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Mersin is located in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey thanks to its touristic, historical, and natural areas. Due to being a popular tourist destination, it offers comfortable and quality accommodation options in various parts of Mersin. Mersin hotels are among these accommodation options, and they offer a top-notch experience for their visitors. People need a place to relax after long hours of sightseeing in a city. The accommodation option you are to select can make or ruin your entire journey, and you might not be able to relax at all. Therefore, it's important to stay in a reliable and quality hotel so as to make the best of any vacation, and the all-inclusive hotels in Mersin are among these hotels. At the same time, cheap hotels in Mersin are among the accommodation options and the best part is that they still provide the best service possible. Hotels in Mersin offer the best services for visitors who are looking for comfort and quality service and are eager to spend their holidays in a relaxing and peaceful way. The best hotels in Mersin are those coming with the trio of sea, sand, and sun and are marked with stunning views as well as quality service.

5-Star Hotels in Mersin

There are many hotels in Mersin Turkey, which include 5-star hotels that provide the best service for their visitors. These hotels take pride in their attention to detail, customizing the stay for each guest, be it with meals catering to exquisite taste or be it by granting unique requests for certain rooms. Most five-star hotels have dazzling architecture and are situated in cutting-edge buildings. 5-star hotels in Mersin Turkey include elegant rooms with living rooms, kitchens, in-room jacuzzi tubs, top-of-the-line fitness centers, coaches, spas, saunas, steam rooms, Turkish baths, premium staff service, gourmet restaurants and bars, and various entertainment options for visitors who want to spend their holidays in the best way possible. There are amenities like a direct telephone connection to the reception in bathrooms and bathtubs, indoor and outdoor parking services, male and female hairdresser services, satellite, and 24-hour room service. Kiz Kalesi which is one of the most significant touristic centers of Mersin due to its historical texture marked with castles, churches, cisterns, aqueducts, rock tombs, sarcophagi, and paved roads, is one of the most preferred accommodation routes in the city. There are many easily reachable hotels in Mersin Kız Kalesi all of which provide the best service to their visitors and they are quite affordable.

The Best Beaches in Mersin

When people go on a vacation, they would like to go to the best beaches not only to swim but also to have quality time. Those who want to relax, swim, and have a good time with their friends or families, can find some of the best beaches in the country in Mersin. A beautiful 321 km of Mediterranean coastline runs along Mersin. Natural beaches can be found along 148 km of the Mediterranean coastline and some of these beaches have blue flags which makes Mersin all the more popular among tourists. There are many good beaches in Mersin, but the best beaches can be listed as Akcakil beach, Susanoglu beach, Kız Kalesi beach, Akkum beach, Bogsak beach, Kumkuyu beach, Tasucu beach, and Ayas beach. Especially during summer, these beaches are periodically checked and cleaned every single day by the municipality of Mersin. As they are very clean and safe, these aforementioned beaches are often listed as the best beaches in Mersin and are visited by many tourists each year. They make ideal spots for visitors who want to relax, swim and spend time with their friends or families.

Ancient Cities in Mersin

Ancient cities are historical places that have survived thousands of years. They have hosted civilizations with thousands of years of history. As people can learn so much about how past civilizations functioned and controlled themselves, visiting historical cities is quite significant. Understanding pre-industrial civilizations can help us make better decisions today. There are 75 ancient cities in Turkey, and they are generally seen in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. They have managed to survive to the present day and frankly, they make some of the most beautiful ruins of all human history. There are many ancient cities in Mersin which have survived through thousands of years and have unique cultural values. Some of these ancient cities can be listed as Soli Ancient City, Anemurium Ancient City, and Kelenderis Ancient City. People all around the world visit Mersin to see these ancient cities as they harbor various unique historical artifacts such as columns, baths, aqueducts, necropolises, ancient theaters, and church ruins that have survived the turbulence of the time. These relics have so much importance that people can learn much about their collective history from them.

  • Soli Ancient City: 14 kilometers to the west of Mersin, on the coast, is the Ancient City of Soli. The name Soloi, which means "the sun," was given to it by Rhodian colonies in the seventh century B.C. When Alexander the Great conquered Soli in 333 BC, it had been established by Greek colonists from Rhodes and was so affluent that Alexander was able to demand a fine of 200 talents from it for its ties to Persia.
  • Anemurium Ancient City: The ancient city of Anemurium is situated in the Anamur county of Mersin, which bears its name. The place is sometimes referred to as Old Anamur. History's melting pot of civilizations was Anemurium. It is now a beautiful location decorated with historical artifacts and a seascape.
  • Kelenderis Ancient City: On the grounds of the present-day district town Aydincik is where the ancient city of Kelenderis once stood. Few remnants of earlier eras can be found because Kelenderis is still continually populated, as they were always destroyed by the corresponding successors. All discernible ruins are from the Roman era or later. Thermal baths, a bouleuterion or theater, fortress walls, cisterns, and an agora are all in ruins close to the port.

Getting Around in Mersin

When people travel to places, they would like to be able to get around the city rather easily because the main purpose of every trip is to have a great time without worrying about other things. And for this reason alone, people tend to prefer visiting cities that have the best transportation services. Therefore, it is quite important for cities to have reliable and quick transportation options. It goes without saying, Mersin is one of the cities in Turkey that offers cheap and reliable transportation services to its visitors. Getting around in Mersin is affordable, secure, and so much faster compared to some other provinces in Turkey. There are several options for visitors to use to travel through the city. First and foremost, they can reach any destination they desire by using vehicles. If the visitors don’t have their own vehicles, they can always go to rent a car service nearby and rent a car for a day, a couple of days, or even for weeks. If they don’t want to rent a car, they can call for taxis that can be found almost anywhere in the city. If the visitors don’t want to spend too much money and are on a strict budget, they can also use reliable and affordable public transportation means provided by the Municipality of Mersin for their locals and tourists, such as buses, minibusses, and dolmush, also known as shared taxis that run set routes within and between cities.

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