  • Masal Şatosu (Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Fantastical Castle):It is probably one of the most amusing places to see and by far the most iconic symbols of the city. This castle was built with a special motto, “everything is for children.” But the ambiance of it draws the attention of adults too. There are fairytale workshops and activities that everyone can enjoy here. This castle will set your inner child free, to say the least.
  • Odunpazarı: Even mentioned in Evliya Çelebi’s (famous Ottoman explorer) Seyahatname, Odunpazarı and especially Odunpazarı Houses, is a very important place for the traditional Anatolian architecture. It should be added that Odunpazarı was declared as a “historical and urban Site” by UNESCO and has lots of mosques, social complexes, inns, and fountains that you should see.
  • Gürleyik Waterfall: Located in Mihallıççık, Gürleyik Waterfall is the place where you can have fun with your loved ones and admire nature. It is approximately 180 km from the city center, so staying in one of the hotels in Eskişehir city center and later on going for a picnic with your friends and family to leave the city behind and become one with nature could be a very different and nice way of spending time.
  • Sakarıılıca:Sakarıılıca Hot Springs is 32 km from Eskişehir and you can go there by bus. You can choose to stay in thermal hotels or in one of the camping areas located there to benefit from thermal springs. With its waters changing from 43-48o C, Sakarıılıca is where you will be refreshed and relaxed.
  • Midas Monument:Located in the south of Eskişehir, Midas Monument or Yazılıkaya is also a place that will make you feel the historical atmosphere of Eskişehir. Excavated by the French Archaeological Institute after the Second World War, this monument has drawn people to itself and you can lose yourself in its beauty. It is possible to go there by minibuses at the Eskişehir bus terminal.

Museums in Eskişehir

  • Tayfun Talipoğlu Typewriter Museum:It is the first typewriter museum in Turkey. Located in Odunpazarı, the museum has more than fifty typewriters on display. If you love writing or are simply interested in various models of typewriters, you should definitely visit this museum.
  • Eti Archaeology Museum:This is a museum for archaeology and history lovers. The museum exhibits items from the Neolithic to Ottoman periods. Eti Archaeology Museum is a place you should add to your list.
  • Museum of Modern Glass Art:Also located in Odunpazarı, the Museum of Modern Glass Art leaves a strong impression on the visitors with its beautiful structure and the modern glass art in it. You can see not just art from masters, but also amateurs that are waiting to be discovered.
  • Odunpazarı Modern Museum: Exhibiting various contemporary art pieces, the museum attracts both domestic and international tourists. To see these pieces crafted with great craftsmanship, you should pay a visit to the Odunpazarı Modern Museum to highlight your vacation in Eskişehir. You can arrive there by tram or bus from Eskişehir.

Accommodation Options in Eskişehir

Hotels in Eskişehir Turkey offer a lot of options to choose from, appealing to every taste and budget. 5 star hotels in Eskişehir, for example, make great picks if you want a lavish holiday experience. Even though they can be expensive, at these hotels, you will be offered a distinctive service which compensates for the money you pay. Regardless of the type of hotel you choose, all Eskişehir hotelsprioritize the comfort of their customers. These options are not just comfortable, but also quite modern, providing an excellent opportunity to get to know the city better. You can find hotels that will suit your preference in every town in Eskişehir. If you like adventure, camping is also an option that you can choose between a variety of camping areas such as Çifteler Sakaryabaşı or Beşikdere Waterfalls. Choosing a restored guest house in Odunpazarı is yet another option to have an extraordinary vacation in Eskişehir. With its beautiful houses and various places to see and eat, Odunpazarı is the place you should really consider staying, and these guest houses would be an interesting choice to spend your days in Eskişehir.

Hotel Prices in Eskişehir

Hotels in Eskişehirare also diverse in terms of budget, accommodating each and every financial plan. The prices can change throughout the season, therefore, looking for seasonal changes and possibilities of discounts might be a good idea for cheap hotels in Eskişehir. The city is mostly crowded in May-June or between August and September, so to book hotels in Eskişehirat a reasonable price, choosing a date off season is something to keep in mind too, especially if you are budget-conscious. Needless to say, doing a thorough research beforehand is always better to benefit from advantages and discounts. It is also good to know that winters are pretty cold since it has a continental climate. But the city is full of museums and other places that can be visited even on cold winter days. Meaning that, choosing to go to Eskişehir in winter can be a good choice in terms of Eskişehir hotel prices unless you are hypersensitive to the weather conditions.

What to Eat in Eskişehir?

With the contribution of immigrants from the Balkans and Crimea coming together with beautiful Turkish cuisine, Eskişehir has very rich options for beautiful meals. You can have your breakfast with a historical texture in Odunpazarı, or eat çibörek, one of the most important additions to Eskişehir’s gastronomical treasure by the Crimean Tatars. Balaban meatballs are another delicious meal you have to try when you are in Eskişehir. The restaurants that sell meatballs generally offer this delicacy with a certain portion and since the demand is high, it can run out early. Thus, you should definitely visit in time to try these appetizing meatballs. There are also fine-dining options you can try in Eskişehir if you are a seasoned foodie.

In short, Eskişehir, with its cuisine, accommodation options, museums and natural beauties is a city you should give a chance. This extraordinary city that combines the old and new is waiting for its visitors to come and have fun. You will absolutely fall in love with Eskişehir.

How to Get to Eskişehir?

The good news is that Eskişehir is a city easy to get to thanks to the many transportation options available. For starters, you can go to Eskişehir via your private car. Traveling by bus or train can be a more comfortable and inexpensive option as well. To go through the highway, you can use an intercity bus or your private vehicle. If you choose to go by bus, you can use the bus terminal in Tepebaşı or other bus terminals in different towns. Eskişehir also has an airport in Tepebaşı called Hasan Polatkan Airport, and it is 8-10 km away from the city center. If you are going to Eskişehir from İstanbul, Ankara or Konya, you can opt for the high-speed train. As a good tip, you can rest and relax at hotels that are near terminals or airports.

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